What Vets Aren’t Taught: Part 2 with Dr. Meghan Barrett

What Vets Arent Taught Dr Meghan Barrett on Your Natural Dog Podcast

While more and more pet parents turn to their veterinarians with questions about nutrition and natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals, they’re often left to find their own answers. In this episode of Your Natural Dog with Angela Ardolino, we’re joined by Dr. Meghan Barrett, an integrative veterinarian from Hawaii, to delve into this crucial topic: what’s missing in traditional veterinary education. Together, they explore the gaps in veterinary education, particularly the lack of education on nutrition, the emphasis on treating patients by prescribing pharmaceuticals and prescription diets, and the neglect of individualized and holistic treatment approaches. Additionally, they’ll highlight the advantages of natural adaptogens like CBD and mushrooms in pet health, which are overlooked in veterinary schools, yet have become Dr. Barrett’s go-to holistic tools in her own practice. 

If you missed Part 1 of What Vets Aren’t Taught with Dr. Lauren Beaird

Episode Recap: 

  • Dr. Barrett’s experience with Vet School 
  • Lack of veterinary education on nutrition
  • Learning Acupuncture, Rehab Therapy after vet school
  • Nutrition is vital to healing, food is medicine
  • Dr. Barrett’s Book on upgrading your dog’s diet
  • Allergies caused by poor nutrition, commercial pet food
  • It’s never too late to upgrade your dog’s diet
  • Taught to prescribe pharmaceuticals & prescription diets
  • Western medicine doesn’t have the tools for chronic illness
  • CBD & Mushrooms are Dr. Barrett’s go-to for almost everything
  • The power & benefits of adaptogens like CBD & Mushrooms 
  • Using topical CBD salves for skin issues & CBD oil for dog pain
  • When to use CBD for senior support
  • Holistic Pet Health & Pet Nutrition Consults with Dr. Meghan Barrett

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About Angela Ardolino

angela ardolino your natural dog podcast Angela Ardolino is a holistic pet expert and educator who has been caring for animals for over 20 years. Angela owns and operates Fire Flake Farm, an animal rescue. She’s also the founder and formulator of CBD Dog Health, which offers high quality, all-natural cannabis health and wellness products for pets; and MycoDog, which creates and produces high-quality medicinal mushroom and adaptogen tinctures specifically for pets.

Accordingly, she has used CBD Dog Health’s CBD for Dogs, and now MycoDog mushrooms for dogs, on all her pets at her rescue farm every day since 2016. Angela’s pack includes rescues Jolene, Maza and Rhemi. In addition, she has 4-10 more any time she is fostering or boarding. She is a member of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians and the Veterinary Cannabis Association. In fact, Angela has educated hundreds of medical doctors and veterinarians on the therapeutic uses of medical cannabis on animals.

Veterinarian Dr Meghan Barrett About Dr. Meghan Barrett

Dr. Meghan Barrett is an integrative veterinarian in Hawaii. She is an expert in rehabilitation therapy which includes modalities such as acupuncture, physical therapy, bodywork, sound therapy, and nutrition. She is the author of the book “From Basic To Bougie: A Blueprint to Upgrade Your Pet’s Diet Safely and Simply”. She is the host of “The Pet Care Report- Cat Health” Podcast, which educates cat owners about ways to support their health and longevity naturally.