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Full Spectrum CBD for Pets …

✓ Extracted from high-quality hemp grown in the U.S.
✓ No use of herbicides, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers.
✓ Processed using supercritical CO2 extraction from the flower with no toxic chemical solvents or contaminants.
✓ Manufactured with 100% food-grade ingredients.
✓ Tested by a third-party laboratory. ALWAYS.

Included for all Retailers …

✓ FREE one-on-one CBD training for the team.
✓ Marketing & Educational material provided by CBD Dog Health.
✓ First to know about promotions and show specials.
✓ Wholesale prices on the highest quality, Full Spectrum CBD for pets.
✓ Exclusive Full Spectrum CBD products for animals.
✓ Full access to a one-on-one account manager.

CBD Dog Health Retailers Bruce & Willys

As a natural pet food & supply store owner, I thought I had a great brand of CBD already in my store. But, as they say, “the proof is in the pudding.” My “pudding” was my own sweet pug, Bruce. Bruce has many ailments, but most notable is his spinal cord disease, constrictive myelopathy. Bruce was showing signs of neuro-degeneration, and despite the best efforts of every veterinary professional, we could not stop his sudden episodes of severe muscle spasms that left him disoriented and exhausted. After speaking with Angela, I was willing to give CBD DOG HEALTH a try. Within two doses of HEAL, Bruce was absent of these crippling episodes. I now know that CBD DOG HEALTH is truly different from any other CBD product out there, and I have started using it myself! I owe Angela and her team the sincerest debt of gratitude for helping me with Bruce, and for having such a wonderful product that has not only helped Bruce but given me peace of mind for the first time in a long time. CBD DOG HEALTH is the real deal, and I am beyond PROUD to carry it in my store now so I can help more animals in need! Thank you Angela for creating CBD DOG HEALTH! You are our Cannabis Queen! ??? – Krysta Fox from Bruce and Willys CBD Dog Health Retailer

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Wholesale CBD for Pets - Retailer Resources

What Retailer Resources does CBD Dog Health provide?

At CBD Dog Health, we are dedicated advocates for holistic pet wellness! We believe that providing educational resources and support for pet parents and local pet retailers is vital! That’s why we launched our CBD Dog Health Academy. The Academy provides an online training course and testing resources for pet professionals and retailers selling our wholesale CBD for pets, enabling them to educate their clients and staff about many key topics, including the most effective uses of cannabis, mushrooms and adaptogens for their pets’ best health.

Since its inception in 2016, CBD Dog Health Founder Angela Ardolino has been passionately dedicated to educating pet lovers and pet health professionals across the nation about the transformative potential of whole plant cannabis and mushrooms for pets. Ardolino has shared her expertise at prestigious events and educational summits, including most recently Dr. Judy Morgan’s Naturally Healthy Pets Experience tour.

While on tour, Angela and Carter Easler, our Director of Education, continued our long-standing practice of hosting in-store educational events at several of CBD Dog Health’s retail partners and veterinary offices, who carry our wholesale CBD for pets. Such in-store events foster meaningful connections between pet parents, retailers, and holistic experts. The aim is to create an open dialogue about holistic pet wellness, and by providing these in-store events, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to pet health and education.

CBD Dog Health knows that local pet retailers play a vital role in providing advice and guidance for pet parents around the country. Therefore, the brand is committed to equipping local pet retailers with all the tools, support, and educational resources they need to succeed and provide valuable assistance to pet parents. 

At the core of these resources is access to CBD Dog Health’s online academy that is accessible 24/7 for retailers. This platform is a treasure trove of information, with modules on many topics such as the therapeutic properties of whole plant cannabis and mushroom medicine for pets. It is a valuable source for our wholesale CBD for pets retailers, offering comprehensive insights on product information, dosing guidelines, and holistic pet wellness that can be accessed at any time.

Complementing these online resources is real one-on-one support, each retailer carrying our wholesale CBD for dogs, cats and pets has direct access to their own representative, ready to offer personalized guidance and address customer queries. Additionally, upon their first wholesale CBD order, retailers are encouraged to schedule their initial one-on-one training session with Carter Easler, Director of Education at CBD Dog Health, as part of their onboarding process as well as on an ongoing basis. The goal is to ensure that all retailers and their team members feel confident answering any questions their customers may have about our wholesale CBD for pets, including our full spectrum hemp extract and medicinal mushroom products for pets. 

The brand’s commitment to holistic pet education extends beyond retail partners and our wholesale CBD for pets; it is available to all pet parents, pet lovers, and pet health enthusiasts! With an extensive library of educational blogs and videos, as well as our founder’s podcast, Your Natural Dog with Angela Ardolino, pet parents can find answers to all their pet health needs right on the brand’s website. Also available to all, is the brand’s team of experienced veterinary technicians, who are available to provide customer support via email, phone, and online chat.

CBD Dog Health is steadfast in its mission to educate and empower pet parents, veterinarians, wholesale pet CBD retailers, and pet health professionals about holistic pet wellness. It recognizes that by equipping local pet retailers with knowledge and resources, it can ensure that pet parents everywhere have access to the benefits of whole plant cannabis and mushroom medicine.

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