Older dogs are wonderful companions, but they have different care requirements from younger dogs. In this article, CBD Dog Health discusses senior dog care techniques that will help your older dog live happily and healthily. CBD Dog Health offers the best CBD dog oils commercially available, in tincture, salve, and treat forms.

If your dog is getting along in years, or if you’re considering adopting an older dog, you should know that her care needs aren’t what they used to be. Here are some things to consider if you are caring for an older dog.

Your holistic vet is your – and your dog’s – best friend

While dogs of all ages should have regularly scheduled veterinary visits, regardless of their apparent good health, senior dogs must have checkups. Older dogs are more susceptible to illnesses which might not be immediately noticeable, but can accelerate very quickly.

Dog Oral Hygiene

It is also extremely important to monitor and actively manage your dog’s dental health. Dental disease can shorten a dog’s life, seriously impede her emotional wellbeing, and prevent her from eating properly.

Keep her at a healthy weight

Most dogs will become naturally less active as they age, so their former feeding schedule may have to be adjusted. Since they won’t have as high a metabolic response, your older dog may begin to gain weight even if you aren’t feeding her more than her normal allowance.

Overweight older dogs are more vulnerable to potentially life-threatening illnesses than younger dogs. Make sure your dog’s diet is highly nutritious, and avoid feeding her “people food” treats altogether. If your dog is in otherwise good health but isn’t as inclined to run and play as actively as she used to, her meal portions will have to be reduced.

Give her plenty of exercise

Even though your older dog may not initiate play, playtime and exercise is nonetheless critically important. Exercise enhances mood, keeps your dog alert, and maintains optimal cardiovascular health.

Keep your dog comfortable

If your dog has chronic health conditions, ask your vet if CBD dog oil could help manage her pain or regulate her mood. CBD oil has been shown to help dogs manage a wide variety of concerns, from anxiety to arthritis.

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