HEAL – 1100 mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract (CBD) for Dogs

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Give your dog the best treatment possible with our holistic 1100 mg full spectrum extract (CBD) tincture, HEAL. HEAL is formulated to improve your pet’s health and well-being while naturally relieving severe ailments, including seizures, cancer, tumors, CCD, dementia, Cushing’s Disease, and more.

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Aisling C.
Amazing stuff!

My dog loves the taste. We haven’t been using it for too long, but mixed with the salve, I swear his lipomas are getting better already.

Keith P.

CBDDog has helped my 13 year old Lab Kasey move around better! She can get up more fluidly, jump on and off the bed easier and just have more sparkle in her eyes because she has less pain!

Marissa A.
Incredible product!

We love this company and this CBD oil. We initially bought it for seizure prevention which it has successfully done, but it also has helped our pups severe separation anxiety! Can’t say enough good things. We will be lifelong customers :)

CBD Dog Health HEAL - 1100 mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract (CBD) for Dogs Review
Richard D.

Good appetite, her energy level has improved. Started with low dose then increased, have seen diarrhea sometimes but not always. Otherwise have not seen any bad reactions to the large dose. Plan to continue to give.

Sandy H.
Casey’s mass cell tumor

Still trying this the tumor has grown double in size & still using Remedy & Heal.I believe it has helped with the pain Casey is experiencing.Overall happy with the products.


The CBD Dog Health Difference

The proprietary formula for HEAL combines full spectrum extract (CBD) with CocoTherapy MCT-3 oil to reduce the number of seizures and duration of seizures, shrink and eliminate tumors, preventing future ailments and more. It also contains hemp seed oil which has the perfect balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to support a healthy coat and skin.

Our full spectrum extract CBD for dogs is 100 percent food grade and is made using CO2 extraction, which means we do not use chemical solvents like butane (lighter fluid) in any of our products. Additionally, all of our products undergo testing by third-party for purity and potency, and certificates of analysis are available to view prior to purchasing.


1100 mg hemp CBD oil, MCT oil, and hemp seed oil. CBD Dog Health products are made with non-GMO hemp and are pesticide and herbicide free. Full-spectrum extract includes a full range of cannabinoids, including CBD, CBC, CBG, CBN, and less than 0.3% THC. To view the certificate of analysis with full cannabinoids listed, click here.

Dosing Information

Despite common misconceptions, dosing has very little to do with your dog’s size or weight. Finding the right dosage depends on your specific dog, their specific ailment, and how sensitive their endocannabinoid system is. For fastest and most thorough absorption, lift the lip and apply dose directly onto the gums, as the most direct way into the bloodstream. You can also administer CBD directly onto the hairless area of the pet’s ear flap for quick absorption, because it goes through the layers of skin and enters the blood stream through the vessels in the ear flap. If added to food, the medicine may not be as effective and can take significantly longer (30-45 min.) to reach the bloodstream as it works its way through the gastrointestinal system.

Based on research and from our experience, we recommend the following dosage:

  • Cancer – Research shows success with 50-100 mg daily. We suggest starting with 35-50 mg (1-2 ml) daily and increase if needed.
  • Seizures– Start with 35-50 mg (1-2 ml) daily and/or during seizure activity to stop seizures from occurring. Please consult your veterinarian if your pet is on phenobarbital before weaning.
  • Autoimmune Diseases – Start with 35-50 mg (1-2 ml) daily and increase if needed.


Split the amount of mg into small portions throughout the day (micro-dosing) for best absorption and to keep it in the bloodstream. The medicine peaks at 2 hours and is gone from 4-6 hours. Make sure to shake the bottle before each use and always keep away from heat.

Unlike many traditional oral medications, research has proven that CBD is effectively and quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. A study conducted by the Department of Pharmacy, School of Pharmacy at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel concluded that: “CBD was observed to have a large volume of distribution [in dogs studied].”In a study conducted by the Department of Veterinary Medical Sciences, University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy, dogs were found to have a substantial amount of receptors in their endocannabinoid system, specifically in the spine, which allows dogs to more effectively use CBD.

Your pet cannot overdose from CBD. If the dose is too high, they may become sleepy or experience diarrhea.

Each 1 ml dropper contains 93 mg of hemp seed oil and 37 mg full spectrum extract (CBD). Each 1 oz bottle contains approximately 30 servings and 1100 mg full spectrum extract (CBD). Dropper included. Shake well before use. Always clean the dropper after use to prevent contamination.