At 3-years-old, Lila the Frenchie is one of the most loving dogs who has ever come through my doors.

Lila was suffering from severe allergies, including itchy and irritated skin. Her parents had taken her to a well-meaning veterinarian who had prescribed Apoquel—a common medication given to reduce inflammation and treat allergies and skin issues like dermatitis in pets.

Lila’s parents were open to using holistic treatments and turned to CBD for help. Leila began taking CBD Dog Health’s 550 mg full spectrum hemp CBD tincture, EASE, orally every day. Her parents also began putting CBD Dog Health’s 150 mg full spectrum hemp CBD salve, REMEDY, directly onto the areas of her skin that were red, itchy, and irritated from external allergens. REMEDY was applied twice per day to the trouble areas.

As her CBD regimen was started, her parents began to wean her off of Apoquel. As the dose of Apoquel was lowered, the amount of CBD tincture she received was increased. Within a few weeks, Leila was completely weaned off of Apoquel, and was no longer at risk of the side-effects associated with the medication. Additionally, in an effort to reduce inflammation and find the cause of the allergies, Leila’s diet was switched to a raw diet.

Within just a few weeks, Lila’s allergy problems were completely resolved. She no longer suffered painful skin allergies, and she was back to running and playing with the other dogs.

Lila continues to take EASE daily and uses REMEDY as a preventative measure in areas where she used to experience flare-ups. Her parents can’t believe the difference and are thrilled to be able to keep Leila healthy without harsh prescription medications.

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Angela Ardolino  is a holistic pet expert who has been caring for animals for over 20 year and operates a rescue farm in Lutz, Florida.  She also is the owner of  Beautify the Beast  a natural pet salon and shop, and the founder of  CBD Dog Health. Angela is an holistic pet expert and has five dogs, and 4-10 at any time that she is fostering or boarding; visit