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Cocotherapy MCT Oil and Dog - Featured Image

MCT Oil for Dogs: CocoTherapy

You’ll notice in our own tinctures, as well as many others, that MCT oil is one of the main ingredients, in addition to the CBD. Why would MCT oil be... Read More

Natural Pain Relief For Dogs and Cats - CBD for pain

Natural Pain Relief for Dogs and Cats

Have you ever wondered “What can I give my dog for pain?” or “What can I give my cat for pain?” If you’re a pet parent, chances are, you’ve had... Read More

integrative oncology with dr. kendra pope

Integrative Cancer Therapies with Dr. Kendra Pope

Recently I did a podcast with Dr. Kendra Pope, an integrative veterinary oncologist, trained in holistic modalities such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, and intravenous nutrient therapies. She helps pet parents... Read More

In The Press: Full Spectrum CBD Products for Animals

IN THE PRESS: Full Spectrum CBD Products for Animals

Original post hosted on CBD Bible UK When we find interesting CBD products or brands, we always want to share them with our audience. So when we stumbled across the... Read More

How to treat hot spots on dogs

How to Treat Hot Spots on Dogs: Natural Remedies

When it comes to skin conditions, hot spots on dogs are some of the most common, yet challenging to deal with. They can appear seemingly out of nowhere and stick... Read More

podcast dr janet roark essential oil vet

Pet Safe Essential Oils with Dr. Janet Roark

Recently I did a podcast with Dr. Janet Roark, also known as the Essential Oils Vet. Dr. Roark is a veterinarian who has been practicing for over 16 years, and... Read More

Susan Thixton on It's A Dog's Life

Susan Thixton and the Truth About Pet Food

Recently I did a podcast with Susan Thixton, Pet Food Consumer Advocate and Founder of and the Association for Truth in Pet Food. Susan is an expert in pet... Read More

Raw Feeding - Kimberly Gauthier podcast

Transitioning to Raw Feeding with Kimberly Gauthier

Recently I did a podcast with Kimberly Gauthier of Kimberly’s goal is to raise awareness of natural alternative canine care by sharing her experience raising five dogs. Most pet... Read More

Can CBD Help Collapsed Trachea?

Can CBD Help a Collapsed Trachea in Dogs?

Collapsing Trachea is one of the most common canine respiratory issues in this day and age. While collapsed trachea in dogs currently has no cure, you can support your pet... Read More

CBD For Pet Anxiety

How to Treat Dog Separation Anxiety Naturally

Before my journey began with CBD Dog Health, I was lucky enough to be touring all over the country with two Broadway musicals, School of Rock by Andrew Lloyd Webber... Read More

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