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Natural Hemp Products For Your Pet's Health

Our hemp tinctures are carefully formulated with your pet’s health in mind.

  • Human-grade, all-natural ingredients
  • Third-party tested
  • Made in the USA

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Angela Ardolino



Why us?


I have been giving my FIV-positive kitty HEAL twice daily for almost a year. When I started, he had a host of health issues from the virus that manifested in tumors, dental issues and respiratory symptoms. He is now symptom-free and the picture of health. I will continue to give him HEAL twice daily for the rest of his life.

Barbara Verified Buyer

What a wonderful company! My sweet kitty fell off the roof and had to have his hind leg amputated. The fall caused damage to his spine and long term pain. He developed stomach issues and vomited frequently. I was wondering if he should be put down, since his quality of life was dismal. My sister told me about this company and how it completely turned her dog's life around. She called it a miracle. I contacted the company, and they advised me on the right product for my cat. I started him on Ease and saw immediate improvement in his pain level, appetite, and the vomiting nearly stopped. It has been nearly a month since his last episode. I am so pleased with this product, the company, and the great customer service. I highly recommend! It has saved my cat's life when nothing else worked.

Rise Tyloch Verified Buyer

My cat was so stressed out from new kittens in the house. She was going to the bathroom in our kitchen and under our bed. We were about to have a new baby and move so we decided to give this a shot. She was a different cat in about a month and a half. No more hiding, she was going in the litter box, and even loving on the kittens. Definitely recommend!! Works like magic!!!

Ilana Anderson Verified Buyer


  • Extracted from high-quality hemp grown in the U.S.
  • No use of herbicides, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers.
  • Non-GMO
  • Processed using supercritical CO2 extraction from the flower with no toxic chemical solvents or contaminants.
  • Manufactured with 100% food-grade ingredients
  • Tested by a third-party laboratory.
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