Diatomaceous Earth for Dogs

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You may have heard of Diatomaceous Earth for dogs, or Diatomaceous Earth for fleas. So what is Diatomaceous Earth? DE is a powder made from the remains of fossilized organisms known as diatoms. Diatoms are a type of algae found in both saltwater and freshwater. The skeleton of diatoms contains a substance known as silica. When the diatoms die and become fossilized, they form a flour-like powder that we use for natural pesticide, natural parasitic and one of my favorite natural remedies in my holistic toolkit.

The use of diatomaceous earth dates all the way back to the ancient Greeks. Ancient Greeks used diatomaceous earth to make building materials. The Europeans then realized the potential of DE and began implementing it for nearly everything within their civilizations.

Diatomaceous Earth for Fleas

The use of Diatomaceous Earth for pest control is a fairly common practice. It is used in various industries for pest control and can also be used to kill fleas, ticks, lice, and mites on your pets. It’s important to note the diatomaceous earth used for gardens is different than the type used for our animals. Diatomaceous Earth for fleas and ticks, or internal use for our pets, must be food-grade.

How is Diatomaceous Earth safe for our dogs and us, but not safe for insects? Through a microscope, pieces of DE somewhat resemble broken glass. It doesn’t poison insects similar to dangerous glyphosate- containing pesticides. Instead, the razor sharp particles pierce the insect’s exoskeleton and cause dehydration. DE dries insects from the outside in.

Diatomaceous Earth for fleas dogs Angela Ardolino natural flea and tick prevention
Angela Ardolino using Diatomaceous Earth for Fleas


When using Diatomaceous Earth for fleas, they can also be controlled by dusting your pet’s fur with diatomaceous earth. In order to effectively remove fleas, you must not only dust your dog but also the bedding, furniture, and carpet. It’s important to kill all of the fleas within the home and on your dog. Even just a few being left behind can result in a re-infestation. Completing this process once per month by brushing it into your dog’s coat and cleaning your home will provide the greatest benefit.

When treating your carpet and furniture, wait at least 24 hours prior to vacuuming. You’ll want to make sure all of the fleas have dehydrated and can no longer interfere with your dog’s health.

Diatomaceous Earth for Parasites

Holistic practitioners often turn to diatomaceous earth for parasites, including whipworms, roundworms, pinworms, and hookworms. It’s important to make sure it’s food-grade; the other types that are found in gardens are not designed to be ingested. 

To be fully effective, DE should be provided to your pet for at least 30 days. This will ensure not only the adult parasites are killed, but the eggs are killed as well. It’s important to note here though, unfortunately, DE will not kill heart worms. A tablespoon  can be added to their food, water or mixed with water and syringed into their mouth.  The taste is very mild and many pets don’t even notice it.

Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth for Dogs

Diatomaceous earth is rich in calcium, magnesium, silica, gallium, and other trace elements that can offer a variety of benefits to your dog. Recent studies show silica in the powder can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream. In humans, DE has been found to lower blood cholesterol, remove heavy metals from the blood, and improve blood pressure.

The elements and minerals found in diatomaceous earth are beneficial to the endocrine, metabolic, and nervous systems. When your dog consumes Diatomaceous Earth, benefits include improved skin and coat, electrolyte balance, stronger joints and bones, and improved skin and coat health. 

DE can also be used as a detox. According to research, silica works similar to antioxidants. Even in liquid form, it is known to fight free radicals. It’s broken down to act as a detoxifier for the blood due to its electrical charge. The electrical charge connects to free radicals and other harmful substances within the body resulting in neutralization (balance). The now neutralized free radicals can then be removed from the body via excretion (urine/feces).

Diatomaceous Earth for Livestock

Diatomaceous Earth is not only beneficial for us and our dogs, but it’s also been found to improve the health of livestockIn a 2011 research study, when hens were fed a diet supplemented with 2% DE, they showed a significant increase in the size of their yolks, an increase in overall egg size, and a decrease in internal parasites. Hens who were fed DE were also heavier in weight than those in the control group. Not only did research find there were fewer internal parasites, but also fewer external parasites in hens given DE dust baths.

According to the study, the results “indicate the DE has the potential to be an effective treatment to help control parasites and improve production of organically raised, free-range layer hens.”

When feeding hens DE, mix 1 cup of DE into approximately 70 pounds of food. You can also add 2 tablespoons of DE per 3.5 gallons of water in the early spring and fall for internal parasite detox.

The Bottom Line

Diatomaceous earth for dogs has a wide range of benefits. Due to its consistency and containing calcium, it’s important that you nor your dog inhale the DE. Aside from dangers of inhalation, diatomaceous earth is non-toxic and completely natural when purchased from a high-quality source. Don’t forget to make sure you purchase food-grade diatomaceous earth for your pets and/or livestock.