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Posts by Carter Easler

Is CBD an Effective Treatment for Lyme Disease

CBD for Lyme Disease in Dogs

Summertime is the high season for insect-borne diseases. With the warmer weather, we are spending more time outdoors, among the tall grass that makes a happy home for all sorts... Read More

How to treat hot spots on dogs

Natural Solutions for Hot Spots on Dogs

When it comes to skin conditions, hot spots on dogs are some of the most common, yet challenging to deal with. They can appear seemingly out of nowhere and stick... Read More

AHVMA 2021

Cannabis Classroom at AHVMA 2021

Since 1982, the AHVMA has been a unique forum for veterinarians to come together and share knowledge about the science and art of holistic veterinary medicine. With over 1500 members,... Read More

Natural Antioxidant: Full-Spectrum CBD

There are many known benefits of using full-spectrum hemp CBD. Those benefits include improved pain relief, decreased anxiety and depression, and anti-inflammatory properties. Research also suggests that CBD is a... Read More

Can CBD Replace Apoquel for dogs?-2

CBD vs. Apoquel for Dogs

Looking to relieve your dog’s itching, scratching, redness, and rashes, but hoping for an Apoquel alternative?  Allergies and the uncomfortable symptoms they cause are some of the most common problems... Read More

CBD for Dogs With Arthritis and Joint Pain

Arthritis and joint pain can wreak havoc on our dog’s quality of life. So what can be done to manage this? CBD for dogs with Arthritis and joint pain can... Read More

hip dysplasia in dogs

Hip Dysplasia in Dogs: CBD Success Story

Belle was always an active dog. Her owner, Sandra describes the now 12 year old shepherd, wolf hound as one who loves to run fast, play hard and hop around... Read More

Simon's Story with CBD

How CBD Helped Simon’s Arthritis and Pain

Sheilah and Jeff are total animal lovers. You can tell the moment you drive up to their house in California’s central valley, which is home to six dogs, three cats,... Read More

CBD For Finnicks Anxiety and Allergies

How CBD helped Finnick’s Anxiety and Allergies

Meet Finnick! Finnick is a sweet and loveable 4 year old pitbull/bulldog mix. From the beginning, Finnick was in good hands with Jenny, who routinely fostered and rescued pitbulls. For... Read More

Can CBD Help With My Pets Allergies

How Does CBD Help With Pet Allergies?

What are Allergies? Allergies are caused by a disproportionate response by the immune system to something that is not innately dangerous to our pets.  Our pets’ bodies have a built-in... Read More

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