Transitioning to Raw Feeding with Kimberly Gauthier

Raw Feeding - Kimberly Gauthier podcast

Recently I did a podcast with Kimberly Gauthier of Kimberly’s goal is to raise awareness of natural alternative canine care by sharing her experience raising five dogs. Most pet parents will agree that feeding their pet high-quality food is important to them, and yet they continue to feed their pets dry kibble, not understanding the harm they’re doing to their pet’s long term health. Raw feeding can be intimidating when you’re starting out, even for Kimberly, before she became the expert she is today. Which is why her blog is an incredible resource for pet parents to learn about dog nutrition, raw feeding, dog health, behavior and more. She’s on the show to discuss pet health, the pet food industry, and Kimberly’s tips for pet parents who are interested in learning about raw feeding.

Listen in to the whole episode:

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Kimberly shared some final thoughts for pet parents on our podcast this week:

“Don’t wait until your dog is diagnosed with cancer or some other autoimmune disease to switch to raw. Start doing it now. You don’t have to do cold turkey if you’re not ready. But just start adding fresh food to the bowl and start looking up things like, if you’re eating a banana. Google “Can dogs have bananas? Can dogs have strawberries, can dogs have apples, can dogs have kale?” and start educating yourself about what you can add to your dog’s diet. So that you can slowly start working your way to more of a fresh food diet.” – Kimberly Gauthier

To learn more about raw feeding or Kimberly’s journey, visit Keep The Tail Wagging for personal articles, books on raw feeding, videos, local and online events, recipes for dog food, and more.


Raw Feeding - Kimberly Gauthier and Rodrigo

About Kimberly Gauthier

Kimberly Gauthier is a professional Dog Nutrition Blogger, and the author of A Novice’s Guide to Raw Feeding for Dogs. A book that shares her experience raising four dogs on a raw food diet. Additionally, it includes the benefits of raw dog food, transitioning dogs to raw, and more. The blog Keep the Tail Wagging has grown from a hobby into a woman/minority-owned small business. Kimberly’s passion for blogging and raw feeding is inspired by her five dogs, including two sets of litter mates, and can be seen on her blog Keep the Tail Wagging. Her goal is to raise awareness of natural alternative canine care.