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“They [CBD Dog Health] have gone out of their way several times to help my girl Sammie manager her ALS and I owe them dearly.” 

Rodney Habib is one of the world’s top pet influencers. He works with Planet Paws to raise awareness for safe pet health and nutrition practices, travels the world to speak with top veterinarians and scientists who work to fight cancer in pets, and even made a groundbreaking documentary film called The Dog Cancer Series. And, because of what he saw firsthand, Habib is a supporter of CBD DOG Health.

The course of Habib’s entire career, however, was due to one catalyst: canine cancer. Specifically, cancer of his beloved white German Shepherd, Sammie.

Sammie and Rodney on a Mission

When Sammie was diagnosed, Habib made it his mission to find ways to help her. He tried everything from stem cell transplants, which were new and cutting-edge at the time, to changing her diet. He became passionate about educating other pet parents how to help their ailing dogs as well.

But, no matter how many positive changes he made or how many treatments they tried, Sammie didn’t improve. In fact, Sammie’s diagnosis became worse as she developed Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), which is also called Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) — a spontaneously occurring, adult-onset spinal cord disorder that affects dogs. This disease is common in German Shepherds, corgis, boxers, poodles, and Rhodesian ridgebacks (among other breeds) and usually presents when the dog is between 8 and 14 years old. Symptoms of DM typically include ataxia of the hind limbs, wobbling when walking, weakness in all limbs, and incontinence of bowel and bladder. DM typically causes dogs to be completely paralyzed within six months to one year.


By the time I met Habib, Sammie was unable to walk and had trouble urinating – which was made even more difficult by her immobility. She suffered from bladder infections, was urinating blood, and was in terrible pain.

After chatting with Habib at a party hosted by the Pet Health Junkies and Two Crazy Cat Ladies, I became his go-to cannabis expert. I was thrilled to share my knowledge with Habib’s viewers, because I know what a huge difference this plant can make in every pet and person’s life. Habib was so happy to share this knowledge as well, that he asked me to be a guest on Planet Paws’ Facebook Live feed to talk about cannabis. Check out the video here.

When I came to film our Planet Paws video, I knew that I needed to help Sammie. I offered to get Sammie started on a new regimen and was hopeful that I could help her get back on track to feeling better. Habib was excited to try a new option, looking for natural ways to enhance the therapies she was already on.

Although there is no cure for DM, both physical therapy and treatment to keep inflammation at bay can extend a dog’s survival by up to three years, according to Georgia Veterinary Rehabilitation and Pain Management. That is where full spectrum hemp extract (CBD) comes in – it treats inflammation and provides pain relief, according to recent studies. To start helping Sammie, I went to a dispensary and found a 1:1 product with THC and CBD. Although this helped, it was not nearly as effective as my full spectrum hemp extract (CBD) HEAL.


How is Sammie now?

In the months since I met Habib, I have toured the U.S. on the Healing Naturally Tour. I have worked to educate veterinarians, pet parents, shop owners, and anyone who wants to learn all about the healing power of full spectrum hemp extract (CBD) and other natural, homeopathic remedies to help pets heal naturally.

While filming a recent Facebook Live session with Two Crazy Cat Ladies as part of the tour, we received a comment that warmed my heart. The comment was from Habib, updating us on the status of his sweet Sammie. It read:

“Hi Rodney from Canada here! Question of the week – My question is more of a physical question this week than a mental [sic] stimulating one! Would it be possible for the crazy cat ladies [sic] to stop for 5 seconds and hug those 3 beautiful people in your live today? They have gone out of their way several times to help my girl Sammie manager her ALS and I owe them dearly. So, if you can hug them for me, I will repay you both by hugging you guys when you come to Canada to visit myself, Dr. Karen Becker, and my nanny!”

Reading his comment made my heart nearly explode out of my chest. The ability to help keep Sammie comfortable for months is the reason that I do everything I do.

Habib continues to educate pet parents through his channel, Planet Paws, which I highly recommend following on Facebook. You can learn more about how CBD is used to heal pets naturally by visiting You can also follow the ongoing Healing Naturally Tour at

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