Why You Should Care about Dog Dentistry with Dr. Katie Kangas

The importance of dog dentistry with Dr Katie Kangas on Your Natural Dog Podcast

Join Angela Ardolino on the Your Natural Dog Podcast as she welcomes Dr. Katie Kangas, an integrative veterinarian with a passion for preventative health and holistic wellness. In this episode, they dive deep into the often overlooked topic of dog dentistry and the crucial role it plays in your furry friend’s overall health. Dr. Katie shares natural approaches to support optimal dental health, such as MCT oil, CBD oil, raw meaty bones, and other supplements. They also explore the differences between anesthetic and non-anesthetic dental cleanings, emphasize the significance of gum health, and provide tips for effectively checking your dog’s teeth and gums. Tune in for invaluable insights into supporting your dog’s dental and oral health!

Episode Recap: 

  • Supporting your dog’s dental health naturally
  • Dental health affects whole body health
  • MCT Oil, essential oils, & CBD oil for dog dental health
  • Raw meaty bones for dog dental health
  • Diet & dog oral health
  • Myth of kibble cleaning dog’s teeth
  • Importance of gum health
  • Anesthetic & Non-Anesthetic dental cleanings
  • Dental issues & periodontal disease in small dogs
  • Dental complications from allergies
  • What if we could look into a wild canine’s mouth?
  • TEEF for dog dental health
  • Dr. Katie Kangas’ success with CBD & mushrooms

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About Angela Ardolino

angela ardolino your natural dog podcast cbd dog health mycodog pet health expert holistic Angela Ardolino, a certified holistic pet health coach, certified cannabis & fungi expert, and animal advocate, brings over 20 years of experience to the field. As a graduate of the inaugural class of Medical Cannabis for Therapeutic Use at the University of Vermont. She has been a member of the The Society of Cannabis Clinicians since 2017, as well as a vocal supporter of safe, natural, and ethically-grown whole plant and fungi medicine for pets.

Angela’s dedication to animal welfare extends beyond her advocacy work. She owned and operated Beautify the Beast, a pet salon and shop with two locations in Florida, where she developed innovative programs for boarding, training, and fostering dogs at her animal rescue, Fire Flake Farm. 

As the founder of CBD Dog Health and MycoDog, she prioritizes pet wellness through safe, effective CBD products and mushroom extract tonics for pets. Providing the best in natural whole plant and fungi supplements, made ethically, grown in the U.S., and formulated specifically for pets. Angela also continues to educate and empower pet parents with her popular podcast, Your Natural Dog with Angela Ardolino, where she engages with experts in holistic pet care to explore topics ranging from nutrition and natural remedies to behavior and training. 

About Dr. Katie Kangas

Dr Katie Kangas on the importance of dog dentistry on Your Natural Dog Podcast I am an integrative veterinarian, which means that I focus on preventative health and supporting natural healing or wellness through many holistic options in combination with traditional veterinary medicine. Preventative wellness and holistic care options include diet/food choices, nutritional supplements, acupuncture, herbal medicines, homeopathic remedies, essential oils and more.

Conventional medicine (for both animals & people) tends to focus more on the treatment of disease and the symptoms of disease, after the condition or illness presents itself. While this type of health care can have value, it also has limitations. Preventative and integrative veterinary medicine aim to support the animal’s health through diet, nutrition and lifestyle practices that allow our pets to be more resilient to disease and live better quality lives. In other words, providing our pets with the tools to thrive, rather than to just survive.

In my opinion, the most balanced health care uses a combination of both conventional and holistic options. This is called Integrative Medicine. It is my goal to empower pet parents to make better choices and take a more active role in promoting health and quality of life for their pets.