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CBD Dog Health Blog

my dog ate weed my dog ate edibles dog ingested weed

My Dog Ate Edibles: Keeping Your Dog and Your Stash Safe

My dog ate weed! My dog ate edibles! These are things we hear from concerned pet parents when their pets get into their stash. As cannabis makes wonderful strides in... Read More

mushrooms for cancer in dogs mushroom extract for cancer benefits medicinal mushrooms

Mushrooms for Dogs with Cancer

Medicinal Mushrooms have become a trending topic in the pet healthcare industry.  Mushrooms for dogs with cancer sound magical (and they really are!), but understanding what they are, and how... Read More

NASC CBD regulation full spectrum hemp vs broad spectrum vs cbd isolates on Your Natural Dog Podcast

CBD Industry Regulation and the NASC with Carter Easler

In this episode of Your Natural Dog, Angela Ardolino and Carter Easler, CBD Dog Health’s Director of Education, delve into the complexities of CBD industry regulation and the role of... Read More

Is THC Safe For Pets

Is THC Safe For Pets?

While THC from cannabis holds promising therapeutic properties, pet owners often wonder, ‘Is THC safe for dogs and cats?’ In a word, yes. THC from cannabis is being used across... Read More

Mast Cell Tumors in Dogs Miss Daisie's MCT CBD for Mast Cell tumors medicinal mushrooms for dog Mast cell tumors in dogs

Mast Cell Tumors in Dogs – Causes, Symptoms, Prevention and Natural Remedies

When you research treatment for mast cell tumor in dogs, your options can be aggressive and have many side effects. Thankfully, there are some tremendous benefits to using natural remedies... Read More

CBD For Seizures

CBD for Dog Seizures | Naturally Managing Seizures in Dogs

Daisy, a 16-year-old chihuahua rescue, came to me with a history of seizures. Before I could help Daisy, I had to fully understand what happens during a seizure and what... Read More


CBD For Dog PTSD: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD in dogs is a relatively recent discovery. Scientists were not aware dogs could experience symptoms of PTSD and many veterinarians remain hesitant to diagnose dog PTSD due to the... Read More

benefits of bone broth for dogs with Flo Mason from crude carnivore on your natural dog podcast

Benefits of Bone Broth for Dogs with Crude Carnivore

In this episode of Your Natural Dog with Angela Ardolino, we’re joined by Flo Mason, founder of Crude Carnivore and a passionate advocate for pet health. Flo holds a master’s... Read More

Apoquel Alternatives – Can CBD Replace Apoquel for Dogs?

Looking to relieve your dog’s itching, scratching, redness, and rashes, but hoping for a natural alternative to Apoquel for dog allergies? If your dog suffers from allergies and you want... Read More

CBD for pets with alopecia

Natural Remedies for Alopecia in Dogs and Cats

As most pet owners know, cats and dogs shed. However, if your dog or cat is losing large patches or chunks of hair, or has developed black patches of skin,... Read More

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