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#1 Rated CALM Oil Help Your Pets Anxiety During The Holidays

✓ Relieves everyday separation, fear, and general anxiety
✓ Imporves overall health & immunity
✓ Formulated with Full Spectrum Oil and Lavender Essential Oil

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed | Made in USA | Non-GMO | Human-Grade

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Lavender essential oil has been used for its calming effects for a long time. This is why we formulated our CALM Oil – specifically for anxiety, stress and fear – to combine the incredible therapeutic benefits of both the oil and Lavender essential oil. The one-two punch boosts the profile on Linalool to create an even stronger and faster effect on anxiety.

Copy of Icon 7 1 “My awesome 13lb Boston terrier is fearless around others but extremely terrified of garbage trucks, construction, thunder – basically all of NYC (where we live). I rub about a dime size, maybe a smidge less, of oil on both ears and it has made a world of a difference. Now she’s like “what noise?” and even her ? ‘s are normal! Thanks y’all, your product saves lives, and my single dog-mom bank account…”

Brittney R. Verified Buyer

Copy of Icon 7 1 “I’ve used CALM for months with my anxious/leash reactive dog Oscar. This is not a simple fix but has allowed Oscar to relax enough to get the training he needs to learn better behaviors!”

Sydney T. Verified Buyer

Copy of Icon 7 1 “My now 13 year old Shih Tzu becomes nervous wreak (trembling, pacing & rapid breathing) during thunder storms and fireworks. Before CALM, I tried the thunder shirt and others things to help calm her during these events and nothing worked. She’s an otherwise happy and healthy girl and I didn’t want to feed her unnecessary medications so I opted for CALM oil —so happy we did. This has been the most effective therapy for her anxiety. And, I love that I only have to give this to her when she needs it.”

Danelis P. Verified Buyer

Copy of Icon 7 1 “I bought CALM because my dog gets SO anxious when getting groomed. He shakes the entire car ride there and the entire time he is on the grooming table. A few years ago he got so anxious while at groomers that he actually had a seizure on three different occasions. He has never had seizures at any other time. I hated seeing him so anxious so I ordered the CALM oil hoping it would help. It worked GREAT and helped him TREMENDOUSLY!!! On the way to the groomer, he was calm and even laid down in the car. He didn’t shake at all on the grooming table and was relaxed! I am SO very thankful that I tried this for my boy. I definitely recommend it to other pet owners who have anxious dogs.”

Kristie B. Verified Buyer

Copy of Icon 7 1 “Love this CALM oil! My yorkie tore a ligament in her back leg and this helped keep her relax while she recovered and also helped ease her anxiety that comes from thunderstorms. 10/10 would recommend!”

Rob M. Verified Buyer

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