CBD Success Stories: How CBD Changed Their Life

How CBD Changed Their Life

From decades of experience with animals on my rescue farm and grooming and boarding shops, I know first hand how CBD can change lives. I’ve helped hundreds of animals with CBD and other holistic remedies right here at my rescue farm. Not convinced? Here are some of my favorite CBD success stories!

CBD Success Story: Odie

Odie with SOOTHE Salve

My eleven-year-old schnauzer, Odie, is an old man at heart. He always has been. But when he started wobbling and having trouble walking upstairs, I knew the problem was deeper than his grumpy-old-man demeanor.

Odie was suffering from joint pain. Joint pain and stiffness are fairly common in older dogs– specifically pain in the hips, knees, elbows, and tail area. But, the way we think about what causes joint damage and pain has changed.

Veterinarians used to think joint pain was a direct result of wear and tear from years of running and playing. However, recent studies show that joint pain is actually caused by constant inflammation. Inflammation causes more than joint pain: it can also cause gut issues, like IBS, and can exacerbate existing medical conditions. Addressing the root of the problem, inflammation, using holistic methods can help alleviate joint pain.

Odie was given 1 mL of EASE 550 mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract daily in the morning. He was also given 1 mL of CALM 550 mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract before a thunderstorm, fireworks, or other loud noise events. Immediately, Odie’s anxiety disappeared. Within one week, Odie was able to walk normally and go up and downstairs again. His inflammation has decreased, leading to better overall health. Odie still takes EASE orally every day for joint pain, inflammation, and allergies, as well as SOOTHE salve for topical allergy relief. 

CBD Success Story: Daisy

Daisy the Dog with arthritis seizures and yeast When Daisy joined us on the Fire Flake Farm, she couldn’t was, was having up to 3 mal seizures a day, and had no hair left on her feet. Along with Daisy, came many prescription drugs. 

First things first, we safely weaned her off (with the guidance of a veterinarian) of Phenobarbital and other medications. Next, we put her on a natural CBD regimen and switched her to a fresh and species appropriate, raw diet.

Daisy was given 1 mL of HEAL 1100 mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract twice daily (in the morning and the evening) and REMEDY Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Salve was applied to her feet every morning.

Within two weeks, Daisy’s feet were no longer red or inflamed and her sores were gone. She also experienced a reduction in the number and duration of her seizures within the first week. Within a month, Daisy was seizure-free and no longer taking any of the prescription medications she had previously been prescribed.

CBD Success Story: Lua

Billy’s dog, Lua, was one of the first senior dogs I helped support with CBD … So I asked Billy to share with us how Lua’s CBD journey started with HEAL Tincture, how they tailored her dose and how she’s doing now.

“We were working with our local vet because Lua had a minor biceps injury. She recommended that we make some changes at home and consider CBD to help. So I reached out to Angela and we started with a higher dosage of the HEAL tincture and it worked.

It was funny at first because she was just in bed staring at the wall … but then she was running and galloping and feeling great. She wasn’t worried about the pain and recovering. Once we knew she was feeling well, with your guidance we were able to find the right maintenance dose. I don’t use supplements but I do use foods for healing … and I like that CBD is a food medicine we’ve been able to add.”

I believe that we should all follow the saying, “Let food be thy medicine”. This is especially true as we work with our aging pets that have more deficiencies. Lua now happily eats a tailored senior diet along with her tailored senior CBD dosing. This provides her with the support she needs to live a happy senior life.

CBD Success Story: Olivia

Olivia Wounds Collage

Olivia is 13-years-old and was rescued from Miami-Dade Animal Services about five years ago. When Jennifer rescued Olivia, she noticed some small warts. Jennifer tried to treat them with remedies she found on Amazon but didn’t see any results.

Over the course of five years, warts continued to grow. Olivia also developed a heart murmur and had elevated liver enzymes – both of which gave Jennifer pause when considering putting her under anesthesia to have what doctors felt were cosmetic growths removed. Jennifer tried topical remedies, but warts continued to grow out of control.

Olivia was taken to a vet and tried cryotherapy and prescription medications, which were effective, but both were not viable options to use for a long period of time. Jennifer was concerned that continuing the path of traditional medicine would cause more harm than good to her sweet pup. At the suggestion of a friend, Jennifer decided to try CBD Dog Health’s REMEDY salve. She was amazed to see the growths begin to shrink within three days of using CBD. Olivia’s tumors were cleaned daily with hydrogen peroxide and water and REMEDY Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Salve was applied topically to each growth twice per day. Olivia also received 1 mL of HEAL Full Spectrum Hemp Extract orally once-per-day in the morning.

“It’s no exaggeration… There was visually a difference within three days,” says Jennifer. “They turn black and just fall off. If I hadn’t seen it myself, I wouldn’t have believed it. I tried for five years to heal these and had no luck until now.” Olivia continues to take HEAL orally and REMEDY topically daily and her owner reports that the largest tumor has continued to shrink.

CBD Success Story: Miss Daisie

Screen Shot 2020 04 08 at 2.43.59 PM

Meet our other daisy, Miss Daisie. This lovely 14-year-old came to my rescue farm with very poor health! With a massive mast cell tumor on her back and just above her tail, she could barely use her hind legs. 

She was given 1 ml of EASE Full Spectrum Hemp Extract (CBD) in the morning and 1 1/3 ml of HEAL Full Spectrum Hemp Extract (CBD) in the night. We also applied REMEDY Full Spectrum CBD Salve directly to the tumor on her back twice a day.

Next, Daisy’s tumor shrank significantly! Her tumor decreased by one third just within the first month. Also during that month, the growth popped, oozed and completely detached from the spinal area. Yes, it was gross! But you do what you got to do to make sure our fur babies are happy. 

Then, four months later – NO MORE TUMOR! Daisy started swimming again, barking, jumping, and loving life.

CBD Success Story: Bruce

Bruce Wayne the Pug with his wheels - CBD for Pug Myelopathy Blog Image Bruce is a 9-year-old pug with IVDD (constrictive myelopathy specifically). Bruce’s spinal cord issues have caused him many issues, most notably hind limb ataxia and neurogenic bladder, which means Bruce can no longer urinate on his own, so Krysta, the owner, has to catheterize him every day.

Bruce has the heart of a lion, nothing stops him. But in late 2019, Bruce developed another issue. To this day the exact cause of the issue is unknown. Bruce will have episodes of massive muscle activity in his hind limbs, where he is essentially running with his back legs, but completely unaware mentally of what is happening to his rear end. These muscle activity episodes would last anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours long, and would physically exhaust and confuse Bruce since he didn’t understand why he suddenly warm from exercising. His temperature would increase substantially, even running a fever during these episodes, which was another negative effect.

Lactic acid buildup was also a concern from this vigorous uncontrolled activity. Krysta tried every traditional and natural solution: muscle relaxers, sedatives, nervous system suppressants, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, laser, alpha-stim, and even CBD—you name it she tried it. Yet the spasms were continuing.

Krysta reached out to colleagues in a natural pet health forum, and when I saw the post, I had to reach out.  Even though Krysta had already tried another brand of CBD, I was sure that HEAL Full Spectrum Hemp Extract (CBD) Oil would help Bruce. I could tell Krysta was both doubtful and hopeful, but she gave it a shot.

Within two doses of HEAL, Bruce’s spasms ended, for good. Bruce has been on HEAL ever since, and not only does it help keep his spasms at bay, but he also sleeps better and his mobility has improved! 

CBD Success Story: Nina

Nina osteosarcoma journey cbd success story April 2020 is when Nina first started to limp, and by May she had developed a noticeable tumor on her wrist. In July 2020 we were given the diagnosis of Osteosarcoma, and were told she’d be gone by the end of the year.

It’s now 2022 and she’s still with us, and thriving thanks to her holistic protocol! 

Homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, medicinal mushrooms, and medicinal cannabis help my dog without harmful side effects, stressful procedures, trips to the vet—and all at a much lower cost. Nina is thriving on a strict treatment regimen including Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, Full Cannabis extract with high THC, mushrooms, and diet.

She’s already breaking records, and I’ve made sure to share her journey with pet parents everywhere.

To learn more about Nina’s incredible healing journey, check out my original post on Nina’s osteosarcoma diagnosis, her one year update, and her most recent update in May 2022. 

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