CBD for Pet Anxiety

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Just as humans can suffer from anxiety, so can our pets. Full Spectrum Hemp Extract CBD Oil can be a wonderful tool for helping manage anxiety in dogs and cats, along with some other helpful environmental shifts. When we fully understand how anxiety develops and can be triggered, we can better understand how to help our pets, and how CBD for pet anxiety can help.

What Causes Anxiety in Pets?

In dogs and cats, just like people, anxiety relates to fear and stress. These feelings can be triggered by certain situations or settings. Some common causes of anxiety in pets include:

  • Unfamiliar situations, places, animals or people
  • Separation Anxiety (being left alone, or separated from family)
  • Noise anxiety (thunder, fireworks)
  • Travel (car rides, airplanes)
  • Veterinary Visits, Grooming, Boarding

Signs of Anxiety in Pets

Exhibiting signs of anxiety can mean a wide range of things for different pets. For some dogs with anxiety, it manifests through obvious signs like excessive barking, whining, pacing, and trembling. For some cats with anxiety, you may notice hiding, hypervigilance, or excessive grooming. Here are some signs that your pet may be experiencing anxiety, stress or fear:

cbd for pet anxiety cbd dog car ride cbd anxious travel dogs cats

  • Panting
  • Trembling
  • Dilated pupils 
  • Drooling, salivation
  • Pacing, restlessness
  • Hiding
  • Destructive behavior
  • Decreased appetite
  • Bathroom accidents
  • Whining, barking and crying
  • Excessive grooming, licking and chewing of paws
  • Excessive lip licking or yawning
  • Tail tucked under the body
  • Puffed-up fur
  • Hypervigilance
  • Aggression

How to Help Pets with Anxiety

While at times the cause of your pet’s anxiety is clear, such as a visit to the groomer’s, or a car trip, sometimes it is difficult to precisely pinpoint the cause of your cat or dog’s anxiety. However, there are some things that can directly contribute to a pet’s general anxiety. 

Genetics are one of the things that are not controllable, for example working breeds like German Shepherds, Pointers, Border Collies and Malinois are going to be more prone to heightened stress, anxiety and hyperactivity. This will only worsen if they are not exercised physically AND mentally every single day. If left in a sedentary environment, they will begin to exhibit destructive and compulsive behaviors due to anxiety and stress. 

All dogs need daily exercise, not just working breeds. Mental and physical stimulation is absolutely critical for any dog’s health. Without daily activity, any dog, even a sedentary breed like a pug, will suffer from anxious behaviors. Each breed of dog may need different amounts of exercise, but they all benefit from daily exercise in some fashion. 

Some pets have separation anxiety, which means they get especially stressed when their owners leave. Practicing better techniques when leaving your pet alone can make a big difference in how much stress they experience when you leave the house. 

One variable many people forget about is their pet’s environment. Cats for example can become stressed or anxious even with small issues in their environment, such as their food and water bowls being too close to their litter box. Cats also like to have their own space, such as a high perch they can escape to. 

Working on your own mental health is just as important, since our pets feed off our stress. I can say without a doubt, my dogs feed off my stress and respond in a mirror-like fashion when I’m stressed out. Practicing yoga, meditation, exercising regularly (like taking your dog for a walk), and getting proper sleep are all easy ways to better manage stress. Don’t forget, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract does wonders for your stress levels too! 

Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil for Anxiety in Pets

calm cbd oil for dogs with anxiety stress fear aggression
CALM: CBD oil helps Linda, a very fearful rescue!

CBD works by interacting with your pet’s Endocannabinoid System, which is responsible for maintaining homeostasis in the body. Within the brain, CBD can mimic serotonin by binding and activating your body’s 5-HT1A serotonin receptors. Often called the ‘happy’ chemical, these serotonin receptors are responsible for emotional balance.

A 2013 article published in Neuropharmacology also found that: “In addition to modulating basal anxiety states, recent studies suggest an important role for the endocannabinoid (eCB) and glucocorticoid systems is the modulation of emotional states and extinction of aversive memories in animals.” This means that CBD can help in facilitating extinction of negative emotion surrounding triggers, and helps manage PTSD and anxiety or panic disorders in people and animals. 

Even more interesting: A 2019 study published in the Permanente Journal found that CBD also has a calming effect on the central nervous system and is better tolerated than other psychiatric medications.

Although many vets recommend giving your pet children’s Benadryl, it is important to remember that this drug is not intended for animals and may have side effects. For example, Benadryl can put a strain on a dog’s liver and kidneys if they are already experiencing issues in those areas. 

So when you find yourself wondering, How can I help my dog’s anxiety? Remember, Full Spectrum Hemp CBD is a safer, natural alternative to help your cat or dog’s anxiety, stress and fear.

CBD Dosage for Anxiety in Pets

Dosing dosage Calm cbd for dogs with anxiety stress fear dosing cbd oil for dogs with anxiety extra strength calming cbd for dogs For cats and dogs with anxiety, we recommend our CALM: CBD oil for dogs and CALM: CBD oil for cats. Our CALM tincture for pets with anxiety is formulated with Full Spectrum Hemp Extract and Lavender essential oil, to help alleviate stress and anxiety. 

One dose of our CALM tincture contains approximately 9mg of CBD from Full Spectrum Hemp. This is our standard recommended dosage of CBD for pet anxiety in dogs and cats, however every animal is different and may need more or less CBD for optimal results. We always recommend starting low and slowly increasing the dosage until you find their optimal CBD dosage for anxiety.

We understand that every dog is unique, and some may require a higher CBD dosage to effectively manage their anxiety and stress. That’s why we developed our new Extra Strength CALM with double the CBD concentration. Now, dogs with more severe symptoms can experience the soothing benefits of CBD in a higher dose. Trust in our premium formula, crafted with care and backed by rigorous testing. Give your furry friend the relief they deserve with Extra Strength Calm.

If you’re concerned about giving your dog too much CBD, don’t worry! CBD has been proven to be safe for pets in even extremely high doses so you have nothing to worry about. 

Visit our CBD Dosage Guide to learn more about dosing and administering CBD for pet anxiety!

Lavender Essential Oil for Pets with Anxiety

calm cbd for dog anxiety fear stress ptsd

Lavender essential oil has been used for its calming effects for a long time. In a study done on mice, “continuous exposures to lavender essential oils significantly inhibited anxiety and depression-like behaviors.” 

CBD and Lavender have the same aromatic compound (terpene) called Linalool. Linalool is believed to promote relaxation and calming effects. Linalool also helps the immune system combat the effects of stress. Stress causes a shift in the distribution of white blood cells in the body. In a study of rats, Linalool prevented stress-induced changes in how the rat’s DNA was expressed.

This is why we formulated our CALM: CBD tincture for dogs and cats – specifically for anxiety, stress and fear – to combine the incredible therapeutic benefits of both CBD and Lavender.

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Final Thoughts

So whether your pet is suffering from chronic or situational anxiety, CBD for anxious pets has the potential to help! Since using CALM: CBD Oil for our animals’ anxiety and stress, the animals on my farm no longer shake, pace, or panic during triggering events. Instead, they are able to rest and feel comfortable, even during storms and fireworks, without the sedative effect of Benadryl. Nobody likes to see their pet suffer. I sure didn’t, and now that I have found this incredible healing plant to help my animals, I have made it my mission to educate other pet parents on the amazing ways Full Spectrum Hemp CBD can help all of our animals – NATURALLY!