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Vet Tech Appreciation Week - Featured Image for Blog - Vet Tech holds puppy

It’s Vet Tech Appreciation Week!

Vet Tech Appreciation Week, also known as National Veterinary Technician Week, provides an important opportunity to further celebrate the Veterinary Technician profession and all their contributions.  In the Veterinary space,... Read More

AHVMA 2021

Cannabis Classroom at AHVMA 2021

Since 1982, the AHVMA has been a unique forum for veterinarians to come together and share knowledge about the science and art of holistic veterinary medicine. With over 1500 members,... Read More

Pets and Mental Health Featured Image

Pets and Mental Health

According to a 2016 survey by the Human Animal Bond Research Clinic, “74% of pet owners reported mental health improvements from pet ownership”. Mental health professionals have also noted vast... Read More

Choosing CBD for your pet's ailments

Choosing CBD for your Pet

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is the second most prevalent compound in the cannabis plant, after THC. Recently, CBD is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to pharmaceuticals, which often have harsh... Read More

Cannabis Classrooms at AHVMA by CBD Dog Health

IN THE PRESS: CBD Dog Health and Green Juju at the 2021 AHVMA Annual Conference

As more and more pet parents are turning to holistic alternatives for their pets’ health, there’s an increasing demand for education and guidance in holistic healing. This is why CBD... Read More

Belle's Story with CBD

How CBD Helped Belle’s Hip Dysplasia

Belle was always an active dog. Her owner, Sandra describes the now 12 year old shepherd, wolf hound as one who loves to run fast, play hard and hop around... Read More

Natural Antioxidant: Full-Spectrum CBD

There are many known benefits of using full-spectrum hemp CBD. Those benefits include improved pain relief, decreased anxiety and depression, and anti-inflammatory properties. Research also suggests that CBD is a... Read More

Natural Remedy: CBD for UTIs in Dogs

Natural Remedies for UTIs in Dogs

As pet owners, we want to make sure that our dogs are as happy and healthy as they can be. That’s why it’s essential to pick up any medical problems... Read More

Traveling With Pets - Featured Image with Linda, Blanche and River

Traveling with Pets for the Holidays

With Labor Day weekend just around the corner, and the holiday season quickly approaching, you may be planning a road trip or flight with your pet. We all know traveling... Read More

Adrenal Disorders in Dogs with Dr. Ruth Roberts - It's a Dog's Life Podcast with Angela Ardolino

Adrenal Disorders in Dogs with Dr. Ruth Roberts

Recently I did a podcast with Dr. Ruth Roberts, integrative veterinarian, holistic health coach, longtime pet advocate and your pet’s ally. Dr. Ruth is also the creator of The Original... Read More

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