If you’re being driven crazy by your pup’s constant vocalizing, here are a few tips from CBD Dog Health that will help keep her quiet and content. CBD Dog Health offers all-natural CBD dog products formulated to address a wide variety of pet wellness concerns.

The sound of a barking dog isn’t necessarily music to anyone’s ears, and unfortunately, it can be a difficult habit to break if left unaddressed. Here are the reasons why your dog just can’t stay silent.

Warning instincts

Many breeds were bred for guarding, so if they detect the presence of what they believe is an intruder or a threat, they will alert you loudly and repeatedly. While this is a useful trait if there is ever an attempted burglary, it’s not so great when the mail carrier arrives (or guests, or family members).

You can curb this habit by training her to obey a command – having her come to you and stay, for example. Use the command immediately after she starts barking, which will eventually teach her that her warning has been recognized and is no longer needed.

Demand for attention

Sometimes your dog just wants to interact with you, and will bark constantly until she gets what she wants – namely for you to acknowledge her. This can be challenging to alter, since a response will only reinforce this undesired behavior, and a lack of response may only cause her to bark more. Like with warning instincts, training the dog to obey a strong command – to sit or lie down – that interferes with the act of barking can help control the behavior.


A bored dog may start barking just to hear herself, or to see if the action causes something to happen. This trait can only be controlled by ensuring your dog gets proper exercise and mental stimulation. (If you regularly leave your dog alone for hours-long stretches, you may have encouraged barking behaviors.)

Set aside a block of time every day to play and exercise your dog. Take her for long walks, go to dog parks for socialization, and play with her and her toys at home. By giving her a resource for channeling her energy, you’ll effectively relax her, deactivating her desire to bark.


Fear can trigger barking behaviors. When dogs are frightened, nervous, or stressed, they often start barking, and will not stop until they sense that the source of their fright is no longer a threat, and when they begin to feel calm and comfortable.

If your dog is anxious and barks nervously, CBD dog products may help manage her anxiety levels. CBD dog products can alleviate anxiety by interacting with the dog’s naturally-occurring endocannabinoid system, facilitating the production of serotonin signals, effectively managing mood.

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