Nature’s Remedies & Spagyric Tinctures with Master Herbalist Dr. Nicole Apelian

Nature's Remedies and Spagyric Tinctures with Dr. Nicole Apelian on Your Natural Dog Podcast

In this episode of Your Natural Dog with Angela Ardolino, Master Herbalist Dr. Nicole Apelian joins the conversation, sharing her insights on the power of natural herbs and medicinal mushrooms. Dr. Nicole is a biologist, author, anthropologist, wilderness skills instructor, and was also a challenger on the History Channel’s “Alone” series. Dr. Nicole and Angela come together to talk about their parallel experiences formulating their mushroom extract products, creating mushroom extract & adaptogen blends for specific ailments, and disrupting the industry with their gold standard spagyric tinctures. As they dive into the world of herbs and mushrooms, they also share how their journeys were each sparked by a worrying diagnosis. Tune in for an enlightening discussion on the healing potential of mushrooms and herbs.

Episode Recap: 

  • Dr. Nicole Apelian’s journey to herbalism
  • Foraging for food & medicine on Alone
  • Why mushroom extract tinctures instead of powders
  • Spagyric tinctures are the gold standard
  • Dr. Apelian’s experience with MS
  • The importance of diet and supporting the gut microbiome
  • Being a disruptor in the pet industry
  • Look for research & listen to real people’s reviews
  • Favorite mushrooms & herbs
  • Mushroom extract & adaptogen blends for specific ailments
  • Go-to headache & migraine remedies
  • Dr. Nicole Apelian’s books and courses

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About Angela Ardolino

Angela Ardolino Your Natural Dog Podcast CBD Dog Health MycoDog mushrooms Angela Ardolino, a certified holistic pet health coach, certified cannabis & fungi expert, and animal advocate, brings over 20 years of experience to the field. As a graduate of the inaugural class of Medical Cannabis for Therapeutic Use at the University of Vermont. She has been a member of the The Society of Cannabis Clinicians since 2017, as well as a vocal supporter of safe, natural, and ethically-grown whole plant and fungi medicine for pets.

Angela’s dedication to animal welfare extends beyond her advocacy work. She owned and operated Beautify the Beast, a pet salon and shop with two locations in Florida, where she developed innovative programs for boarding, training, and fostering dogs at her animal rescue, Fire Flake Farm.

As the founder of CBD Dog Health and MycoDog, she prioritizes pet wellness through safe, effective Full Spectrum Hemp Extract CBD for dogs, cats and horses, and wild-harvested, triple extracted mushrooms for dogs and pets. Providing the best in natural whole plant and fungi supplements, made ethically, grown in the U.S., and formulated specifically for pets. Angela also continues to educate and empower pet parents with her popular podcast, Your Natural Dog with Angela Ardolino, where she engages with experts in holistic pet care to explore topics ranging from nutrition and natural remedies to behavior and training.

About Dr. Nicole Apelian

Dr. Nicole Apelian Master Herbalist Celebrity Survivalist Spagyric Mushroom Extract Tinctures Dr. Nicole Apelian is an herbalist, a biologist, an author, an anthropologist, a wilderness skills instructor, and a mother. Nicole was a challenger on the second and fifth seasons of the History Channel’s TV series “Alone”, where she thrived in the wilderness totally solo with little more than her knife and her wits, and was also on the UK Channel 4 documentary series “Surviving the Stone Age”. She is the author of five books, including The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies: The Healing Power of Plant Medicine, The Wilderness Long-Term Survival Guide, Forgotten Skills to Make the Wild Your Home, The Forager’s Guide to Wild Foods: Edible Plants, Lichens, Mushrooms, and Seaweeds and The Holistic Guide to Wellness; Herbal Protocols for Common Ailments.

An unexpected diagnosis of multiple sclerosis in 2000 led Nicole to apply her scientific research skills towards her own personal wellness. She focuses on a healthy living strategy, including deep nature connection and gratitude practices. Through changes in her lifestyle & diet, recognizing profound mind-body linkages, and making and using her own herbal remedies, Nicole went from bedridden to being fully alive and from surviving to thriving.

She has spent years living in nature with the San Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert, one of the last Indigenous peoples who still live as hunter-gatherers. Developing strong relationships within the tribe helped Nicole learn many of the remedies and skills she practices and teaches today and she continues her work with the San through her non-profit, “The Origins Project”.

At home in the Pacific Northwest, she makes her own herbal medicines from local plants as part of her healthy living strategy, especially as related to autoimmune issues, and has her own herbal medicinal apothecary line.