Can CBD Help a Collapsed Trachea in Dogs?

Can CBD Help Collapsed Trachea?

It seems that nearly every pet parent encounters the scary moment of tracheal collapse at least once in their dog’s life. Whether it is a common occurrence in your dog, or it has happened only once or twice, you can take steps to prevent tracheal collapse and promote better health for your pet.

What causes a collapsed trachea in dogs?

The trachea, or “windpipe”, is the tube that connects the throat to the lungs. The trachea has small rings made of cartilage that help maintain the it’s open shape. Thus, making it possible for air to travel from the mouth to lungs and back. However, these cartilage rings are only about 83 percent of the circumference of the trachea – the rest is made up of soft tissue. A collapsed trachea, often noticed by a honking or persistent cough and trouble breathing, happens when the rings of the trachea become compressed. Or, when the soft tissue slacks and sags.

When the trachea collapses, it becomes very difficult to breathe because the tube transporting the air is (quite literally) crushed. Tracheal collapse is often caused by wear and tear on the windpipe, which is why older dogs may be more prone to tracheal issues. The cause can also be genetic and seen more often in certain breeds. The disease is chronic, progressive, and irreversible, but is manageable.

To prevent collapsed trachea, you should always use a harness rather than a leash. Regardless of your dog’s size or breed, a harness will take pressure away from the dog’s neck – especially when the dog may run forward faster than you can keep up. You should also manage your pet’s weight. Obesity can worsen collapsed trachea. A raw or freeze-dried diet is the best diet for balanced gut health and weight. It’s also important to keep the dog’s environment free of irritants like smoke, excessive hair, and dust.

What are the symptoms of tracheal collapse?

There are several symptoms of collapsed trachea to watch for. Make sure to discuss these symptoms with your holistic veterinarian. These may also be symptoms of a heart condition or kennel cough. Your veterinarian may order a radiograph, echocardiogram, or fluoroscopy to determine if tracheal collapse is the final diagnosis.

  • Honking cough
  • Loud, abnormal, wheezy, or labored breathing
  • Rapid breathing
  • Retching
  • Blue or purple gums
  • Difficulty exercising without breathing issues
  • Fainting
  • Breathing changes when being picked up

You may also notice the symptoms worsen when:

  • Your dog is excited
  • Your dog recently ate or drank
  • When overheated or in high humidity
  • When around smoke
  • At night
  • When there is pressure on the neck or throat area

Is a collapsed trachea painful? 

A collapsed trachea may be very painful and may last for several minutes. If the trachea is collapsed for an extended period of time, oxygen levels may drop dangerously low and in extreme cases this can be fatal.

What breeds usually get a collapsed trachea?

While all dogs are at risk as they age, small dogs and certain breeds are more naturally prone to tracheal collapse. These breeds include Yorkshire terriers, Pomeranians, Poodles, and Chihuahuas. 




While collapsed trachea currently has no cure, you can support collapsed trachea relief and alleviate anxiety and some of the symptoms caused by inflammation. CBD is an all natural treatment for collapsed trachea in dogs! How?

Reducing Pain

Full spectrum hemp extract (CBD) is great for reducing pain. One of the ways it does this is actually by changing the way the recipients’ central nervous system communicates the sensation of pain to their brains. CBD products can be utilized long-term to reduce pain effectively by weakening pain signals.

A study published in 2006 in Current Neuropharmacology states that CBD has therapeutic benefits for both people and pets suffering from chronic pain and acute chronic pain episodes.

Reducing Inflammation

Managing inflammation by the trachea will have a profound impact. Compounds found in cannabis that reduce inflammation are abundant and diverse. The most abundant phytocannabinoids in cannabis, THC and CBD, both have strong anti-inflammatory properties.

Cannabinoids act as anti-inflammatory agents by inducing apoptosis, inhibiting of cell proliferation, suppressing cytokine production, and inducing T regulatory cells. Apoptotic mechanisms induced by cannabinoids in immune cells include activation of CD95 to induce Bcl-2 and caspase cascades in immune cells. Cannabinoids have also been demonstrated to promote the production of anti-inflammatory interleukins such as IL-10 while inhibiting the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines such as TNF-α in a CB1-dependent fashion – which means that full spectrum hemp extract (CBD) not only reduces inflammation but prevents future inflammatory episodes.

Reducing Anxiety

Stress, anxiety, and fear can trigger and exacerbate that honking cough associated with a collapsed trachea. CBD is a wonderful, natural way to prevent fear and anxiety. This will not only help the symptoms of the collapsed trachea but provide your dog with an overall better quality of life.

2013 article published in Neuropharmacology also found that: “In addition to modulating basal anxiety states, recent studies suggest an important role for the endocannabinoid (eCB) and glucocorticoid systems in the modulation of emotional states and extinction of aversive memories in animals.” This means that CBD can help in facilitating extinction of aversive memories which treats PTSD and anxiety or panic disorders in people and animals – perfect for preventing anxiety surrounding tracheal collapse episodes.

Full spectrum hemp extract (CBD) dosage for collapsed trachea 

Based on my experience: Start with 9-18 mg (1-2 mL) of EASE full spectrum hemp extract CBD situationally or daily. If your dog is still in pain after 10-15 minutes, administer another 9-18 mg.

Before choosing to wean your pet off of medication for tracheal collapse, discuss safe weaning with your holistic veterinarian.

Success Stories

My favorite part of my work days are hearing from pet parents with incredible success stories. Here are just a few of my favorites related to collapsed trachea in dogs!

“I’m giving this CBD 5 stars because it’s the only thing proven to work for my 6.5 yr old Pomeranian. My baby Loki has a trachea collapse and has for the past 1.5 years. He’s FULL Of energy, just during the change of seasons his trachea (cough) acts up. This CBD has done wonders since I started. He barely coughs at all!! I’m so excited to continue using this product as it’s helped my baby get back in his groove. Thank you!”- Madison B.


“I purchased Ease for my 14 year old pug who is suffering from a collapsed trachea and joint pain. This product has made a huge difference in her ability to deal with both of these issues. It calms her cough and allows her to move better. She even likes the flavor! Dosing with the eye dropper is very easy and convenient. Thank you!”- Janet H.

“Excellent product! We use the CBD EASE for Dogs on our 13yo Toy Poodle who suffers from a collapsing trachea. He seems to be more relaxed and doesn’t go into coughing/hacking fits as much as he used to. I definitely recommend this product! Thank you!”- Vernie D.

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