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Benefits of Combining CBD & Mushrooms

Find out how combining mushrooms and CBD can benefit your pet’s health and help speed up results you’re looking for!

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Angela Ardolino



CBD & Mushrooms

Happy Pet Parents

We rotate Breathe & Vitality for my baby girls MCT. Supporting the whole system. Some of my babies will lick it out of Doppler and my others I put it in their food. The best company helping us support the whole system with the BEST CBD HEAL, EASE & mushrooms. So thankful to have found this company & don’t trust any others!

Lindsay S. Verified Buyer
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My anxious dog uses both Calm and Clarity and it is really working to support her.

Jacqueline Verified Buyer
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If I could give 10 stars, I would. Our 16 year old dog with mast cell cancer is doing well using all of Angela’s products including the Heal CBD and Breathe Mushrooms. He has more energy on his walks. We alternate all the mushrooms products. He was diaganosed 6 years ago and is still doing well. Thanks to all the team for such wonderful products. This has also helped with his congnative decline.

Jim D. Verified Buyer
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My 11 year old Yorkie has a collapsing Trachea and I have been searching for something to give her some relief. The Breathe MycoDog tincture along with The EASE CBD oil has been a game changer for her. She’s not had a coughing fit for quite some time and I have noticed she also rests better at night which seems to be when alot of her fits happen. 100% recommend. Love all of CBD Dog Health’s products.

Lauren B. Verified Buyer
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Breathe Easy Duo! This is a one-two punch for smashed faced dogs! My Frenchie is thriving with this combo! Less snoring as well as longer zoomie laps!

Jada S. Verified Buyers
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CBD & Mushrooms

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