Dog ownership involves responsibilities many new owners may not have predicted. The following advice from CBD Dog Health will help new puppy parents prepare for some of the realities of living with their new canine family member. CBD Dog Health provides organic, all-natural CBD and hemp oil for pets.

Being a dog owner is an incredibly rewarding experience, but it can be daunting for those unprepared to manage the oftentimes unpredictable health and emotional wellness needs of a new pet. Here are a few things to consider before adopting a new pup.

Select a suitable breed.

Not every dog breed will be able to adjust to your lifestyle. If you live in an urban area without access to open spaces, certain breeds that are naturally inclined to run and expend great bursts of energy will be inappropriate. If you have small children, an impatient, impulsive, difficult-to-train bread may be dangerous.

Additionally, some breeds are prone to unique health problems – like eye, ear, and sinus infections – that may require consistent medical intervention. Grooming should also be a major consideration. Longhair breeds require a great deal of maintenance to manage shedding, matting, and parasites. Learn the characteristics of different breeds, and select the one that should adapt to your environment successfully.

Learn local dog ownership laws

It is likely that you will be legally obligated to license your dog, but there might be other dog ownership provisions in your city and state that you will have to abide by. Will your dog have to be microchipped, or if you are adopting a dog with a microchip, what are the ownership transfer protocols? Will you have to spay or neuter your pet, and how will you go about getting an exemption if you want to breed? There may also be laws governing how you shelter your pet (tethering it may be illegal in your city). Will you co-own your dog with your partner, and how will you go about sharing custody or resolving ownership issues if you and your partner decide to no longer co-habit? These are only a few of the legal issues you should consider before adopting your dog.

Make your home pet-proof

Remember: To your dog, everything within its reach may be considered either food or a chew toy. Don’t have potentially poisonous plants on or near the floor. Make sure all wires are concealed, and do not use toxic floor or upholstery cleaners.

Training and socialization is never too early

Dogs respond well to training – most breeds thrive in an environment with specific rules and an established hierarchy. Make sure you get professional help with dog training if you aren’t knowledgeable.

The better prepared you are, the easier new dog ownership will be. If you have the right tools and support, you will be well prepared for any dog ownership event that comes your way.

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