How CBD Helped Belle’s Hip Dysplasia

Belle's Story with CBD

Belle was always an active dog. Her owner, Sandra describes the now 12 year old shepherd, wolf hound as one who loves to run fast, play hard and hop around the fields behind their house. 

Like many dogs, as Belle got into her senior years her pet parents started to notice some changes in her mobility. Her hips started to show signs of weakness and discomfort and after a few triggering events, she began to lose her mobility faster and faster. 

Unfortunately, some breeds, no matter how well loved and cared for, can be prone to certain degenerative diseases. German shepherds, a breed from which Belle certainly takes some genetic heritage, are prone to issues with the hind quarters. Hip dysplasia is extremely common in this breed, and often leads to a debilitating pain and loss of mobility. 

Signs of Arthritis and Hip Dysplasia in Dogs

“Some of the things that would happen is, her legs would slide out and she kind of do a straddle split. When we would walk, if we’d hit a curb, she’d fall over a couple times when she was going to the bathroom, she fell.”

Sanda knew that keeping Belle active would be an important part of making sure she stayed healthy as she aged, but it became increasingly difficult. Belle would resist going on walks, would get sore quickly and wouldn’t want to play with her doggy sister, Pups as much as before.

With every other aspect of her health in pretty fine condition, Sandra was determined that this would not be the thing to ruin her dog’s quality of life. 

“I really didn’t want to see her legs give out before the rest of her body. It’s hard watching an older dog that was very active, not be able to do some of the stuff she used to do.”, Sandra says

Thankfully, Sandra was quick to get Belle on the Ease tincture, containing full-spectrum CBD for dogs as well as a number of other natural healing therapies. 

Natural Solutions for Arthritis in Dogs

Belle could not have been luckier when it comes to the family she ended up with. They not only had a familiarity with western style medicine (Sandra’s husband being a pediatrician), but Sandra also clearly has great instincts with principles of holistic medicine. 

“I’m a little out there” she says, with a smirk, making ‘woo-woo’ gestures with her hands

Despite her conventional vet’s trepidation, Sandra decided it would be helpful for Belle to start eating a raw food diet to help her gain back some of the weight she had lost. This nutrient dense, species appropriate food worked wonders and helped a lot with Belle’s symptoms. 

Sandra also credits much of her success in helping Belle, to her relationship with holistic veterinarian, Dr. Paul Rowan at The Center for Animal Healing in Virginia Beach, VA. 

The Center For Animal Healing

The Center For Animal Healing is known for the holistic treatment options they offer their clients. After practicing conventional medicine for many years, Dr. Rowan switched his specialty to entirely holistic methods. Specializing in chiropractic, acupuncture, food therapy and most importantly microcurrent therapy!

One of the central parts of Belle’s recovery was the use of minute, electrical currents meant to stimulate blood flow and encourage the body’s natural healing processes. Microcurrent therapy is an incredibly effective tool for treating inflammatory and degenerative conditions like hip-dysplasia, arthritis and myoclonus. 

Veterinary Recommended Hemp Oil for Dogs

Dr. Rowan is also the one who recommended using hemp oil for dog arthritis. Where most conventional vets may recommend a NSAID for this kind of condition, Dr. Rowan had seen the negative side effects and poor long term prognosis for dogs using these drugs. 

Sandra took the advice from Dr. Rowan and started experimenting to find the right dosage of full-spectrum hemp extract for her dog. 

“I feel like the Ease has helped more than anything!”

How Much CBD Should You Give a Dog With Hip Dysplasia?

Sandra wanted to make sure her dog, Belle got the most out of the hemp extract she was using, so she paid close attention to the dosing recommendations and adjusted based on Belle’s reaction.

Initially, Sandra was using just the Heal tincture, dividing is into a couple applications a day as written on the dosing instructions page. She saw a definite improvement in Belle’s mobility, but wanted to keep experimenting. 

That’s when she decided to try adding the EASE tincture into Belle’s regimen alongside HEAL. The added benefits of turmeric and frankincense made a big difference, aiding the anti-inflammatory effects of the hemp oil for hip dysplasia to give Belle even more relief from the pain and discomfort she was experiencing.

Now, I’m using a combination of them, which I think has worked the best. So I think the two doses of the EASE and the one of HEAL at night is my best bet with her.”

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil For Dogs

After using numerous other hemp products before for her dogs, Sandra talks about some of the reasons she believes EASE and HEAL have worked so much better for her dogs. First of all, these products are all full-spectrum.

The phrase, ‘Full spectrum’ means that all the naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes and therapeutic compounds are left intact in their natural proportions, whereas other extracts may remove or isolate certain components.

“I like the fact that it’s full spectrum, I get that. It’s like with whole foods versus a single vitamin. when you get the whole food you can think of it like a whole orchestra playing. But if you just take like vitamin C, it might just be like a certain section of the orchestra playing and it doesn’t sound as good when you really want the whole orchestra working together to create the best music. “

What a Difference It Makes …

After just a short time using hemp oil for arthritis and hip dysplasia, Belle started loosening up and growing more comfortable doing some of the activities she used to love. She was able to walk further, play longer and enjoy her time with her sister Pups.

“The less pain she’s in, the more I can exercise her the more the muscles can kind of get a little stronger. So my goal for her was to try and increase a little bit of that muscle mass that we initially lost because of the slowness or the degenerative disease.”

Belle is now getting back to her normal self and feeling a pep in her step again, without the pain from inflammation and pain in her back legs.

“The only thing I wish is that, I would have had it a little bit earlier for Belle, you know? So as soon as symptoms started, I would have been able to start to help her because then I think it’s easier for the body to heal itself.”

About Carter Easler

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Carter is a cannabis educator and holistic practitioner with certification in the use of Cannabis Therapies for Veterinary Medicine by The College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies. He continues to study and share his knowledge of cannabis therapeutics through written articles, educational videos and live speaking engagements across the country. 

Growing up in a family of veterinarians, Carter developed a deep love for animals and saw first hand how holistic medicine could change both their lives and his own. As Director of Education for CBD Dog Health, Carter now travels North America educating pet parents, business owners and veterinarians about the benefits and science behind cannabis therapeutics and holistic medicine.




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