Sebaceous Adenomas in Dogs

Sebaceous Adenomas in dogs cbd for adenomas hemp for adenomas power duo heal and remedy cbd dog health

As your dog begins to age, you will probably notice some lumps and bumps appear. There are many kinds of lumps that can appear, from benign (harmless) to malignant (harmful). Most types of bumps have a name ending in “oma”, like lipomas, adenomas, or histiocytomas. Depending on the type of lump, the prognosis and next steps will vary.

What is a Sebaceous Adenoma and What Causes Adenomas in Dogs?

A sebaceous adenoma is one of the most common bumps that might appear on your dog’s skin. The sebaceous gland is the gland in the skin that secretes sebum, the oily substance that lubricates the skin. Adenoma simply means a tumor that is not cancerous. Thus, a sebaceous adenoma is a non-cancerous cell filled with sebum. It’s kind of like a harder, permanent pimple on your dog’s skin. They are formed when the sebaceous gland overproduces oil and swells up and creates a tumor-like growth filled with sebum material. Unfortunately, preventing them seems to be largely unknown or misunderstood. 

Sebaceous adenomas can vary in appearance, but are generally flesh-colored, hairless, with some ridges, looking like a wart or cauliflower. They are commonly found on the head, neck, eyelids, and extremities. They generally do not grow in size, staying between ¼” and ½” in size. They are non-viral, which means they are unaffected by your dog’s immune system. If your dog’s sebaceous adenoma starts to change in color, size, or becomes ulcerated (opens and becomes bloody or raw), see your veterinarian. Sometimes sebaceous adenomas can turn into a more harmful growth called a sebaceous adenocarcinoma. 

Diagnosing Sebaceous Adenomas

You will need to visit your veterinarian to check on any lump your dog may have to determine exactly what the lump is. Your veterinarian will evaluate your dog’s medical history, do an exam, measure the lump, and possibly take a sample of the lump via something called a fine needle aspirate or biopsy. A fine needle aspiration will take a small sample of the mass via a tiny needle (painless, no sedation required), so that your vet can confirm via microscopy exactly what cells are contained within the mass. If your vet suspects something more harmful, they may collect more material (biopsy) and send the sample off to a lab for further evaluation. 

Conventional Treatment Options for Sebaceous Adenomas in Dogs

Depending on the breed of dog, the necessity for removing these growths can vary. Since sebaceous adenomas are harmless and don’t grow, they generally don’t need to be removed surgically. Additionally, if you remove them, they can come back because they are due to that gland malfunctioning, which means it’s likely to again. 

Sebaceous adenomas are common in all dogs, especially as they age. Some breeds especially prone to sebaceous adenomas include: 

  • Cocker spaniels
  • Huskies
  • Malamutes
  • Samoyeds
  • Certain terriers
  • Poodles
  • Shih-tzus
  • Basset hounds
  • Beagles

Iff your dog has a growth that is itching, causing them to chew or scratch at it and thus ulcerate/open up or scab, then you may have to arrange its removal. Or, if your dog is a breed that requires professional grooming/clipping, and the growth is in an area that would be prone to be cut or shaved, you may have to arrange surgery to remove the growth.  Sometimes these growths are on the eyelids or mouth, which may warrant surgical removal. Otherwise, you can just leave the growth alone, and simply monitor its size, shape, and color on a regular basis. 

Full Spectrum Hemp CBD for Sebaceous Adenomas

A non-invasive, natural option that many veterinarians are not yet aware of is the use of a full-spectrum hemp extract salve infused with tumor-killing essential oils like peppermint and eucalyptus.

remedy CBD salve for dogs with eucalyptus oil for dogs with tumors adenomas cysts growths Fortunately, Angela Ardolino came to the rescue and created Remedy CBD Salve, a super effective salve made just for that purpose. Remedy contains several ingredients to help the immune system identify and eliminate abnormal cells within the body. Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, the main ingredient in Remedy, has proven anti-neoplastic (neoplasia is the scientific term for abnormal growth) properties. FSHE and its constituents can modulate multiple cancer related pathways.

Cannabinoids have the ability to block cell growth, progression of cell cycle and induce apoptosis selectively in tumour cells (see full study here). Combining FSHE with the anti-tumor/anti-cancer properties of peppermint and eucalyptus creates the ultimate tumor fighting salve. Since the skin has double the CBD receptors, using FSHE topically is an extremely effective way to combat neoplastic growths. In conjunction with an orally administered FSHE like Heal (our Power Duo combines both products in a convenient bundle), you will have a powerful combination of FSHE working both internally and externally to eliminate abnormal and/or cancerous cells throughout the body.

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adenoma cbd for sebaceous adenoma on dogs cbd oil cbd salve hemp for dogs adenoma growth I have personally used this salve (along with Heal FSHE CBD Oil – part of the power duo for tumors and cysts) on my own pug Bruce, for a pesky sebaceous adenoma that constantly would scab over and bleed. Within 2 weeks the bump was almost invisible, and by 4 weeks it had completely disappeared without a trace. The plethora of before and after photos people have using this product on their pets is just amazing to see. 

As a veterinary technician, I have introduced this FSHE CBD Power Duo to some of the vets I work with to offer to clients and patients. They are so happy to be able to give their clients the option to avoid surgery by using this product. It’s especially amazing for older dogs with higher surgical risks, but that really need their lumps and bumps eliminated for one reason or another. 

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Final Thoughts

Sebaceous adenomas are a pretty harmless growth, and can’t really be prevented (that we know of). But depending on the dog and location, they may need to be removed. While surgery is an option, it’s usually a never ending battle, since the growths tend to reoccur. Using the Power Duo combo of Remedy FSHE CBD salve and Heal FSHE CBD oil can yield phenomenal results without the risk of surgery.