Topical CBD for Horse Skin Issues

Topical CBD for horse skin issues tumors cancer rain rot sweet itch dermatitis ringworm pastern dermatitis

When it comes to our equine companions, maintaining their skin health is paramount to their overall well-being. Horses, much like humans and other animals, can experience a range of skin issues that affect their comfort and performance. Fortunately, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract CBD oil and topical CBD for horses offer a natural and effective solution to address various horse skin issues. Let’s review the numerous benefits of using topical CBD for horses, for common skin problems in horses. From soothing irritation to promoting healing, topical CBD for horse skin issues holds immense promise for our equine friends. 

The Endocannabinoid System in Horse’s Skin

topical CBD for horse skin issues endocannabinoid system ECS horse skin FSHE CBD Oil has been shown to have a wide range of health benefits for both humans and animals, including horses. CBD interacts with your horse’s skin through the endocannabinoid system (ECS), a complex network of receptors and neurotransmitters that regulate various physiological functions. The ECS plays a crucial role in maintaining skin homeostasis, including processes such as cell proliferation, inflammation, and immune response.

The ECS system has receptors in every primary organ system, including the skin. Natural endocannabinoids, like anandamide, activate these receptors to maintain your horse’s health. When applied topically, CBD for horse skin issues interacts with ECS receptors in the skin, helping to modulate these processes and promote balance. By harnessing the power of the ECS, topical CBD for horses offers targeted support for addressing a wide range of skin issues in horses.

CBD has been shown to help horses balance their immune systems, improve their appetite, shrink tumors, and reduce pain and inflammation, among other benefits.

Benefits of Topical CBD for Horse Skin Issues

topical CBD for horses topical CBD for horse skin issues tumors rain rot sweet itch dermatitis Skin and coat products are some of the most popular healthcare products in the equine world. Whether you want your horse to look show-ring-ready or just want to manage pesky irritations like rain rot better, CBD salves are an excellent way to keep your horse’s skin and coat healthy. Since CBD is a natural and safe compound, many horse owners are looking to topical CBD for horse skin issues. 

FSHE CBD salves are topical balms infused with CBD oil and natural topical remedies, working in synergy to alleviate various conditions. Let’s review the most common conditions our equines face and how topical CBD for horse skin issues can help!

Topical CBD for Horse Tumors, Growths and Cancer

If your horse develops a growth or tumor, it’s important to have your veterinarian check it out to determine its origin and severity. Typically, vets will like to prescribe pharmaceutical drugs or recommend surgery/removal, both of which come with risks. Many prescription options do undue harm to healthy cells since they are indiscriminate in the type of cells they eliminate.

Whether malignant or benign, FSHE CBD for horse tumors can be invaluable for managing and/or eliminating growths. FSHE CBD extract is more targeted in its eradication of growths and tumors and has a particular fondness for killing cancer and tumor cells. 

Topical CBD for Horse Sarcoid Skin Tumors

Topical CBD for horses Topical CBD for horse skin issues CBD for horse tumor cyst infection remedy

Sarcoid Skin Tumors are the most common type of skin tumor seen in horses. They come in various forms: occult, verrucose, nodular, fibroblastic, or mixed. They are not cancerous but rather viral in origin and can become invasive and unsightly, as well as running the risk of ulceration and infection. While technically not “serious,” they can become serious if left untreated.

Since invasive removal of the lesion and surrounding skin is the most common treatment, using FSHE extract like that found in Remedy is a perfect solution for sarcoid tumors. Apply a thin layer to the growth twice daily for best results (and take before and after photos).

Topical CBD for Melanoma in Horses

Melanoma is a malignant skin condition that appears as a black lump or multiple lumps, usually forming around and under the horse’s tail. It can also appear on the sheath area of geldings. Melanomas are more common in grey-colored horses but more severe when seen in solid-colored horses.

Melanoma has the potential to metastasize and form in the liver, spleen, lymph nodes, muscles, and lungs of horses. Most experts agree that most melanomas become malignant with time, so getting rid of them is imperative to your horse’s health. Surgical removal is the most commonly used option. Any horse owner knows that the decision to put a horse through surgery is not made lightly.

Having a non-surgical option is critical, and topical CBD for melanoma in horses formulated with peppermint and eucalyptus is a heaven-sent option for those who cannot or will not pursue surgery. 

When it comes to cancer in particular, the research has proven that FSHE CBD can:

topical CBD for horses skin issues remedy before and after cbd salve for horses We love REMEDY salve for horses with any type of lump or bump, especially for cancerous ones. REMEDY contains a potent and synergistic blend of ingredients specifically blended for growths, whether cancerous or not. Ingredients like Eucalyptus Globulus have been shown to have antitumor, anticancer, and anti-inflammatory properties, while peppermint has powerful pain-relieving and antimicrobial properties.

These two ingredients, combined with the incredible power of FSHE, make REMEDY your one-stop shop for alleviating the pain, irritation, and inflammation associated with growths while stopping them from growing and even shrinking them down to nothing!

In addition to topical salves like REMEDY, we highly recommend coupling REMEDY with HEAL CBD oil for horses or EASE CBD oil for horses to provide additional internal cancer-fighting benefits to your horse. Even better, add a medicinal mushroom blend tailored explicitly to immune system dysfunction and cancer, like MycoDog Vitality

Topical CBD for Rain Rot

Topical CBD for horses Topical CBD for horse skin issues rain rot sweet itch pastern dermatitis Soothe Streptothricosis, aka “Rain Rot” or “Rain Scald,” is often seen in horses who spend much time outdoors or live in warm and humid climates. This skin condition appears on the top line of horses (dorsal areas) and the lower legs and face.

Rain rot looks like scabby, crusty lesions with tufted, matted hair. When picked at, or when they peel off, small round bare spots may be seen, with or without pus evident. Mostly self-resolving, rain rot is a less severe bacterial infection if horses are kept out of the elements.

However, if left unmanaged, it can create hair loss, thickened skin, cause lameness, secondary infection, and can even be fatal! Using our SOOTHE salve topical CBD for rain rot will promote faster healing, soothe irritation, promote proper hair growth, and fight the nasty microorganisms that create this condition. 

Topical CBD for Sweet Itch/Insect Bite Sensitivity

Sweet Itch, aka summer dermatitis, insect bite hypersensitivity, or summer eczema, is horses’ most common allergen-associated skin condition. It’s usually caused by insects called Midges (Culicoides), which have incredibly irritating saliva that gets injected into horses’ skin when the insect bites them. The most common sites for this condition are the withers, mane, and tail. Horses will have intense itching in the area and usually rub against anything they can to relieve it. This constant scratching can create wounds and, thus, secondary infections. Sweet itch can be challenging to treat and manage since the usual recommendation is stabling all day and wearing special blankets.

CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties can help calm itching and reduce inflammation associated with sweet itch, providing much-needed relief for affected horses. We recommend our Nourish salve, topical CBD for sweet itch, designed to target dry skin and reduce the effects of sweet itch, scratches, bites and more! This combination of synergistic herbal remedies includes coconut oil, beeswax, vanilla extract, arnica essential oil, hemp seed oil and our premium full-spectrum CBD oil.

Topical CBD for Pastern Dermatitis / Scratches

Topical CBD for horses Topical CBD for horse skin issues sweet itch scratches moisturize dry horse skin nourish Pastern Dermatitis, aka “Scratches” or “Mud Fever,” is another common skin ailment affecting horses. While more common in horses with heavier coats, like draft horses, scratches can affect any horse breed. These lesions appear on the lower legs, usually forming subsequent inflammatory wounds. They can appear crusty or flaky and typically get worse over time if left unchecked. Typical treatment is topical shampoos, steroids, and clipping the area to promote airflow.

We recommend our Full Spectrum Hemp Extract CBD salve, NOURISH for horses with pastern dermatitis. Skin-calming and nutrient-rich extracts like arnica, coconut oil, and vanilla extract all work to ease irritation and moisturize the skin, while FSHE CBD oil works deep to eliminate inflammation and pain. 

Topical CBD for Ringworm/Fungal Dermatitis

Ringworm is a rather unpleasant skin condition that is zoonotic (can be passed to humans and other animals). It appears as hairless, crusty patches of skin, most commonly seen on the chest, shoulders, neck, and face, but can be seen on any part of the body. Affected areas can be sore and itchy, and some can cause no discomfort at all.

Ringworm is not actually caused by a worm but rather a fungus, so its origin can be from several different sources and species of fungi. Since this condition is contagious, treating it quickly is critical. Typical treatment includes fungal shampoos and prescription topicals. These may or may not work to heal the infection.

You can safely use our REMEDY Topical CBD for ringworm for these types of cases, with or without conventional options being used. FSHE CBD oil is a proven anti-fungal that breaks down biofilms of fungal organisms, allowing them to be more vulnerable. Pairing it with peppermint, eucalyptus, and coconut oil yields a super-combo of fungus-fighting ingredients, working in synergy to eradicate fungal infections like ringworm. 

Topical CBD for Horse Pain and Inflammation

Whether competing or just being a pasture pet, our horses will eventually deal with inflammation and pain. Arthritis, tendonitis, and laminitis are all typical inflammatory conditions in horses. FSHE CBD salves can help relieve pain and inflammation by interacting with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the horse’s body, even when used topically. The multiple layers of the skin have many cannabinoid receptors, making topical salves quite effective for relieving pain and inflammation.

Unlike other drugs like NSAIDs typically prescribed for pain/inflammation, FSHE CBD does not come with harmful side effects like GI irritation and liver damage. 

For these conditions, our Horse Remedy CBD Salve is our recommendation. Remedy’s formula contains the most potent pain-relieving ingredients, like Arnica, while utilizing FSHE CBD oil in a synergistic combination to alleviate pain and inflammation. Coupled with a FSHE CBD oil for horses, like HEAL or EASE, you have internal and external protection against pain and inflammation, making total body support possible for your horse.

Final Thoughts on CBD for Horse Skin Issues

Our horses have the same ECS as all other mammals, and that system needs to be supported for your equine companion to live a healthy and happy life. Starting a cannabis regimen BEFORE problems arise is the best way to truly be proactive and holistic in your equine healthcare protocol.

Using topical salves designed for horses will help with almost every equine skin condition. From rain rot to ringworm, topical CBD for horse skin issues offers a natural and holistic approach to addressing a variety of equine skin issues. With its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and pain-relieving properties, topical CBD for horses provides targeted relief and support for horses experiencing skin discomfort and irritation. Using topicals provides relief while promoting healthy cellular health and healing without any harmful side effects of drugs.

topical CBD for horses topical CBD for horse skin issues tumors rain rot sweet itch dermatitis Summary of Benefits of our Topical CBD for Horse Skin Issues:

  • For tumors, cysts, infections, and pain: REMEDY salve
  • For rain rot, sweet itch, and pastern dermatitis: SOOTHE salve
  • For sweet itch, scratches, and overall moisturization of dry areas: NOURISH salve

As horse owners continue to seek safe and effective solutions for their equine companions, topical CBD emerges as a promising option for promoting skin health and overall well-being. The beauty of our topical CBD for horses is that no matter which formula you choose, you have a therapeutic amount of full-spectrum hemp extract, so you honestly can’t go wrong. But just in case, keep every formula on hand!