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Calm Holiday Bundle

CALM CBD For Dogs & Blanche's Edibles

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My schnauzer is very reactive to storms and noises outside the house! Since he started using your CBD, his improvement has been been beyond expectation! He is calm during thunderstorms, he might bark once but then he calms down. It really works! The quality of your product is great!

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Product Information

Calm Holiday Bundle

CALM full spectrum CBD oil for dogs with anxiety is perfect for naturally managing your dog’s chronic anxiety and situational fear. CALM provides the perfect holistic CBD for anxious dogs and stress-inducing events like thunderstorms, fireworks, grooming and vet visits, travel, and separation anxiety.

Blanche’s Edibles are low-calorie, hypoallergenic, grain and gluten-free, vegan CBD edibles for dogs are infused with our proprietary full spectrum hemp extract in the heart of Colorado. Each vegan CBD treat is individually sprayed with the exact milligrams of full spectrum hemp extract, to ensure your pet gets a consistent and reliable CBD dosage in every tasty bite.

Product Size / Servings: 

CALM Full Spectrum CBD For Dogs

  • 1 ml dropper contains at least 9 mg of CBD
  • Each 2oz bottle contains at least 550mg of CBD
  • Each 2 oz bottle contains approximately 60 servings

Blanche’s Edibles For Dogs

  • 1 treat contains at least 3mg of CBD
  • Each bag contains 250mg of CBD
  • Each bag has 83 treats

Ensure the bag is tightly sealed after each use for continued freshness.

Did you know despite its name, buckwheat is not a type of wheat?
Officially, it’s not even a grain but rather a seed that’s harvested from a flowering plant related to rhubarb.

CALM CBD Oil For Dogs Ingredients

Blanche's Edibles Ingredients


• Organic Buckwheat Flour
• Organic Coconut
• Organic Coconut Nectar
• Organic Pumpkin
• Organic Ginger
• Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
• Organic MCT Oil


• Calorie Content- 9.9Kcal per 2.3 gram treat
• Crude Protein (min)- 6%
• Crude Fat (min)- 20.7%
• Crude Fiber (max)- 1.1%
• Moisture (max)- 5.5%

Calm Holiday Bundle

Original price was: $112.98.Current price is: $96.03. available on subscriptionAdd to cart