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In the Press: Pet Age Magazine – The Next Big Thing

This article was originally published in Pet Age Magazine. It’s something industry watchers thrive on: monitoring trends to see what is going to be the next “Big Thing.” The pet industry has watched the rise of grain-free recipes in food and the advent of pet technology connecting pets and their people 24/7. Now, the focus […]

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In the Press: Pet Business Magazine

Article originally published in Pet Business Magazine. CBD DOG Health launched three new collections of products containing healing cannabinoids at SuperZoo. The new product collections contain full-spectrum hemp oil with multiple cannabinoids including CBD, CBG, CBN and CBDA, which all work in concert to reduce anxiety, slow tumor growth, reduce bacteria, treat hot spots and skin problems, […]

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In the Press: Modern Dog Magazine – What is the Bark All About?

This article was originally published in Modern Dog Magazine.  My 11-year-old schnauzer, Odie, is a little old man at heart. He stands tall, not seeming to notice that he is actually 3-feet shorter than the big dogs around him, and barks at them until they do his bidding. He is a spitfire. But three years […]

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CBD DOG Health to Launch New Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Horse Tinctures and Showcase Award-Winning Products at Global Pet Expo

CBD DOG Health to Launch New Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Horse Tinctures and Showcase Award-Winning Products at Global Pet Expo  Tampa entrepreneurs dedicated to bringing natural life-saving medicine to millions of pets everywhere TAMPA, Fla., Feb. 6, 2019 – Standing in front of a crowded room full of anxious pet parents, some holding their dog’s leash in […]

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Pet Business Magazine: CBD Dog Health Comes to Global Pet Expo

This article was originally posted on Pet Business Magazine. To view the full story, click here.    CBD Dog Health will be attending Global Pet Expo (GPE) in Orlando, Fla., from March 20 to 22, bringing CBD education and a new line of horse tinctures to attendees. The company’s horse tinctures will deliver the same benefits as CBD […]

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CBD Dog Health Honored with Industry Recognition Award

CBD Dog Health is excited to announce that our all-natural salves have been distinguished by Pet Business Magazine and given the 2018 Industry Recognition Award for Dog Healthcare Products! Each year, Pet Business Magazine tests a variety of products and looks for products that are innovating and changing the pet industry. Pet Business takes into […]

CBD Dog Health Cat

November 1, 2018 / View Post

Press Release: CBD Dog Health Releases Cat Line at KittyCon in Tampa

CBD Dog Health released a new line of all-natural cat products at KittyCon in Tampa on Oct. 27. The cat-specific products unveiled at KittyCon, which mirror the company’s popular line of dog products, include CALM, EASE, and HEAL CBD oil, as well as Freeze Dried Salmon and Freeze Dried Chicken Treats. “With the recent changes […]

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