5 Ways to Help Your Dog Cope With Their Joint Pains

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There’s little more we wish for our dogs than for them to be fit, healthy, and happy. That’s why it’s particularly heart-wrenching to see when our pooches experience joint pain. While it seems like there’s little we can do to help, in fact, there’s quite a bit you can do to alleviate the pain!

Below, we list 5 ways that you can help your dog cope with their joint pain. From a healthy diet and exercise to more unique solutions, your dog will thank you for putting these solutions in place.

1. Exercise

Making sure your dog is getting regular exercise is a key way to keep them healthy. But if your dog has joint pains, you need to make sure you’re supporting them with the right kind of exercise.

Low impact and high resistance exercises are your best bet for exercises that won’t add further stress to your dog’s joints.WikiHow explains that swimming, walking, and using an underwater treadmill are all fantastic in this regard. Exercise should strengthen, not add further pain to their joints, so modifying their exercise plan is a must.

2. Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is a seemingly standard tip, but what may surprise you is what exactly counts as a “healthy” diet. Every dog owner seems to have their own take on what a healthy dog diet is, and it doesn’t make things easier that every dog is unique, there isn’t just one healthy diet to suit all dogs.

That’s why narrowing down a diet that supports your particular dog’s health is essential – and looking through a large selection of high-quality dog food options can help you find the perfect food for your dog. There are additional considerations to keep in mind for dogs suffering from joint pain. As Dogs First notes, “All dogs, but particularly in dogs suffering from arthritis, need to be fed a fresh diet containing meat, vital cartilage and fresh bone.” There are some packet food mixes that attend to joint problems, but many of the ingredients that will help out joints are only found in supplements, which bring us to our next point…

3. Joint Supplements

Joint supplements are one of the best ways to give your dog some relief from achy joints.

There are many companies to choose from that supply high-quality joint supplements, but as the range is large you’ll need to make sure to buy the right one for your pet. Not only are there many different companies to choose from, but there are also different ingredient mixtures and price points.

If that all sounds overwhelming, simply look to this comprehensive guide to joint supplements for dogs. Each featured product has been hand-picked based on a number of considerations including ingredients, certification, customer reviews, and cost. Take a read, and find the one that suits you and your dog’s needs. If you’re unsure about which one is best to pick, simply consult your vet.

4. CBD Oil

As we mentioned in our intro, this is one of the more unique solutions to your dog’s joint pain. You may have heard about the benefits of using CBD oil for humans, but did you know it can also work wonders for your dog’s joint pain?

CBD oil can relieve pain and inflammation in your dog’s joints, as well as help out with a host of other ailments. There are now quite a few CBD oils for dog products on the market, but we believe the CBD Dog Health oils are the best ones out there. The CBD Dog Health oils are extracted and organically grown in the U.S. from hemp plants stalks. For joint pain, try giving the full spectrum hemp CBD oil to your dog to give them very much needed relief. If you’ve never thought about using CBD oil for your dog’s joint pains, you should try it – it may be the solution you’ve been looking for!

5. Regular Check-Ups

Many of us only take our dogs to the vet as a last resort, however, it’s often a good idea to take them regularly so any subtle changes can be noted and attended to. While it may set your wallet back, it can actually be more cost-effective in the long run to do. After all, joint problems can add up, and a substantial issue that has been ignored for a while may require costly intervention in the end.

Book your dog in for regular check-ups to always be on top of their joint pains. You’ll be thankful to know precisely what the situation is and to also ease the suffering of their pain where possible with expert advice.


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