When you get your CBD pet products, you might have questions about the right dosage. After all of the research and all of the thought you put into making the right choice for your pet, it still may seem a little bit confusing. It is important to remember, that every pet is different, so every pet may need their dosage tweaked. However, your pet cannot overdose on CBD, and any extra CBD that is not absorbed will simply be excreted in the pet’s urine.

To get started

To start, when you get your CBD DOG Health product, make sure to shake it up. The product will settle because of the natural ingredients. It should be stored in a cool, dark, dry place between uses – like inside of a medicine cabinet.

You can administer CBD to your pet in several ways. But the best most effective way is to lift up their lip and squirt it onto their gums, where the medicine will be absorbed through the gums. Most of the time, dogs and cats don’t mind the taste and will even lick it off of your hand, but if you have a finicky pet, you may need to put it on a treat or on their food.  You can also rub it on to their inner ear for absorption through the skin.

If your dog or cat is having a seizure, administering into the gums is often the best method to get them the medicine quickly to stop the seizure.

Dogs are very associative, and if you are trying to give them the oil when they are distressed (for example, chasing them with the oil or trying to force them to take it when they are in a heightened emotional state) you may find it harder to introduce to them. However, if you put the oil on their favorite treats or start by giving them the oil when they are in a calm place, you should find more success.

Dosage information for CALM or EASE cat and dog products

Figuring out the dosing for our products is simple. If you are using CALM or EASE for a dog, start with one dropper (1 mL) for dogs under 25 pounds. Dogs who are 26-75 pounds should receive two droppers (2 mL), and dogs over 75 pounds should receive three droppers (3 mL). To fill the dropper, squeeze the bulb and insert it into the bottle, then release the bulb. If you cannot fill it all the way up, that is okay, you may just need to fill it to half twice to equal one full dropper.

If you are using CALM or EASE for cats, start with half of a dropper (0.5 mL) for cats under 10 pounds, and one dropper (1 mL) for cats over 10 pounds.

Dosage information for HEAL cat and dog products

For HEAL, whether you are using the dog or the cat formula, we recommend starting with one to two droppers full, twice a day (usually in the morning and at night). HEAL has the highest number of milligrams of CBD and is intended to treat serious ailments, like cancer, tumors, seizures, and autoimmune disorders. If your pet is too sleepy after two droppers, you can scale it back to one. If you notice that your pet is still having seizures, you can administer more.

Dosage information for CBD treats

CBD infused treats, like our Freeze Dried Salmon and Freeze Dried Chicken treats are an excellent way to incorporate CBD into your pet’s diet. Each treat has about 3 mg of CBD, which means that you will see less of an effect if you are only using treats, as opposed to using a combination of treats and oils. You can give your pet anywhere from three to five treats for a normal dose, regardless of weight. If your pet gets into the treats and eats more than the regular dose, they will be okay. They cannot overdose on the treats (but their tummy may hurt from over-eating).

What should you expect after giving a dose?

Wait 15-20 minutes to see a reaction. If your pet is still anxious or seems in pain after 20 minutes, you can administer another dropper. For many dogs and cats, it takes a few days or even weeks to get used to the effects of CBD. For example, if your dog has a behavioral issue, like compulsive licking when anxious, they may fight the calm feeling at first. Once they have had time to adjust to how it makes them feel, your dog may start coming to you when they are anxious to ask for it. Be patient and CBD will work.

Remember: your dog or cat cannot overdose on CBD. If they are given too much, they will just be sleepy.

For more information, visit our Frequently Asked Questions or reach out to a member of our team.