Our retail partners are more than just shops who carry our product. Every retailer we work with has to meet a strict criteria, including being pet lovers with big hearts. Our retail partners are known for their passion to help people and pets live their best lives possible, and for helping customers find the best options available to them.

As part of our ongoing series, our Retailer Spotlight showcases just a few of our many talented retail shop teams. This week’s Retailer Spotlight is on The Wellness Center of Ellenton. We did a quick Q and A with Julie Gantley of the Wellness Center of Ellenton to learn more about this unique one-stop wellness center, and will share some of their insights for other retailers.

Q: What was the inspiration behind starting The Wellness Center of Ellenton?

A: Our parent company is a mail-order prescription service. We have 7 offices that source medications internationally. But a lot of our customers were asking about CBD because a lot of people had pain. Our average age customer is 69, so it is people with pain, and I have a lot of pain. 

We started looking at CBD about 2 years ago, and looked for the right products. After a lot of research and trying a lot of junk, a year ago in October we started selling CBD topicals, oils, and pet oils. 

I take CBD myself for pain and I love it. I use it topically and I take oils, capsules, fast tabs and chocolates. 

Q: Our owner uses CBD too and wanted to find solutions for her dogs, which is what got her into the pet industry. It sounds like you have a similar background in that way.

A: Oh yes, it is amazing for dogs. It seems to work faster on pets than even on people. It is amazing. And all of our team has dogs and cats. I have Mikey, a 3-year-old chihuaha now, and we give him CBD to make him nice. He had a stomach issue a few weeks ago and had it for over a week, and two doses of CBD later he was better. My sister said her dog had the stomach bug and she gave him CBD and it helped as well.

Q: What are a few things about your shop that you feel make it so special? Do you have any favorite products that you offer?

A: Our CBD oils are so helpful. We have three oils, and we also sell people oils under our own label. Our oils for people are from Colorado and we do our own extracting. We also have some products from Sarasota companies, like CBD oil and soaps, bath bombs, etc. We carry a lot of local products which I love. 

Q: Do you have any suggestions for other stores to improve their retail sales of CBD?

A: Offering samples works really well. People come back. It is not wasted money at all. We always offer samples because then people can try before they buy and they know that it is worth it. 

Q: Have you had any CBD success stories in your shop that you can share with us?

A: For people, when we first started selling CBD, we had a customer come in who had an aneurism 9 years ago and had an incredible tremor in her hand and arm that had not stopped for even in a minute in all of those years. She had heard that CBD could help stop that, so she bought an 1000 mg CBD oil here while she was in with her daughter. She took it while she was here, and 10 minutes later her daughter looked at her and said “Mom, look at your hand!” because the tremor had stopped. People were amazed and crying and it was beautiful. Now she is a regular customer and it continues to help her. 

We also had a man come in who had horrific pain and neuropathy in his feet for 10 years, and tried our lotion right in the store. He was also brought to tears because it was the first time he hadn’t had pain in 10 years and it worked that quickly. 

For pets, before we even started selling it, the manager of our Pennsylvania store gave some to his dog who I believe was 14-years-old at the time, and who he had to carry down the stairs to take him outside to go to the bathroom or leave the house. In two days, the dog was walking up and down the stairs on his own. 

When our owner was in Nashville, she found your salves and that is actually how we found out about CBD Dog Health. Specifically the Remedy salve has been amazing. [A team member’s dog] says it is her favorite. Her dog had gotten a bite from a bug or had scratched himself, but she came home from work to find her overweight yellow lab mix named Honey Bear in pain. When he scratches himself, he cuts himself. He had a spot that must have been there a few days, and it was green and full of puss. She brought home the jar of Remedy and put some on the wound, and by the next day, it was scabbed over and was almost completely healed. It was insane. 

We even use the SOOTHE salve on ourselves to keep our skin smooth! And my dog has a scab on his ear. I was mixing up my own CBD and coconut oil that helped but didn’t fix it. But I put SOOTHE on and the next day it was healed. He started to get it again three months later, I put some on, and the next day it was completely gone. 

A team member says: “I have never trusted a product for my dog in my entire life like I trust CBD Dog Health. It is amazing.” 

Q: Is there anything else you would like to share about your shop or your team?

A: We are all a product of the product here. We believe in the product, and that helps us with our sales. We have just been really successful because we know that it works. 

To learn more about The Wellness Center of Ellenton, visit https://wellnesscenterellenton.com.