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Cat Health

diatomaceous earth for dogs diatomaceous earth for fleas livestock yard pest control parasites pets

Diatomaceous Earth for Dogs

You may have heard of Diatomaceous Earth for dogs, or Diatomaceous Earth for fleas. So what is Diatomaceous Earth? DE is a powder made from the remains of fossilized organisms known... Read More

benefits of mushroom extract tincture for dogs best mushroom supplement for dogs best mushroom extracts

The Benefits of Mushroom Extracts for Dogs

With so many different mushroom supplements for pets on the market, choosing the right mushroom product for your dog can be confusing. Without doing some research, it’s hard to know... Read More

what are adaptogens for dogs for pets cbd mushrooms ashwagandha for dogs

What are Adaptogens?

As pet parents, we want to see our pets happy and stress-free, without resorting to harmful pharmaceuticals. Luckily there are some wonderful plants, mushrooms and herbs out there that can... Read More

CBD for dogs with Kidney Disease in Dogs cats with kidney disease

CBD for Kidney Disease in Dogs

Due to a variety of circumstances, like poor diet and environmental toxins, kidney disease in dogs and cats has become a serious and all too common problem. The tools used... Read More

mycodog jason scott on your natural dog podcast

Benefits of Medicinal Mushrooms with Jason Scott on Your Natural Dog Podcast

There’s so much more to talk about around medicinal mushrooms, so Jason Scott is returning to the podcast to answer more questions! Jason is a mycologist, ethnobotanist, and spagyricist who... Read More

mycodog jason scott on your natural dog podcast

Sourcing Mushrooms for Dogs with Jason Scott on Your Natural Dog Podcast

Mushrooms are one of the next big trends in holistic wellness, but how can we make sure the products we’re buying are safe and effective? In this episode, Jason Scott... Read More

Do No Harm Opioid Crisis Veterinary Medicine Holistic Pet Wellness Education Event for Pet Parents

IN THE PRESS: CBD Dog Health Sponsors Your Natural Dog’s Free Online Holistic Pet Wellness Event

Your Natural Dog is pleased to announce its first free virtual event that focuses on healing pets holistically, using medicinal herbs, plants, mushrooms and food—instead of pharmaceuticals.  Do No Harm,... Read More

a cat sitting happily

CBD for Stressed Cats

You may be surprised to learn that our daily habits and our own stress can have a huge impact on our cat’s mental and physical health. After all, our animals... Read More

The Benefits of CBD Oil for Cats 1

The Benefits of CBD Oil for Cats

There’s a lot of discussion regarding the benefits of CBD for both humans and dogs, but cats are usually left out of the CBD conversation. That raises the question: what... Read More

CBD Oil for Asthma in Cats - Blog Featured Image

CBD Oil for Asthma in Cats

Did you know that asthma is one of the most common respiratory system diseases in cats? It’s true! Just like with humans, cats can develop the same disease process (also... Read More

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