How to Store CBD Oil

How to store CBD oil products is often just as important as how you use them! Let’s talk about storing your CBD products, as well as common concerns and questions regarding keeping your CBD oil and other CBD products as pure and potent as possible so that no cannabinoid is lost! 

What Factors Affect the Integrity of CBD Oil?

How to Store CBD Oil Heat affects CBD oil Storing CBD oil cool dark dry place If you’re just starting your journey with CBD for pets, or even for yourself, it’s important to know that the effectiveness of CBD oil can be influenced by some everyday factors. Light, air, humidity, and heat may sound like the usual suspects, but they play a role in the potency of your pet’s CBD oil. So, let’s unravel the secrets of keeping these factors in check to ensure your CBD products stay in tip-top shape for your beloved pets. After all, we want to make sure your furry pals get the most out of their CBD experience!

Light & CBD oil

Almost all herbal tinctures and oils are kept in an amber or cobalt bottle because light is CBD’s most significant degrading factor. Light contains both infrared and UV rays, both of which will damage cannabinoids quite quickly. When cannabinoids are damaged, they become less powerful, and the synergistic effect of FSHE will be compromised significantly. Therefore, always keep your CBD out of direct light of any sort. Even though our CBD products are in dark-colored bottles, going the extra mile by keeping them in a cabinet or refrigerator will ensure that all vital compounds within the product are maintained. 

Air & CBD Oil

As with almost any supplement, keeping excess air from contacting the product is essential. Air, like light, will degrade cannabis products and also change the flavor. Just like fish oils that oxidize when exposed to air, CBD should be kept as airtight as possible to avoid degradation. Always keep your container’s dropper screwed on snuggly to prevent excess air from leaching into the product. 

Humidity & CBD Oil

Humidity is also a threat to your CBD oil. Excessive amounts of water making contact with CBD can cause mold issues, rendering the product useless. For this reason, ensure your CBD dropper is cleaned after contacting your dog’s mouth/gumline. 

Heat & CBD Oil

Heat is not as severely damaging as other things, like light, air, and humidity. However, keeping your CBD away from direct heat is essential since heat will change the cannabinoid profile and alter minerals in the CBD. When CBD has been exposed to prolonged or direct heat, it will also change in appearance, looking cloudier and thicker. 

What About Shipping CBD Products During the Summer Heat?

If you live in a warmer climate, you may receive CBD slightly warmer than room temperature. Don’t fret! Since the CBD has not been exposed to direct heat and light, it will still be preserved and potent. Just try not to leave your CBD out on your porch for longer than you have to so that you can get it back to its proper storage and temperature. 

What if My CBD Oil Freezes?

What if my CBD oil freezes? What is my CBD product freezes Thawing CBD oil CBD for pets Like many fresh things we like to keep that way, freezing and refrigeration are the best preservatives. Whether it be your favorite jam or your FSHE CBD, keeping them cold will not harm them and will keep them fresher!

While we don’t recommend keeping your FSHE CBD oil frozen usually, if it becomes frozen for some reason, don’t fret! Just thaw it (see methods below) and use it as usual. 

Some people like to keep their FSHE CBD oil in the refrigerator and thaw it when they plan on using it. This can be cumbersome when an immediate need for FSHE happens, like during a seizure.

Since we know heat will deteriorate the product, we do not recommend applying direct (or indirect) heat to CBD oil. If your product is frozen, you can put it in cold water, like you would frozen meat. Also, you can put it in the refrigerator to thaw even slower and more gradually. Leaving it on the counter at room temperature is also acceptable. Whatever method you choose, don’t be in a rush to apply heat to the product. 

How to Store CBD Oil

Based on the spoilage conditions mentioned above, when it comes to how to store CBD oil, keeping your CBD products in a cool, dark place, such as a cabinet, away from direct sunlight, and heat from cooking appliances, is ideal.

Some people ask “Should CBD oil be refrigerated?”, and yes, you can store your CBD in the refrigerator if you prefer. While not always necessary, refrigeration can be beneficial, especially if you live in a very warm climate. However, if you have a dog that may need a quick emergency dose and you choose this method, keep it in the door of your refrigerator, where temperatures are slightly warmer than on the shelves of your refrigerator. 

cbd for dogs with cancer cbd oil for cancer in dogs canine cancer dosing cbd for cancer in dogs Taking Care of Your CBD Oil

Other than the storage tips we mentioned, how you use the CBD is vital to maintaining freshness. Since we recommend applying CBD oil directly to your dog’s gumline, keeping that dropper clean is very important. Wipe off the dropper if it has made contact with your dog’s saliva and/or gums. This is to avoid mold issues and bacterial contamination from your dog’s mouth. 

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How Long Do CBD Products Last? What’s the Shelf Life of CBD Oil?

We get many questions about CBD oil shelf life, including “How long is CBD oil good for once opened?” We recommend using your bottle within two years of purchase. Does CBD oil lose it’s potency? Yes, since FSHE CBD Oil is a natural product, it will gradually break down. This breakdown will accelerate if your CBD becomes too warm. Some cannabinoids can deteriorate, thus compromising the potency and power of the extract.

There are several ways to determine if your CBD product has reached the end of its life. This goes for any form of CBD, whether it be oils, salves, or treats: 

  • Color/Appearance: If your CBD product isn’t the same color as when you bought it or looks muddy/cloudy, it’s time for a new bottle.
  • Smell: If your CBD product smells “off” in any way, it may have taken a turn for the worse, and it’s time to get a new bottle.
  • Consistency/Thickness: If your CBD product appears gummy or thick, this is another indication of spoilage, so toss it and get a new bottle.
  • Taste: If your CBD product doesn’t taste like it did when you got it, tastes bland or sour/rancid, pitch it and get a new bottle!

While consuming expired CBD products isn’t innately harmful, the benefits are not the same as fresh CBD. So, if you have a bottle that’s years old or you suspect it’s gone bad, it’s best to start fresh. 

Final Thoughts on How to Store CBD Oil

In conclusion, when wondering how to store CBD oil properly, a cool, dark, dry place is best. Properly storing your CBD oil are key to maintaining its potency and ensuring that your pets receive the maximum benefits. Store it in a cool, dark place, in its original packaging, to shield it from light, air, heat and humidity. Also be sure to keep the dropper and bottle clean after each use, to avoid contamination.

Following these guidelines will help preserve the integrity of the CBD oil and ensure its efficacy. If you ever have specific questions about storing your CBD products, our highly qualified team is here to assist! Feel free to reach out, and we’ll ensure your furry companions continue to enjoy the best CBD experience possible.