Holiday Stress Help

CBD For Holiday Stress

The holidays can be a stressful time for us and our pets — and this year is no exception! By using a Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, we can help calm... Read More

The Pet Hemp Market

What’s Going On In The Pet Hemp Market?

In 2019, the global CBD pet market size was valued at USD 27.7 million.The global CBD pet market is expanding significantly and is expected to reach 399.2 million USD by... Read More

The CBD Debate

The CBD Debate with Dr. Zac Pilossoph

CBD for dogs! CBD for cats! CBD for humans! This is an exciting time that comes with great debate.  As an actively practicing veterinarian who is part of the cannabis... Read More

Chemotherapy CBD

Fighting Canine Cancer with Chemotherapy and CBD

Cancer cells are much different than normal cells found within the body because, unlike normal cells, cancer cells never die on their own. Normal cells in the body undergo a... Read More

Can CBD Help With My Pets Allergies

How Does CBD Help With Pet Allergies?

What are Allergies? Our pets’ bodies have a built-in network of defenses meant to keep them safe from a wide variety of hazards found in the world around them. When... Read More

CBD Terms Explained

Cannabis and CBD Terms Explained

Every mammal’s body contains an intricate system which has been found to interact synergistically with the compounds found in the cannabis plant. This system, discovered in the 1990’s is known... Read More

CBD Dog Health Visits Anwsers Pet Food

CBD Dog Health Visits Answers Pet Food

CBD Dog Health and Answers have a strong central focus in education. Both of our industries are viewed skeptically due to stigma and fear. With education, and by combined efforts,... Read More

The Benefits of CBD Oil for Cats 1

The Benefits of CBD Oil for Cats

There’s a lot of discussion regarding the benefits of CBD for both humans and dogs, but cats are usually left out of the CBD conversation. That raises the question: can... Read More

Steriods vs CBD

Steroids vs. CBD: A Topic of Truths and Transitions

Chances are that most humans and pets have been prescribed a steroid medication at some point in their life for treatment of one or more medical conditions. Whether it be... Read More

Pets on Halloween

How to Make Halloween Easier with Dogs

If you are like me, your dog IS your doorbell. But when people ring your actual doorbell, all hell breaks loose. Especially when you have young kids in the house,... Read More