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We are looking for creators to be part our wag-worthy wellness program! If you have a dog are interested in being a pack member, please fill out the form below.

Hi, we’re CBD Dog Health and we’re looking for dog parents and creators to collaborate with us in our Wag-Worthy Wellness partnership.

For this partnership, we’d like to offer you 2 premium products in exchange for your content.

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Our Story

Our founder, Angela Ardolino, knew the profound benefits of using CBD enriched hemp oil to treat her medical issues. But when she looked for safe, non-GMO, full-spectrum CBD formulated specifically for her dogs on her rescue farm, she realized something: There wasn’t any.

Even worse: what few products she could find on the market contained industrialized hemp oil from other countries and lacked regulation or strict standards.

So she decided to change that.

Unlike other brands on the market, CBD Dog Health products are created specifically with your pet in mind.

Our products contain Full Spectrum Hemp Extract (CBD), a wide range of cannabinoids, and terpenes — the compounds in the plant that create therapeutic results. In addition, we guarantee potency and purity through third-party lab testing.

Made with a homeopathic blend, including turmeric, our new oral tinctures are created with hemp seed oil for extended absorption and longer-lasting effects of our cannabinoid formulation. Relief is not just skin deep with our salves, which are made specifically to nourish, heal, and prevent irritation to your pet’s skin. Our growing line of CBD for dogs and cats has something to help everyone.

We are passionate about helping your pet live their very best life. Because every dog deserves their day.

CBD DOG is proud to share our growing line of holistic products for the well-rounded health of your dog, cat, horse, or any other pet. Because we care about your furry friends as much as you do.

To learn more, visit our website and follow us on Instagram!

Our Offer

By participating in this partnership, you will receive:

• 2 Premium products for your dog
• A 10% unique discount code to share with your audience

*We look forward to potentially including you in our affiliate program, contingent upon the performance of your content.

Our Products

Our carefully formulated CBD tinctures combined with synergistic adaptogens are designed to provide your dog with the natural remedies their bodies need to help manage anxiety, arthritis, seizures, allergies, Cushing’s and more!

Our topical salves for dogs provide localized relief for allergies, inflammation, hot spots, tumors, cysts and more!

MycoDog Mushrooms for dogs – by combining different types of medicinal mushrooms for our pets, we can harness the unique therapeutic properties each has to offer, while benefiting from the synergistic relationship between different species of mushrooms and other adaptogens.

Our Partnership

We want you to join our Wag-Worthy Wellness partnership to share our brand with your audience and and educate them on the numerous health benefits CBD can bring to their beloved dogs.


• 1 Instagram Feed Post
• 1 Instagram Reel

– Create content that is authentic to your feed and style
– Include your unique 10% discount code in your captions
– Speak of how CBD benefits your dog


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Partnership Process

Ready to join?

  1. Apply and once approved, select your products!
  2. Once you have received your products, start creating the first draft of your content.
  3. After submitting your content for approval and receiving the green light, publish your content following publication guidelines!
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