IN THE PRESS: Planet Paws Recommends CBD Dog Health

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If you’re like me and thousands of other pet parents around the world, you’ve already read The Forever Dog by Rodney Habib and Dr. Karen Shaw Becker, the New York Times #1 Best Seller. If you haven’t yet, I recommend it to all proactive pet parents! It’s a great resource and is currently helping to educate pet parents all around the world on how to enable their dogs to live their best lives. The Forever Dog devotes an entire chapter to natural supplements for dogs, as pet parents are understandably feeling out of their depth when faced with the endless options available for pets nowadays. Choosing the right supplements for your pet can be overwhelming, and Karen and Rodney continue to share their knowledge and experience with the pet community. 

CBD Dog Health on The Inside Scoop

CBD Dog Health Recommended CBD Products by Forever Dog Authors - Natural Duo Bundle with Ingredients

On Sunday, January 23rd, Karen and Rodney went Live on the Planet Paws Facebook Page, for a special episode of their ‘Inside Scoop’ series, on supplements for supporting senior pets. They shared their recommended pet supplements for brain health, managing pain and inflammation, and supporting your pet’s health and longevity. 

Among these pet health experts’ top recommendations for pain and inflammation, was CBD oil. Karen and Rodney gave a special shout out to CBD Dog Health, as a trusted CBD brand, and specifically recommended CBD Dog Health’s HEAL: 1100mg Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil for Dogs as well as our REMEDY: Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Salve for Dogs. Catch their mention of CBD for pets, and CBD Dog Health’s products, starting at 42:34 minutes in the video. 

Watch the full video below, or visit the Planet Paws Facebook Page

CBD For Pets: What The Experts Had To Say

So what did these pet health experts have to say about using CBD for pets? Well, Rodney Habib and I previously recorded a special episode of his Rodney Report, where we discussed CBD for pets. In the video, we break down the benefits of a Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil, the research that’s been done, the safety of CBD, dosing CBD for your pets, and more. Rodney mentioned the video during their recent episode on supplements for senior pets, and it’s still available on the Planet Paws Facebook page. 

In The Forever Dog, Rodney and Dr. Becker included a quick introduction on CBD for pets in their chapter on supplements for your dog’s wellness. The book lists some of the known benefits of CBD for pets, including anti-inflammatory properties, pain management, calming the nervous system, as well as aiding with anxiety and even cancer. 

However, Rodney and Dr. Becker also caution pet parents that CBD products, in addition to being subject to quality control and potency issues, are not a cure-all. Something they also mentioned in their Live, 

“The biggest issue with CBD, inside scoopers, is because there’s so many companies and there’s a wide variety of dosages. There’s a wide variety of extraction. There’s a wide variety of different products with different components being extracted, the quality extraction techniques, all of these things play into how effective or not effective your CBD product is.” – Dr. Karen Becker

So, what brand did these pet health experts recommend? CBD Dog Health

That’s because at CBD Dog Health, our products are made with Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, using CO2 extraction from hemp grown organically in the U.S., and are rigorously tested by third party labs to ensure consistency and purity from contaminants.

If you’ve never tried CBD, or perhaps you’ve previously tried CBD for your pet, but didn’t see the results you were looking for, Dr. Karen Becker had this advice to share:

“If you have not used CBD to help manage discomfort, pain for dogs and cats, it’s definitely worth trying. I will say that if you have tried it and you and you said to yourself, I didn’t see a darn thing. Definitely switch brands and definitely switch doses, and that is an important thing.” – Dr. Karen Becker

After this, I know many pet parents may likely be wondering, ‘Is CBD right for my pet?’ Which is why I created this CBD guide for pet parents, to help you decide if CBD is the right supplement for your pet, as well as sharing my tips in choosing the safest and highest quality CBD for pets.