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what vets aren't taught, dr lauren beaird, what veterinarians aren't taught in school on your natural dog angela ardolino

What Vets Aren’t Taught with Dr. Lauren Beaird

With a rapidly growing interest in holistic veterinary care, we’re left wondering, why are veterinarians not taught about holistic medicine in school? Every year more pet parents are looking to... Read More

Thymus Extract for Dogs Colostrum for dogs with Dr PJ Broadfoot on Your Natural Dog Podcast

Thymus Extract & Colostrum for Dogs with Dr. PJ Broadfoot

We all want to support our dogs’ immune systems and make sure their bodies are in balance, without resorting to harmful synthetic drugs. Thankfully, there are many options for supporting... Read More

sciatica pain in dogs back pain in dogs dr. ashley mak on your natural dog podcast

Fix Your Dog’s Sciatica with Dr. Ashley Mak

As many as 40% of humans will experience sciatica in their life, which is pain radiating along the sciatic nerve, which runs down one or both legs from the lower... Read More

can dogs have vanilla can cats have vanilla vanilla for dogs vanilla oil for pets

Can Dogs Have Vanilla?

Vanilla is universally known for its flavor and aroma, but did you know that vanilla has proven medicinal effects? This may have you wondering, can dogs have vanilla? Is Vanilla... Read More

Arthritis supplements for dogs with Dr. James st Clair on your natural dog podcast mobility joint pain senior dogs

Arthritis Supplements for Dogs with Dr. James St. Clair

Arthritis can really impact our dogs’ quality of life, leaving pet parents wondering, is it possible to be proactive about protecting our pets from future joint pain and mobility issues?... Read More

Ginger Oil for Dogs

There’s a reason ginger has been around for so long and why it’s so popular. It’s safe, effective, and has countless benefits. Ginger is a common ingredient in almost every... Read More

Dr. Ruth Roberts what to do if your dog gets into your stash on your natural dog podcast

What To Do If Your Dog Gets Into Your Stash with Dr. Ruth Roberts

As cannabis makes wonderful strides in being legalized in individual states, it also gives rise to the possibility of our pets accidentally getting into our stash and ingesting cannabis or... Read More

cbd for cats with cancer feline cancer supplement hemp for cat cancer cbd oil for cat cancer

CBD for Cats with Cancer

Generally we see lower rates of cancer in cats, compared to their canine counterparts. Regardless, if your companion is diagnosed with feline cancer, it can devastate you as a pet... Read More

Beneficial Nematodes for Fleas Katya Forsyth Flea Destroyer Your Natural Dog Podcast

Beneficial Nematodes for Fleas with Katya Forsyth

We all want to protect our pets from fleas, but conventional treatments can end up doing more harm than good, to both our pets and our environment. Beneficial nematodes for... Read More

At Home Dog Testing Allergy Test Dr Doug Knueven Chelsea Kent YND Podcast Angela Ardolino

At Home Dog Testing with Dr. Doug Knueven and Chelsea Kent

With the rising popularity of so many at-home tests for dogs, claiming to diagnose food allergies, environmental intolerances, and so much more from just a few strands of hair or... Read More

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