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CBD regulations for pets legality of cannabis cbd hemp hernando umana your natural dog podcast

CBD Regulations for Pets with Hernando Umana

While hemp is federally legal, there is still a lot of confusion regarding the legality and regulation of CBD for pets. With terms like CBD, Cannabis, Full Spectrum Hemp, Broad... Read More

when do dogs need supplements what supplements do dogs need dr ian billinghurst gussy's gut fermented vegetables bones ynd podcast your natural dog with angela ardolino

When Do Dogs Need Supplements? with Dr. Ian Billinghurst

As pet parents, we all want to be sure our dogs are getting all the nutrients they need, and that often means stress, overthinking, and trying to find all the... Read More

diatomaceous earth for dogs diatomaceous earth for fleas livestock yard pest control parasites pets

Diatomaceous Earth for Dogs

You may have heard of Diatomaceous Earth for dogs, or Diatomaceous Earth for fleas. So what is Diatomaceous Earth? DE is a powder made from the remains of fossilized organisms known... Read More

CBD for epilepsy seizures studies research on cannabis cbd for dogs with epilepsy dr. stephanie mcgrath on your natural dog podcast

Studies on CBD for Canine Epilepsy with Dr. Stephanie McGrath

Cannabis-based therapies have been used for centuries for various medicinal purposes. As awareness of the benefits of cannabis therapy is increasing among veterinarians and pet owners, research is still catching... Read More

Sebaceous Adenomas in dogs cbd for adenomas hemp for adenomas power duo heal and remedy cbd dog health

Sebaceous Adenomas in Dogs

As your dog begins to age, you will probably notice some lumps and bumps appear. There are many kinds of lumps that can appear, from benign (harmless) to malignant (harmful).... Read More

Naturally Healthy Pets Experience educational tour with Dr. Judy Morgan on your natural dog podcast with angela ardolino

Naturally Healthy Pets Experience with Dr. Judy Morgan

It can be difficult to know how to best care for our pets’ health, naturally. Nowadays it’s vital that pet parents stay informed on important topics, such as the dangers... Read More

teef dog dental health dr. emily stein on your natural dog podcast with angela ardolino

Dog Dental Health with Dr. Emily Stein

Sometimes, our pet’s oral and dental health and hygiene are forgotten and that’s a problem. Just like us, keeping our mouth clean and healthy is not only keeping our breath... Read More

peppermint oil for dogs, is peppermint oil safe for dogs peppermint essential oil

Peppermint Oil for Dogs

Peppermint oil (essential oil of peppermint) is a common ingredient in many household items, including pet health supplements. You may have wondered, “Is peppermint oil safe for dogs?” Like anything... Read More

what are flavonoids? full spectrum hemp extract cannabis flavonoids your natural dog podcast with angela ardolino

What are Flavonoids?

You may have heard about the benefits of a Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, but why is whole plant medicine best? One reason is Flavonoids, an essential part of cannabis medicine!... Read More

vaccines vs. nosodes for dogs with dr. todd cooney your natural dog podcast with angela ardolino

Vaccines vs. Nosodes for Dogs with Dr. Todd Cooney

With most conventional veterinarians pushing annual boosters of vaccines, many pet parents are worried about over vaccination. In this episode of Your Natural Dog, we’re joined by Dr. Todd Cooney,... Read More

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