Microbiome Restorative Therapy with Dr. Margo Roman

Microbiome Restorative Therapy Dr Margo Roman Dog Fecal Transplants Your Natural Dog Podcast Angela Ardolino

Household toxins and the harmful chemicals found in commercial dog food can wreak havoc on gut health and the delicate balance of the gut microbiome. Restoring your dog’s gut health with microbiome restorative therapy can lead to improved immunity, better digestion, and a happier, healthier furry companion. In this episode of Your Natural Dog with Angela Ardolino, we’re joined by Dr. Margo Roman, the visionary owner of M.A.S.H.- Main Street Animal Services of Hopkinton in Massachusetts, a renowned integrative veterinary practice since 1983. Dr. Margo joins us to talk about the incredible potential of microbiome restorative therapy, shedding light on the many benefits of fecal transplants for dogs, as well as sharing her own fresh, organic whole food recipe for improving gut health and keeping the body balanced. 

Episode Recap: 

  • Fecal Transplant Therapy 
  • Household toxins hurt gut health
  • Glyphosate in dog food harms gut health
  • Feeding a fresh, organic, whole food diet
  • Dr. Margo Roman’s recipe for fresh, organic whole food for dogs
  • Plant protein and plant-based diets for dogs
  • Digestive enzymes for dogs
  • Fecal transplants for hormonal imbalance and more
  • Where to find dog fecal transplant therapy
  • Finding holistic veterinary care

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About Angela Ardolino

Angela Ardolino Schnauzer Odie Your Natural Dog Podcast

Angela Ardolino is a holistic pet expert and educator who has been caring for animals for over 20 years. Angela owns and operates Fire Flake Farm, a rescue animal sanctuary farm, and two locations of her natural pet salon and shop Beautify the Beast. She’s also the founder and formulator of CBD Dog Health, which offers high quality, all-natural cannabis health and wellness products for pets; and MycoDog, which creates and produces high-quality medicinal mushroom and adaptogen tinctures specifically for pets.

Accordingly, she has used CBD Dog Health’s Full Spectrum Hemp Extract for Pets, and now MycoDog mushroom extracts, on all her pets at her rescue farm every day since 2016. Angela has Odie, a 16-year-old mini-schnauzer, as well as Jolene, Maza, and Rhemi. In addition, she has 4-10 more any time she is fostering or boarding. She is a member of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians and the Veterinary Cannabis Association. In fact, Angela has educated hundreds of medical doctors and veterinarians on the therapeutic uses of medical cannabis on animals.

About Dr. Margo Roman

Microbiome Restorative Therapy Dr Margo Roman Dog Fecal Transplants Margo Roman, DVM, CVA, COT, CPT, FAAO Graduated Tuskegee University Veterinary School 1978, Undergraduate University of Florida, Internship at Angell Memorial Animal Hospital. Faculty Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine 1979-87. Owner of the Integrative veterinary practice M.A.S.H.- Main Street Animal Services of Hopkinton in Massachusetts, a cutting-edge center since 1983, providing Medical Ozone Therapy over the past 20 years and Micro Biome Restorative Therapy (“MBRT”) for 11 years, which has enhanced her 45 years of practicing conventional and alternative modalities, (acupuncture, homeopathy, herbs, nutrition, hyperbaric oxygen, UVBI) giving her more tools to enhance health and wellbeing of patients.  She opened the first fecal bank for dogs and cats in 2012, She has been a national and international speaker on many topics of integrative medicine Producer of Dr. DoMore, a documentary preview and Dr. ShowMore calendar, Married for 44 years with three grown children with two married with 3 grandchildren  and  4 grand-dogs. Seven standard poodles 4th-5th an 6th and 7th generation and two Siamese cat who are donors for over 30,000 animals