Keeping Your Pets Safe and Calm this Halloween

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We all want to make sure our pets are safe and calm this Halloween. Rather than letting your dogs suffer through the holiday, here are some Halloween pet safety tips, for keeping your pet safe and calm this Halloween.  

If you’re anything like me, unexpected visitors at the door causes extra stress for your pets. On holidays like Halloween, when Trick or Treaters might come knocking every few minutes, not to mention the costumes, masks, lights and spooky decorations, Halloween pet anxiety can push your pets over the edge.

In addition to causing anxiety, holidays like Halloween, which come with a lot of extra noise and new people, can also increase the incidence of runaways and fear-based responses in dogs, such as aggression. Not only that, but there’s also the possibility that sweets, chocolates, or even costumes or decor, might wind up being a safety hazard for your pets.

With these Halloween Pet Safety tips, we can keep our pets calm, comfortable and safe this Halloween!

Halloween Pet Safety Tip: A Safe Environment

Keep your pet indoors for the evening, arrange a safe place for your pet, with their bed or crate, and their favorite toy or comfort item. Keep your anxious pet in a different room with a door or a gate, especially while children are trick-or-treating and banging on your door. Putting your pet in a separate room with a more peaceful environment can protect them from getting hurt, lost or even injuring themselves or others because of anxiety and fear.

Playing soothing music at a low volume can also help encourage a relaxing atmosphere. At my rescue farms, I play classical music, which has proven to be quite effective. Also a puzzle toy or puzzle feeder can help keep their minds engaged for a while. Be sure to check on your pet and of course give lots of cuddles, as needed!

Halloween Pet Safety Tip: Keep The Leash

If you have opted not to give your dogs and cats their own space, away from the active front door, remember to be cautious and keep track of your pets while opening the door. A pet running away is one of the most common anxieties over the holidays, and when the door is constantly opening, it’s all too easy for a curious pet to slip away unnoticed. Keeping them harnessed, with a leash ready for opening the door, may be helpful for halloween pet safety.

Even if you usually don’t leash your dog on walks, even if they are extremely well trained, make sure you leash your dog when you go outdoors during holidays. Spooky neighborhood decor, scary costumes, or sudden loud noises such as children shouting or fireworks, might cause your dog to panic and bolt. Additionally, the streets are often sprinkled with candy wrappers and treats your pet should not indulge in. A leash helps you maintain control over what your pet may try to ingest while out and about. So keep your pets safe, and on a leash this holiday.

Halloween Pet Safety Tip: Pet Costumes

Halloween Pet Safety Tips Pet Costume Safe Bennie Witch Ok, so we’ve pretty much all been guilty of dressing our pets up for Halloween, right? Seeing your dog or cat dressed up as a hot dog or a little furry superhero can be incredibly adorable. However, be sure you’re keeping your pets safety in mind this Halloween as well! Be conscious of the materials in your pet’s costumes, be sure to avoid costumes containing lead or zinc beading. Ingesting lead or zinc can be toxic if your pet starts to chew that costume off.

Another thing to keep in mind is the comfort and safety of the costume as your pet moves around. If your pet tries to slip out of a costume, make sure it isn’t too tight or difficult to remove (as counter-intuitive as this may seem). Tight straps or ribbons might cause your pet to become tangled, which can cause them to panic and struggle, or even accidentally block their airway. Also make sure there aren’t pieces of the pet costume your dog can chew off or choke on.

Halloween Pet Safety Tip: Halloween decor  

Another potential hazard can be halloween decorations, both our own indoors or around the neighborhood. Inside, an anxious dog or cat may get spooked and accidentally knock over halloween decor like lit candles or jack-o-lanterns, putting your family and home at risk of fire. The warm, flickering light of candles and glowing pumpkins might set the eerie mood, but they pose fire hazards and can be attractive to curious pets. Always keep lit candles and jack-o-lanterns out of your pet’s reach and consider using flameless LED alternatives. 

Remote controls for spooky sound systems or Halloween decorations often contain button batteries. These small, shiny batteries are enticing to pets but can cause serious health issues if swallowed. Additionally, animated decorations and strings of lights often come with cords that pets can chew on. This can lead to electric shock or other injuries. 

Glow sticks from costumes or decor can also be dangerous, the bright, fluorescent glow of can captivate both kids and pets. However, the chemicals inside can be toxic if ingested. Other halloween decor like synthetic cobwebs, and small trinkets like plastic spiders and eyeballs, can also be a choking hazard or lead to digestive problems. 

Halloween Pet Safety Tip: Candy & Treats

There will most certainly be a lot of chocolate in the house if you have a bowl of candy for trick-or-treaters or if your kids bring candy home at the end of the evening. In addition to the obvious dangers of chocolate for your pet, also keep other sweets away from your dogs and pets as well. Sugar substitutes which are commonly found in candy, like Xylitol, are toxic to dogs and can induce seizures and even lead to death.

Candy wrappers, hard candies and lollipops can also become choking hazards, or lead to digestive issues or blockages. Raisins are another toxic treat for pets, which may sneak into your halloween candy in the form of chocolate covered raisins.

If you want to treat your pet with some halloween treats without the tricks, a great option is our nutritious and delicious CBD dog treats!

Halloween Pet Safety Tip: CBD for Pets

CBD for halloween pet anxiety halloween pet safety tips CBD oil CBD dog treats halloween trick or treat bundle Keeping your pet safe, calm and comfortable this halloween is important, and CBD for halloween pet anxiety is a great option for pets who need a little extra help staying calm.

CBD Dog Health’s CALM: CBD Oil for dogs and cats is great for managing anxiety, hyperactivity, restlessness, and the overall stress that comes with the holidays like Halloween. If your pet enjoys CBD dog treats, Blanche’s Edibles are low-calorie, hypoallergenic, grain and gluten-free, vegan CBD dog treats for anxiety.

Halloween can be spooky for our pets, but it doesn’t have to be! Treat your furry friends to the calming benefits of CBD for pets this halloween, with our Trick or Treat Bundle. With our Calm CBD oil for keeping your pets calm around all of Halloween’s tricks, and Blanche’s Edibles for a nutritious and delicious CBD-infused halloween treat! The best CBD for halloween pet anxiety, bundled together for better savings.

CBD for Halloween Pet Anxiety

CBD oil for pets can be especially beneficial for managing pet anxiety and stress

My dog, Odie, has always been very anxious. When people come to the door, he is the first to sound the alarm, barking until he can’t breathe. I started using CBD Dog Health’s CALM tincture anytime I knew he could be triggered or stressed, and the difference is night and day. CBD Dog Health’s CALM is also formulated with lavender essential oil, which works together with the calming effects of the CBD. Lavender oil is not only calming to people but is calming to pets too. You can use it in an oil diffuser to help calm pets and the family this halloween as well.

CBD for Halloween Overexcitement & Hyperactivity 

CBD can also help with overexcited dogs, if they need help managing the excitement of having so many guests. Full Spectrum Hemp Extract CBD helps regulate many neurotransmitters, but in the case of hyperactivity, its ability to upregulate endogenous messenger molecules such as anandamide. Anandamide plays an important role in mood, especially motivation and pleasure/reward activity in the brain. This means that CBD for hyperactive dogs can help your dog better balance and manage their mood and energy, resulting in a more balanced state of mind.

CBD has also been proven to help regulate the metabolism and glucose production, which will also help manage sudden energy boosts due to blood sugar spikes.

CBD for Halloween Restless Pets

Restless pets can suffer from sleepless nights too, and a sleepless night can be as frustrating for pets as it is for humans. CBD has been shown to manage symptoms like anxiety and stress effectively and will also help with any underlying pain, like arthritis, that could be keeping your dog awake.

A case study on “Cannabidiol in Anxiety and Sleep” stated that “At the first monthly assessment after the start of CBD, 79.2% (57/72) and 66.7% (48/72) of all patients experienced an improvement in anxiety and sleep, respectively.”

Keeping Your Pet Safe this Halloween

As Halloween approaches, it’s essential to indulge in pet-safe practices to ensure your furry friends enjoy the spooky season without any stress or harm. Depending on your pet, you may need all these tips in order to stay calm and comfortable, they might need to be in a calm, safe space, with toys, cuddles, aromatherapy, music and calming CBD for pets, or perhaps they’ll be just fine with just a few basic halloween pet safety tips.

You know your pet best, and these are just some halloween pet safety tips to help you and them stay safe and comfortable through the holiday. A happy and safe howl-o-ween for all!