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Dog Respiratory Duo

Breathe Mushrooms & HEAL CBD For Dogs

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Help your dog’s respiratory illness with Full Spectrum Hemp Extract (CBD) HEAL and our Breathe Mushroom Extract & Adaptogen Tincture. CBD & Mushrooms contain tons of benefits for your dogs respiratory health, immune system and overall well-being.

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Product Information

Dog Respiratory Duo

In the face of a new respiratory illness affecting our canine companions, pet parents are seeking natural and effective ways to fortify their dog’s immune and respiratory systems. We understand the concerns, and that’s why we’ve curated the Dog Respiratory Duo, a powerful combination of two potent products—Heal CBD oil for dogs and MycoDog Breathe mushroom extract & adaptogen tincture. The Dog Respiratory Duo is your natural, holistic solution to fortify your dog’s immune and respiratory systems against challenges like upper respiratory infections, dog pneumonia,

Like our Breathe Easy duo for dogs, which combines our EASE CBD oil and Breathe mushroom blend, this combination of CBD and mushrooms supports your dogs immune system and respiratory health. However our new Dog Respiratory Duo pairs Breathe’s mushroom blend with our HEAL CBD oil for dogs, our highest CBD content tincture for dogs.

HEAL is a proprietary full spectrum CBD oil for dogs, designed to enhance your dog’s endocannabinoid system, and aid in reducing inflammation, supporting the immune system, and promoting overall well-being. Heal CBD oil is a great choice for pet parents seeking to enhance their dog’s resilience against respiratory infections and other dog illnesses going around.

Breathe is MycoDog’s premium respiratory and cardiovascular supporting mushroom extract formula.  A proprietary water extract of Cordyceps, Reishi, Artist Conk and Chaga, with Ashwagandha preserved in organic, vegetable glycerin.  Our medicinal mushroom extracts are hot water tripled extracted from the fruiting bodies of fungi cultivated and wild-harvested in North America.  There are (at least) 350mg of mushroom extract in 1mL.

For a truly holistic approach, we recommend addressing chronic conditions from all possible angles, which is why we bundled these amazing products together in our Dog Respiratory Duo. These natural ingredients are renowned for their ability to boost the respiratory system and strengthen the immune response, making HEAL & Breathe the ideal duo in times of respiratory challenges. Our CBD, mushroom & adaptogen products work together synergistically to boost efficacy and encourage the best possible outcomes.

Recommended by veterinarians, trusted by pet parents everywhere.


Product Size / Servings:

  • 1mL dropper contains at least 37mg of CBD
  • Each 1oz bottle contains at least 1,100mg of CBD
  • Each 1oz bottle contains approximately 30 1mL servings


  • Preventative care: 1 dropper daily
  • For senior dogs: 2 droppers daily
  • There are (at least) 350mg of mushroom extract per 1mL.
  • Note: Shake well before use. Store in a cool, dark place.





Dog Respiratory Duo

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