2024 Tips For Buying CBD Pet Products

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Pet parents today are spoiled for choice when it comes to CBD products for pets. As the CBD market continues to boom, finding the right products for your pet can be overwhelming. Especially as we know that all CBD pet products are not created equal! We almost be into 2024, but we’re still in a largely unregulated pet CBD industry, so companies can say virtually anything on the label and put almost anything they want in their products. But fear not! We’ve compiled some savvy tips for buying CBD for pets in 2024, to ensure you make the best choices for your four-legged family members in the new year.

Tips for Buying CBD for Pets in 2024

As we get ready to welcome 2024, the CBD for pets market is ever-expanding with endless brands and formulations. Pet parents are increasingly turning to CBD to support the well-being of their furry companions, but with this surge comes the responsibility of making informed choices. In 2024, the market is likely to witness a plethora of new CBD pet products, each claiming to be the best for your pet.

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To help you navigate this landscape and ensure that you make the right decisions for your furry friend, we’ve compiled essential tips for buying CBD products for pets. From understanding the difference between full spectrum and isolate, to seeking organically grown hemp for pets, and considering extraction methods to verifying potency, this guide aims to empower you with the knowledge needed to make the best choices for your pet’s health and happiness. As we embark on this journey into the world of CBD for pets in 2024, let’s prioritize the well-being of our loyal companions by making educated and thoughtful choices.


1. Choose Full Spectrum CBD Pet Products

One of the first tips for buying CBD for pets that we share with pet parents is to choose products that are made with full spectrum hemp extract. Unlike broad spectrum, isolates, or synthetic cannabinoids, full spectrum hemp extract (oil) contains ALL of the compounds naturally produced by the plant, including an array of cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, CBN and even trace amounts of THC.

Full spectrum hemp extract also contains many essential vitamins and minerals, fatty acids, protein, chlorophyll, fiber, flavonoids, and terpenes. All these compounds need to work together for the product to be most effective. If you choose a product containing broad spectrum hemp extract or cannabinoid isolates, it is certain that beneficial elements have been removed, making the finished product less effective.

2. Look For Organic Hemp for Pets, Grown in the US

The origin of CBD matters. Opt for products derived from organic hemp to ensure your pet gets the purest form of CBD without harmful chemicals. Opt for CBD products sourced from organically grown hemp in the United States. This ensures that the plants are free from pesticides and other harmful chemicals.

Products that are organically grown in the U.S. as outlined in the Farm Bill, and containing detectable levels of THC (within the legal limit of 0.3 percent or less). If your pet needs more THC, at the recommendation of your holistic vet or reputable pet care practitioner, you’ll have to visit a legal cannabis state to purchase these products.  

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3. Find A Certificate of Analysis for Pet CBD Products

Another of our most shared tips for buying CBD for pets, is to always look for a COA. Products should have a COA (Certificate of Analysis), produced by a third-party laboratory, which is up to date and matches the batch number or other unique identifier on the product package (e.g. QR Code). Certificates should be easily found on the manufacturer’s website for each product. This will verify that they are full spectrum products by the presence of cannabinoids other than CBD, as well as detectable amounts of THC. Lab certificates or COAs should also indicate that the products don’t contain any harmful pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, heavy metals, or chemicals. The presence of any residual solvents may indicate that the product was NOT CO2-extracted.

Trustworthy brands always conduct third-party testing. This ensures that the product’s label accurately reflects its contents. Check for Certificates of Analysis for any pet CBD products.

4. Look For FSHE Extracted from the Flower

Understanding the extraction process is crucial. CO2 extraction is considered the gold standard, producing high-quality CBD without the use of harmful solvents. Avoid products that use questionable extraction methods.

Products should be extracted from the flower, which will yield the richest compounds of the plant (cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids). While oil can be extracted from hemp stalks seeds, and stems, and products made with this extract may be cheaper, they will typically be much less effective than those made exclusively with extract from the hemp plants “aerial” parts such as the flowers, leaves, and buds.

CBD Extraction process CBD for dogs pets cats CO2 extraction

Super critical CO2 extraction is the preferable method of extracting the medicinal compounds out of the flower, with the least damage to the compounds. While this method is generally more expensive, it yields a safer and higher quality product, doesn’t remove as many beneficial plant contents as other methods, and has a much lower chance of having contaminants. 

Another hemp extraction method involves the use of olive oil and heat, making it safe and inexpensive. Unfortunately, this method results in much lower cannabinoid concentration in the end product and would require the pet parent to administer larger doses, more frequently, to get the same effect as hemp extract produced using CO2. Hemp extract produced using this method is also highly perishable, which results in a shorter shelf-life and storage limitations (must be kept in a cool, dark area).

Solvent extraction, although highly inexpensive, involves the use of ethanol, butane, propane, isopropyl or alcohol. It is a dangerous method due to the flammable nature of the components and often results in toxic residue being present in the finished product. 

5. Find the Right CBD Potency 

Dosing dosage Calm cbd for dogs with anxiety stress fear dosing cbd oil for dogs with anxiety extra strength calming cbd for dogs

Make sure there’s at least 3mg per serving of Cannabidiol (CBD), plus other naturally occurring cannabinoids, to have a meaningful effect. Higher concentrations of CBD per serving typically indicate products that not only have greater efficacy but are also more cost-effective. A product that has less than 3 mg CBD per serving will have to be administered in larger amounts and greater frequency to be as effective as one that contains 9 mg CBD per serving.

Trustworthy brands invest in third-party testing to verify the potency of their products. Look for Certificates of Analysis (COAs) to confirm that the CBD content matches the label.

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cbd for dogs with cancer cbd oil for cancer in dogs canine cancer dosing cbd for cancer in dogs 6. Pay Attention to The Bioavailability of CBD for Pets

Consider the bioavailability of the CBD pet product. This refers to the amount of CBD that enters your pet’s bloodstream. Products with higher bioavailability ensure that your pet gets the maximum benefit from each dose.

Administering CBD oils sublingually (via the gums) is the most effective and efficient way to get the medicine into the bloodstream. Capsules and treats are not as effective, as they must be broken down by the liver before entering the bloodstream. 

MCT oil (made from coconut) and/or hemp seed oil in the product will improve the absorption rate. Be sure to look for organically grown coconut-based MCT Oil and hemp seed oil!

The emulsification of the oil when it’s produced also impacts the absorption rate. The more the oil is emulsified—resulting in reduced molecule size—the faster and more effectively the product will be absorbed into the bloodstream.

7. Only Ingredients that Help and Don’t Harm

Steer clear of CBD products that contain synthetic ingredients. Natural, pure CBD is the way to go for the well-being of your pet. Check any additional ingredients on the manufacturer’s website, in marketing literature, and on the product packaging to ensure the product does not contain any unnecessary or potentially harmful ingredients. Ingredients to avoid include artificial flavorings, sweeteners such as Stevia or Xylitol, preservatives, and fish or krill oil.

8. Look for CBD Made Just for Pets

One of the most important tips for buying CBD for pets, is to make sure it the product is exactly that, CBD for pets. When it comes to incorporating CBD into your pet’s routine, specificity matters. While some human CBD products might seem suitable, it’s crucial to opt for items crafted explicitly for pets. Research the company and choose a product developed specifically for pets by a medical cannabis expert with the oversight and support of veterinary professionals.

These formulations consider the unique physiology of dogs, cats, or other animals, tailoring the CBD content and additional ingredients to suit their needs. Pet-specific CBD products come with the right concentration of CBD for your furry friend. Look for products that are easy to administer. Whether it’s CBD-infused treats, oils, or capsules, consider what your pet is most comfortable with and what fits seamlessly into their routine.

9. Check the CBD Reviews from Pet Parents

Look for reviews by customers who have tried the products, to substantiate the efficacy of the products. Real experiences matter. Read reviews from other pet parents to understand how a particular product has worked for animals similar to yours. While CBD is not right for every pet and every ailment, reviews can show the many ways CBD pet products are helping real animals like your beloved pet every day.

cbd review cbd for dog allergies review ease soothe cbd for dogs success testimonial

10. Find a Pet CBD Brand You Can Trust

What most of these tips for buying CBD for pets come to, is that with so many products claiming to be the best, it’s essential to look past the marketing hype. Focus on reputable CBD brands with a commitment to quality and transparency. Trustworthy companies will offer all the relevant information you need to make the right choice for your pet, without giving you the runaround.

Product labels should clearly tell you much of what you need to know, but you may need to visit each company’s website to find out about extraction and manufacturing practices, along with accessing their COA’s from a third-party laboratory.

Remember, if a CBD pet product or its pricing seems too good to be true, it probably is. Quality Full Spectrum Hemp CBD is not cheap, and is definitely not going to be available for $10 on amazon or the grocery store. 

Once you’ve researched a company, contact them to ask them questions directly, and make sure they can answer your questions about their product, and how your pet’s specific needs can be addressed by their CBD product. If they can’t help you, or no one responds to your email, phone call or online chat, choose another company. A brand that prioritizes customer support is important. Whether you have questions about dosage or need guidance, reliable customer support can make your CBD journey smoother.

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