CBD for Dogs Reviews: Allergies

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Allergies are one of the most common ailments pets face. Even though this is a common issue among pets, managing the symptoms of allergies can be really tough. There are many conventional options out there that can do damage to our pets like Apoquel, Cytopoint, antibiotics, and steroids. However, there are also many holistic and more natural remedies out there that are just as effective as the conventional options without the harmful side effects. 

EASE Tincture with ingredients

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract is an absolutely fantastic way to manage dog allergies!

Our EASE tincture, containing turmeric and frankincense helps naturally balance the immune system, reduces inflammation, and helps the body achieve overall homeostasis. It helps to control the itchiness, redness, and irritation caused by allergies. The mixture of full spectrum hemp, turmeric, frankincense, hemp, and MCT oil creates a harmonious tincture that does wonders for allergies by modulating the immune system, instead of simply suppressing it, like drugs do.

soothe cbd salve for dogs with allergies

Our SOOTHE salve, for topical relief, is a blend of full spectrum hemp, manuka honey, arnica, ginger, and coconut oil. It is truly a miracle in a jar when it comes to so many skin issues, but is absolutely essential for managing topical allergy symptoms from excessive itching. It helps with hot spots, dermatitis, scabs, redness, sores, bug bites, and just about any skin ailment. It’s non-stinging, non-irritating, and if your dog or cat licks it, it is completely safe. 

If you don’t believe us, just listen to what our happy pet parents have to say!

EASE Tincture for Allergies

Our pets’ only way to relieve their itchy skin is to constantly lick, bite, scratch, or rub their bodies on anything they can to get relief. So many of our customers’ pets have found relief from their constant itching, licking and subsequent hair loss by using a Full Spectrum Hemp Extract tincture, like our Ease tincture:

cbd review cbd for dog allergies review ease tincture cbd for dogs success testimonial


cbd review cbd for dog allergies review ease cbd for dogs success testimonial

There are many ways to help your dog battle allergies. Changing certain household items like laundry detergent, cleaning products, and air fresheners helps. Adjusting their diet and water source are also great methods to deal with allergies. But, if those don’t work, give our EASE tincture a shot, like this satisfied pet parent did: 

cbd review cbd for dog allergies review ease cbd tincture cbd for dogs success testimonial

EASE and SOOTHE: Allergy Duo for Allergies

Additionally, many pet parents have successfully used our EASE tincture and SOOTHE salve together, which we call our “Allergy Duo“. When used in combination with one another, the internal benefits of a Full Spectrum Hemp Extract like our EASE tincture, combined with the topical benefits of our SOOTHE salve, can achieve wonderful results that bring such amazing relief for our pets:

cbd review cbd for dog allergies review ease and soothe cbd for dogs success testimonial

cbd review cbd for dog allergies review ease soothe cbd for dogs success testimonial

EASE for Allergies and Pain

Our EASE full spectrum hemp extract tincture with turmeric and frankincense can be used for more than just allergies. It is also helpful for aches and pains. And as this happy pet parent found out, one bottle has many uses:

cbd review cbd for dog allergies review ease cbd oil cbd for dogs success testimonial

CBD for Yeast Infections

Often times this excessive itching can lead to secondary infections. Yeast and bacterial infections, although secondary to the allergies, can also be helped by the use of our EASE tincture:

cbd review cbd for dog allergies review ease soothe remedy cbd for dogs success testimonial

CBD for Pet Allergy Relief

 Full Spectrum Hemp, when used internally and/or externally has a wide range of benefits for us and our pets. When it comes to allergies, our pets suffer in silence, and they deserve a solution that helps relieve their symptoms, while also benefiting their body as a whole. Traditional allergy medicines cannot say the same. Even if you feel like you’ve tried everything, the amazing power of EASE and SOOTHE, our Allergy Duo, may just be the golden ticket you’ve been waiting for. 

Tackling allergies can be an uphill battle, but with the right tools, resources and lifestyle changes, relief is possible for your pet. Feeding a fresh, whole food diet, along with probiotics, antioxidants, and other supplements can make a huge difference for your pet. Give them a try for your pet, and you’ll soon see why so many pet parents are raving about these products!