Cannabis Classroom at AHVMA 2021

AHVMA 2021

Since 1982, the AHVMA has been a unique forum for veterinarians to come together and share knowledge about the science and art of holistic veterinary medicine. With over 1500 members, this organization represents some of the greatest minds at the forefront of the movement to change the way practitioners and pet parents think about health and wellness. What better place to host the first ever Cannabis Classroom lectures?

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We believe that veterinarians belong at the forefront of conversations regarding the use of medical cannabis and pets. That’s why we designed a program of talks specifically designed to empower holistic vets to be able to take advantage of this incredible modality. Lead by CBD Dog Health’s Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr Zac Pilossoph and founder, Angela Ardolino, this four part lecture series covered a range of pertinent subjects for veterinarians interested in gaining a deeper understanding of cannabis therapeutics.

Angela Ardolino is a pet-cannabis expert, trained at the University of Vermont’s program examining the Biology and Therapeutic use of Medical Cannabis. Angela is also the owner of The Fire Flake Farm, a senior dog and farm animal rescue in central Florida, where she has seen first hand the incredible benefits of cannabis medicine for the animals in her care. 

“It is amazing to think how much has changed in the field of veterinary cannabis since we first attended the AHVMA conference in 2019”, says CBD Dog Health founder, Angela Ardolino. “We now have canine specific research on diseases like cancer, hundreds of new case studies from around the country and abroad as well as a ton of updates on the legal landscape for vets using CBD in practice.”

Presenting alongside Ardolino, Dr. Zac Pilossoph is a muti-state licensed, integrative veterinarian with specialization in the use of cannabis therapeutics. Like so many veterinarians, Dr. Zac was deeply troubled by the narrow view of medicine he encountered in his studies and initial years as a practicing veterinarian. This frustration has since motivated him to become one of the country’s leading cannabis educators and advocates. 

Dr. Zac Pilossoph Cannabis and Skin Lecture

Dr. Zac Pilossoph Cannabis and Skin Lecture

Together, Angela and Dr. Zac offered four different talks to the veterinarians who attended this year’s AHVMA conference including: 

  • What the Latest Cannabis Research Shows for Cancer and Pain 
  • How to Use Cannabis In Critical Care
  • Legality of Cannabis Therapeutics in Veterinary Medicine 
  • Relationship between Skin and Cannabis

“There is so much happening with the advancement of cannabis medicine. That’s why we are committed to offering educational resources and information to any veterinarians, students, technicians and holistic practitioners who want to learn more.” says Dr. Zac

Unfortunately, not everyone who wanted to was able to attend this year’s conference for one reason or another. For those who couldn’t make it or were attending virtually, we have a ton of educational resources available online as well as video footage from the conference!

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