How CBD Helped Simon’s Arthritis and Pain

Simon's Story with CBD

Sheilah and Jeff are total animal lovers. You can tell the moment you drive up to their house in California’s central valley, which is home to six dogs, three cats, two donkeys, and ten chickens – give or take.

For many of these animals, Sheilah and Jeff’s is not their first home. Sheilah is a passionate advocate of adoption and rescuing animals in need, especially those in their golden years.

According to The ASPCA, “Approximately 6.5 million companion animals enter U.S. animal shelters nationwide every year,” and only about half end up getting rehomed!

It’s clear these rescued senior dogs know how good they have it. One of the most rewarding parts of taking in an animal in need is how happy and grateful they are to be part of their new pack. That being said, these dogs often come along with a number of issues and ailments that can stand in the way of a healthy, happy life.

In most cases, senior animals are put up for adoption because their care becomes too expensive or labor intensive for their previous owners.  Senior rescues often suffer from things like:

One of the best tools Sheilah has found to help her pets feel comfortable and healthy in her home has been a CBD from a full-spectrum hemp extract. 

How CBD Helped Simon with Arthritis and Joint Pain

Sheilah first noticed their 13-year-old golden retriever, Simon, was having joint pain when he started avoiding activities that he normally loved to do.

“Simon goes down every day with my husband to feed the chickens and the goats that we have. We noticed at one point he was really hesitating. It was difficult for him and at one point he just stopped completely.”

Sheilah also talked about how Simon also started having trouble getting up and down the stairs in the morning and at bedtime, a moment many pet parents have experienced before.

In fact, Hemp Dog Health’s Founder Angela Ardolino initially developed this line of products in response to joint pain being exhibited by her own soul dog, Odie. Just like Sheilah, Angela had noticed he was in pain as he struggled to run up the stairs before bed.

How does CBD Help Dogs with Arthritis and Joint Pain?

As our pets age they may experience many similar conditions to humans, and one of the first signs of old age is the discomfort of losing mobility. Pet parents are commonly prescribed a number of supplements and drugs, some of which can be pretty hard on their pets’ bodies.

Luckily, there is a growing body of research and evidence to support the use of full-spectrum CBD for arthritis and joint pain.

And that’s exactly what Sheilah experienced with her senior golden, Simon!

He acts like puppy

Sheilah says: “We started giving him the Ease tincture and I will say, it has made a world of difference. You would never know it’s the same dog. It’s brought so much vitality into his life. He acts like a puppy and just runs around and wants to play. “

For Simon, and Sheilah’s other senior dogs, a daily dose of Ease has brought back their youthfulness.

“Like I said, all of our dogs are seniors. So it helps them get around, be mobile. It kind of takes a few years off of them, you know, because they’re more puppy-like, and they play with each other.

Veterinarian Recommended CBD Oil For Dogs

Sheilah also talked about her experience working with her vet to determine if CBD would be a good option for Simon and her other animals.

“He actually really is an advocate for it. He says that he doesn’t see anything wrong with it. He has quite a few patients, including myself, that use it. He actually uses it on his dogs. And he just thinks it’s a wonderful thing.”

Sheilah’s vet is part of a growing number of practicing veterinarians who are thrilled with the positive effects of hemp extract for dogs and cats. Unfortunately, many vets still are not educated about the healing potential of this incredible plant.  For many, the best option—if your vet doesn’t work with holistic and integrative modalities—is to seek out someone who does, or seek out virtual consultation from practitioners in other locations.

How CBD Helps Rescue Dogs with Fear and Anxiety

Chronic fear and anxiety is a common response to the abrupt and dramatic changes that can occur as rescued animals adjust to a new life.

Though many of Sheilah’s dogs have been with her for several years or more, she says occasionally there are instances that trigger old stress and end up affecting the whole group. This can be caused by any number of triggers from construction workers in the house, fireworks or like in the case of a powerful thunderstorm.

Sheilah talks about a recent storm that swept through her area: a potential trigger for a meltdown with her numerous animals. Luckily, she had her secret weapon at the ready…

“We just had torrential downpours, lots of wind, with gusts over 60 miles an hour. – And all of the dogs were really nervous. Actually, the cats too!”

Sheilah was quick to give the dogs and cats their dose of Calm oil as the wind started kicking up, “And I would say within 20 minutes, they were relaxed home, including the cats. It works wonders!” she says.

How Much CBD to Give For Dog Anxiety

Like we always say, every dog is different. Not only are some dogs more sensitive to CBD than others, their levels of anxiety differ depending on their emotional conditioning, breed and age.

We recommend administering between 9-12 mg of the Calm tincture as a starting dose. Depending on your pet, you may need more of even less. If you don’t see then calming down within 20 minutes, give another dose until you see them begin to relax.

Sheilah describes her experience figuring out what the right dose was for her dogs, as a bit of a learning curve.

“It took a little bit of time, maybe administering the tincture to each one of them maybe two or three times to figure out what the right dose is.  And now I know exactly what they need.”

Using Holistic Remedies to Help Animals Heal Naturally

Like so many pet parents Sheilah is willing to do anything for her animals. Whether for her arthritis seniors, her cat with cancer or triggering events from fear, Sheilah is taking her pets’  health and wellness into her own hands.

With the help of her veterinarian and a bit of learning, she is successfully using natural remedies like full-spectrum hemp extract as well as the power of proper nutrition to help her rescued and adopted animals not only live out their golden years in comfort, but thrive all along the way.

“There’s a movement to use holistic methods, including these kinds of tinctures and the salves. They work wonders. And I’d rather put that into my pets body and on my pet’s body, than something that’s not natural.”