Mushroom Myths, Methods, and the MycoDog Difference with Jason Scott

Mushroom myths, methods and the mycodog difference with mycologist spagyricist mycoalchemist Jason Scott on Your Natural Dog Podcast

In this episode of Your Natural Dog with Angela Ardolino, we’re thrilled to welcome Jason Scott, founder of Feral Fungi, an ethnobotanist and spagyricist, as well as the mycologist behind Angela’s innovative line of spagyric mushroom extract tinctures for dogs, MycoDog. Join Angela and Jason as they dive deep into the fascinating world of myco-alchemy, exploring topics such as the mushroom extraction industry, sourcing mushrooms locally, and the challenges of ensuring transparency and purity in mushroom supplements. Angela and Jason offer valuable insights into the benefits of wild-harvested mushrooms, and cultivating mushrooms with intention in order to formulate the best mushroom extracts that prioritize medicinal benefits over profit. Tune in to discover the MycoDog difference and gain a deeper understanding of how to choose the right mushroom supplement to support your pet’s health and well-being.

Episode Recap: 

  • What is myco alchemy?
  • The mushroom extraction industry
  • Myceliated grain & fruiting body extracts on the market
  • Experimenting with extraction methods for the most holistic mushroom product
  • Lack of transparency in the mushroom supplement industry
  • Mycelium products are not pure mycelium, and are not mushroom products
  • The history of these mushrooms is the fruiting body
  • Mushrooms being grown on sawdust, a byproduct from the lumber industry
  • The importance of how mushrooms are grown
  • What testing doesn’t show in your mushroom supplement
  • Benefits of wild harvested mushrooms
  • Cultivating mushrooms with intention, on the right substrate
  • Seeing the MycoDog difference in real dogs
  • Sourcing mushrooms locally, not overseas
  • The problem with mushroom powders
  • The idea that its too expensive to source locally
  • Why are companies spray drying mushroom extracts?
  • Liquid extracts vs powdered extracts
  • The importance of dual extraction
  • Formulating mushroom extract blends 
  • The problem with testing mushrooms for beta glucans
  • Creating a mushroom product for the best medicinal benefits, not for profit

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About Angela Ardolino

angela ardolino your natural dog podcast cbd dog health mycodog pet health expert holistic Angela Ardolino, a certified holistic pet health coach, certified cannabis & fungi expert, and animal advocate, brings over 20 years of experience to the field. As a graduate of the inaugural class of Medical Cannabis for Therapeutic Use at the University of Vermont. She has been a member of the The Society of Cannabis Clinicians since 2017, as well as a vocal supporter of safe, natural, and ethically-grown whole plant and fungi medicine for pets.

Angela’s dedication to animal welfare extends beyond her advocacy work. She owned and operated Beautify the Beast, a pet salon and shop with two locations in Florida, where she developed innovative programs for boarding, training, and fostering dogs at her animal rescue, Fire Flake Farm.

As the founder of CBD Dog Health and MycoDog, she prioritizes pet wellness through safe, effective Full Spectrum Hemp Extract CBD for dogs, cats and horses, and wild-harvested, triple extracted mushrooms for dogs and pets. Providing the best in natural whole plant and fungi supplements, made ethically, grown in the U.S., and formulated specifically for pets. Angela also continues to educate and empower pet parents with her popular podcast, Your Natural Dog with Angela Ardolino, where she engages with experts in holistic pet care to explore topics ranging from nutrition and natural remedies to behavior and training.

About Jason Scott

Jason Scott mycodog mycologist mushrooms for dogs Jason Scott is a Mycologist, Ethnobotanist and Spagyricist who has studied traditional Hermetic Alchemy, from history and philosophy to practice, for the past decade. He has a background in Ethnobotany and Plant Medicine that started on the Big Island of Hawaii, and has carried back with him into his home: the Pacific Northwest. Born and raised in Oregon, Jason has an intrinsic interest in the Fungal Queendom and all of its aspects: from cultivation and mycoremediation, to historical and cultural relationships. Jason has studied various different healing modalities including Ayurveda in Nepal and Western Herbalism all over Oregon and Washington. He is on an ever-deepening journey of education to understand the practical applications of his interests, and the golden threads that connect them. 

Jason has been published on the topic of AlcheMycology, exploring fungi through traditional Alchemy in Radical Mycology by Peter McCoy and Verdant Gnosis Volume 3, compiled by Jenn Zahrt, Catamara Rosarium, and Marcus McCoy. He has taught through these topics all over the United States. He is the Founder and Owner of Feral Fungi where he produces Mushroom Spagyric Tinctures, and curator of where he shares some of his teachings and writings alongside other fascinating discoveries in the world of Fungi. Jason is also a co-organizer of the Radical Mycology Convergence and the Fungi Film Fest.