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15 years ago, Angela moved to a farm house on three acres in Lutz, FL and knew it would be the perfect place to start a rescue for neglected farm animals and dogs. Just as she did when she was a kid, she created her happy place and named it Fire Flake Farm, where she began to provide a safe haven for animals that others had given up on.

She has successfully used cannabis to help animals of all kind (birds, pigs, bunnies, dogs, donkeys and more) suffering from seizures, arthritis, autoimmune diseases, cancer, anxiety, and more!
Currently, Fire Flake Farm is home to:

• 8 geese
• 9 ducks
• 16 chickens
• 2 Bunnies
• 1 pig

…and several dogs, including: Nina, Odie, Jolene, Miss Daisie Maza, Rhemi, Potato & fosters looking for forever homes.

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