Susan Thixton and the Truth About Pet Food

Susan Thixton on It's A Dog's Life

Recently I did a podcast with Susan Thixton, Pet Food Consumer Advocate and Founder of and the Association for Truth in Pet Food. Susan is an expert in pet food safety regulations, and is the person who is advocating for your pet against the pet food industry, every day.

“The FDA directly allows feed products to violate federal law, the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, the FDA allows feed pet feed products, with no disclosure to the consumer to contain diseased animals and animals that have died other than by slaughter.” – Susan Thixton

So how can you make sure what you’re feeding your pets is safe? Become your pet’s advocate. We used to believe we could go to the grocery store and buy food for our pets right off the shelf, and feel safe knowing we’re giving our pet something good for them. Now we know better, and here we believe that when you know better, you do better. 

Thankfully there are great resources like Susan Thixton’s Truth About Pet Food. She puts in the work and does the research, so you don’t have to. Susan contacts each company every year, with her list of questions aimed at ensuring each company meets her standards. Questions about the quality and sourcing of ingredients, frequency of testing, and other important factors.

Today, pet parents around the world can visit her website to research their pet’s food, learn about ingredients, be alerted to recalls, as well as accessing Susan’s annual list of trusted pet food brands for the year. She’s on the show to discuss what the heck is in the bag of pet food you’re feeding your beloved pet, and what you can do to become an advocate for your pet.

Listen in to the whole episode:

About Susan Thixton

susan thixton truth about pet food

Susan Thixton, founder of the Association for Truth in Pet Food. She is a consumer advocate fighting to hold the pet food industry accountable to existing food safety regulations. Susan Thixton, and They have been battling with the FDA, AAFCO and State pet food regulatory authorities. Fighting on behalf of pet food consumers for more than 10 years. Just like so many pet owners, Susan learned the ‘truth’ about pet foods the hard way. Her four legged best friend, Sam, died from bone cancer. From that day forward, Susan studied the pet food industry. She now provides pet food consumers with a voice at pet food regulatory meetings. began in 2004. Pet food consumers can visit and access thousands of free educational articles. Including resources on pet food safety and regulations, ingredients, testing, recalls, laws, and more.