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CBD Dog Health presents

MYCODOG Mushrooms for Dogs

MycoDog founder, Angela Ardolino, has helped hundreds of animals by combining mushroom extracts and other adaptogens. After 2 years of testing and formulating, she is ready to share these products with you! “By combining different types of medicinal mushrooms for our pets, we can harness the unique therapeutic properties each has to offer, while benefiting from the synergistic relationship between different species of mushrooms and other adaptogens.” says Angela about her mushroom supplements for dogs.

Mushroom tinctures for dogs can be administered orally – directly in their mouth, on their food, or with a treat. 

Check out each product’s page to see the recommended mushroom dosage for dogs. 

I really love this for my dogs
I got it for my dog with respiratory issues. He has an injured trachea from a previous abusive owner. It has really helped with his coughing. I was already using the powder mushroom formula but this is really easy to add to his food as an additional support.

Susan M. Vitality For Dogs

A Step in the Right Direction
It’s nice to have brands that I can trust. The pet industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and it seems that the powers that be are more interested in earning more billions than providing quality products. So, when I learned that the co-founder of CBD Dog Health created a line of mushroom tinctures, I reached for my wallet – and I wasn’t disappointed.

Kimberly G. Vitality For Dogs

Great for Boston Terrier who has breathing challenges from short nose
I have been using this for about 3 weeks. I noticed that my Boston Terrier seems to be breathing better. She doesn’t sneeze and spray as much and overall seems breathe better. She also has a heart murmur which was recently upgraded from 4 to 3. I am hopeful that the mushroom drops plus prescription heart meds will continue to strengthen her heart, and delay onset of serious heart disease.

Margaret S. Breathe For Dogs

Clarity for Harley
Clarity has been a game changer for my senior dog that is developing CCD. I can see his brain function improving. He is less disoriented at night so he is able to sleep.

Jennifer P. Clarity For Dogs

MY DOG HOMER LOVES TAKING THIS. I have bought a bottle for him & myself! I have no complaints & am very happy so far. We are treating MCT.

Michelle O. Vitality For Dogs

Love Vitality!
I give this to my 80 lb. G-Doodle every evening. He’s doing really well!

Brenda K. Vitality For Dogs

So far so good!
Upon Angela’s recommendation, we started using this for Sterling during chemo along with other various recommended supplements and a lymphoma “diet”. Just wish it was in a bigger bottle. Sterling is a bulldog between 55-60lbs so a single bottle lasts for maybe a week and a half. HOWEVER, having multi mushrooms in one formula is overall more economical than buying each individually.

Ruthie S. Vitality For Dogs

My senior dog and Clarity
My 14 year old dog has been taking Clarity for 2 weeks now. I can see a remarkable improvement in his behavior at night. He is starting to get dementia in his old age. Clarity has helped him settle down in the evening, allowing him to get some good sleep!

Jen B. Clarity For Dogs

Why MycoDog Mushrooms for Dogs?

The MycoDog Difference

MycoDog mushrooms are meticulously extracted through a unique triple-extraction process. This includes a primary ethanol extraction using Organic Cane Alcohol (no alcohol is present in the final product), followed by a hydro extraction with distilled water, before finally carefully extracting the fungi’s mineral salts, which we imbibe into the tincture. The result? A powerful mushroom tincture, known as a Spagyric Tincture.

MycoDog mushrooms for dogs are cultivated and wild-harvested in the Pacific Northwest, grown outside, naturally, with no grains or fillers. MycoDog is proud to partner with local sustainable farmers who believe in letting nature do its thing!

MycoDog mushrooms for dogs are also better preserved in organic vegetable glycerin, compared to mushroom extract powders, which can begin to oxidize the moment the package is opened. And here’s another benefit of mushroom extract tinctures for dogs—they are typically more bio-available than powdered versions.

MycoDog mushroom blends for dogs have no artificial flavors, colors or binders, yet dogs love the naturally sweet taste.

mycodog mushrooms for dogs 2022 pet innovation award best natural supplement for dogs winner

MycoDog Mushroom tinctures for dogs have also been selected as the Natural Dog Vitamin/Supplement Product of the Year Award in the 2022 Independent Pet Innovation Awards.

MycoDog Mushrooms for Dog Health

How MycoDog Helped Angela’s Dogs

clarity for daisie & potato

Daisie Day 30

Clarity was designed to support your dog’s cognitive disorder, nervous system, mental and emotional health, formulated with a proprietary water extract of Lion’s Mane, Reishi and Cordyceps, with Bacopa Monnieri and Ashwagandha.

I lost two of my dogs, Potato and Daisie, to dementia, to CCD, canine cognitive dysfunction, which is Alzheimer’s for dogs. So knowing the power of Lion’s Mane and Reishi mushrooms for dogs, I knew what they could do for these geriatric dogs. Odie, my senior mini-schnauzer, was turning 16 soon and I wanted to be able to support him as best as I could. I have literally watched Odie, my senior dog, go from having no interest in eating to taking his mushrooms and eating like a monster the next day.”

Breathe for Odie

Angela Ardolino and Schnauzer Odie

Breathe was designed to help your dog’s respiratory and cardiovascular systems, formulated with proprietary water extract of Cordyceps, Reishi, Artist Conk and Chaga, with Ashwagandha.

I also created Breathe for Odie because in his old age he suffers from collapsing trachea, a heart murmur, and CHF, according to his last integrative vet. I just see him getting old and needing extra cardiovascular and respiratory support. After formulating my MycoDog mushroom blends for dogs, I literally can see a difference in my dog’s behavior and health by giving them these mushrooms.”

vitality for nina

angela ardolino nina cbd dog health

Vitality was formulated as a mushroom supplement for dogs dealing with Cancer, Autoimmune Disease, Liver issues and Respiratory issues. Vitality is formulated with a proprietary water extract of Turkey Tail, Reishi, Shiitake, Maitake, Chaga, Artist Conk and Red Belted Conk, with Astragalus Root and Ashwagandha.

If you’ve been following me, you’ve heard about Nina, my doberman who beat all odds against bone cancer by surviving 26 months past her prognosis. When Nina was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, I researched the best medicinal mushrooms for dogs to help Nina’s body fight the cancer, and I formulated Vitality with other adaptogenic herbs that make this tincture even more powerful!”


To learn more about Nina’s incredible healing journey, check out Angela’s original post on Nina’s osteosarcoma diagnosis, her one year osteosarcoma update, her most recent osteosarcoma update in May 2022, and her holistic protocol for osteosarcoma.

The Benefits of Medicinal Mushrooms for Dogs

and adaptogens!

Why MycoDog?

Mushroom Extracts for Dogs by MycoDog

MycoDog is a sustainable line of mushroom extract tinctures for dogs, created by holistic pet expert, and the founder of CBD Dog Health, Angela Ardolino. Angela knew that pet parents deserve to be offered mushroom supplements for dogs that contain a combination of the most beneficial medicinal mushroom extracts and complementary adaptogens. Medicinal mushrooms for dogs that can help with common but severe pet ailments like cancer, autoimmune disease, IVDD, CCD, respiratory issues, cardiovascular issues, kidney and liver support, and immune support.

So Angela, in collaboration with myco-alchemist Jason Scott, formulated three mushroom blends for dogs, Breathe, Clarity, and Vitality, all triple-extracted from the fruiting bodies of fungi cultivated and wild-harvested in North America–the best mushrooms for dogs, for your dog’s best health.

Mushrooms are bio-accumulators (which absorb toxins from polluted air and environment), so Angela made sure to search for mushrooms grown in their natural habitat, in the woods of the Pacific Northwest. It is important to source the best mushrooms for dogs from an area that is least likely to be impacted by environmental toxins which might be absorbed by the mushrooms.

FAQs About Mushrooms for Dogs

Why give your dog mushrooms?

There are many benefits of giving your dog a good mushroom supplement. Mushrooms for dogs are packed full of vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients, including antioxidants and digestive enzymes. Some species of mushrooms also assist the immune system and support healthy cellular activity.

Functional mushrooms for dogs offer countless health benefits for our beloved canine companions. These natural wonders have been recognized for centuries for their unique properties. Beyond their nutritional value, functional mushrooms for dogs bring a spectrum of therapeutic advantages to your pet’s well-being. From bolstering the immune system and enhancing cognitive function to promoting skin and gut health, functional mushrooms offer a holistic approach to pet care.

The diverse capabilities of functional mushrooms can be attributed in part to several distinctive components such as beta glucans and triterpenes, among others which are unique to fungi. Primarily found in the cell walls of mushrooms, beta-glucans are soluble fibers renowned for their ability to reduce blood sugar levels, provide defense against infections, and exhibit potential in combating cancer cells.

Can I give my dog any type of mushroom?

Only certain types of mushrooms support the physical and mental well-being of an animal.  Some mushrooms can be highly poisonous to dogs.  Please only use mushroom supplements that are specifically mushrooms for dogs.

Why a mushroom extract tincture and not a pill or powder?

For a mushroom’s medicinal values to be activated and bioavailable, they need to be extracted. Liquid medicinal mushroom extracts are able to hold and preserve the many bioactive compounds that are released during extraction.

The medicinal compounds in the mushrooms must first be hot water extracted (and alcohol for Reishi) from the fruiting body. This results in a full spectrum of medicinal compounds like polysaccharides (beta-d-glucans, triterpenoids, ergosterol, antioxidants and Vitamins B & D).

The mushroom extract is then typically put in alcohol for humans, while mushroom extracts for dogs use glycerin. Or the mushroom extract is then dried and sold as a mushroom extract powder.  However, most powdered products on the market are just dried mushrooms, ground up along with the growing medium, and not actually extracts at all.

Mushroom extracts for dogs are better preserved in organic glycerin, rather than packaged as mushroom extract powders, which can begin to oxidize the moment the package is opened.

Mushrooms Grown on Grain VS Wild-Harvested Mushrooms

In the world of functional mushroom supplements, most brands opt for growing their fungi on grain. Why? Because it’s much cheaper than going out into the wild to harvest these incredible mushrooms. But here’s the catch – this method isn’t doing any favors for your furry friends.

See, when companies use myceliated grain, it means they’re missing out on the actual mushrooms. And guess what? The good stuff, like beta-glucans and terpenoids, is concentrated in those mushroom caps. So, if you’re after the real benefits, you want a product that’s made from wild-harvested mushrooms. 

Jason Scott, the mycologist behind my line of sustainable mushroom tinctures for dogs, MycoDog, joined me on Your Natural Dog podcast to talk about the importance of extracting from the fruiting bodies when it comes to functional mushrooms, and what to look for in a functional mushroom supplement,

When you are looking at research of mycelium and the benefits of mycelium, it doesn’t really translate to myceliated grain the same way that people are kind of insinuating that it does. Whereas when you work with the full fruit body, you know what you’re getting, [everything] you’re getting is coming from the mushrooms themselves.” – Jason Scott on Your Natural Dog Podcast

Now, enter MycoDog, the rebel in the mushroom game. We do things differently. We get our mushrooms straight from the wilds of the Pacific Northwest, not from some grain bag. Our tinctures are the real deal, with a whopping 54% beta-glucan content – directly from fungi, not from grain fillers.

We try to be as transparent as possible, and until we have a verified method to be producing mycelium in a pure way, we’re not going to offer it, because right now you just can’t get it unadulterated.” – Jason Scott on Your Natural Dog Podcast

Choosing MycoDog means you’re giving your dog only the good stuff, just the full benefits of functional mushrooms without compromise. So, when it comes to the best mushroom supplement for your pup, we’ve got you covered.

How do I give MycoDog tinctures?

You can give MycoDog mushroom tinctures for dogs by either administering it directly into your dog’s mouth or put in on your dog’s food.

Should my dog take MycoDog with or without food?

Since mushrooms for dogs are “functional” foods, giving MycoDog mushroom tinctures with or without food is fine.

Can MycoDog be given with other supplements or medications?

There are no known nor reported adverse interactions between mushrooms for dogs, or mushroom extracts for dogs, with other dog supplements or medications.  We always recommend discussing with your veterinarian before starting on any new supplement for dogs.

Are mushrooms safe for puppies and senior dogs?

Mushrooms are a functional food, so mushrooms for dogs will not have an adverse effect on young dogs or seniors.

Can my cat use MycoDog products?

Yes, cats can use MycoDog mushroom products. Since cats can be more sensitive to supplements, it is recommended to start with half of the recommend dose of mushrooms for cats.

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