Finding The Right Product with Bruce & Willys

Finding the right product

In this week’s episode of “It’s A Dog’s Life,” we got the opportunity to sit down with Krysta and Jeff – owners of Bruce & Willys.

When CBD Dog Health supplies there products to stores to sell, we don’t just hand them off to anybody. We make sure to handpick the people that have the same beliefs and values as we do. People and stores like Bruce & Willys.

Krysta and Jeff do the same – do their research and homework to make sure the products they’re selling in their store are natural and healthy for our pets. They won’t sell anything they wouldnt give to their own dogs.

“We do the homework so you don’t have to.”

The Beginning Of Bruce & Willys

Bruce & Willy Storefront

Even though Krysta and Jeff are the owners, they like to call Bruce & Willy (their dog’s) the CEO’s – since they’re the reason this all began.

Krysta’s journey began becoming a vet tech in conventional medicine. She is thankful for what she learned, but Kyrsta quickly realized she had a different path. Seeing pets being prescribed antibiotics, apouqel, and so many other unnecessary medications every day, Kyrsta found herself questioning certain techniques.

“They didn’t even ask what they were feeding their dogs.”

Being the only one at the clinic that fed her pet’s raw fresh diets, other colleagues didn’t support her. She knew this is not where she belonged.

Then, Krysta met Jeff. Jeff is a strong believer and influencer for natural healing. When he first started learning from Krysta for his dog, Willy – everything changed!

“It’s like comparing a Mcdonald’s burger to a Gourmet restaurant burger. It’s not the same.”

Jeff is a true advocate for fresh raw diets and variety! You can’t compare fast food to healthy home-cooked meals. Just like you can’t compare dry cheap kibble to homemade raw meals.

Jeff and Krysta knew they had to share their knowledge and bring natural products to the public. After finding the perfect location in Geneva, Chicago – Bruce & Willys was born.

Finding the right product

“I want customers to walk into our store and not have to look at the ingredients.”

Stores like Bruce & Willys do all the research so you don’t have to. It’s nice knowing there are companies and leaders like Kyrsta and Jeff that make sure every single product in their store is natural and safe for our pets.

And sometimes this research includes experience. Krysta’s dog bruce was experiencing many issues and she did her homework to find out CBD would help. But unfortunately, not all CBD companies are the same.

Krysta went through 5 other CBD products before she found CBD Dog Health …

There’s a reason we and a few other manufacturing companies make their CBD the way we do. CBD Dog Health products were developed based on what I learned at the University of Vermont.

CBD for our pets needs to be produced a certain way to give the most benefits. From the part of the plant to the distraction – there is a right way and the cheap, fast way.

You need to know what to look for.

Krysta realized this when she tried CBD Dog Health for her Bruce.

Bruce’s Story

Bruce the dog

Bruce is a 9-year-old pug with IVDD (constrictive myelopathy specifically). Bruce’s spinal cord issues have caused him many issues, most notably hind limb ataxia and neurogenic bladder, which means Bruce can no longer urinate on his own, so Krysta has to catheterize him every day.

Bruce has the heart of a lion, nothing stops him. But in late 2019, Bruce developed another issue. To this day the exact cause of the issue is unknown. Bruce will have episodes of massive muscle activity in his hind limbs, where he is essentially running with his back legs, but completely unaware mentally of what is happening to his rear end. These muscle activity episodes would last anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours long, and would physically exhaust and confuse Bruce since he didn’t understand why he was suddenly warm from exercising. His temperature would increase substantially, even running a fever during these episodes, which was another negative effect.

The lactic acid buildup was also a concern from this vigorous uncontrolled activity. Krysta tried every traditional and natural solution: muscle relaxers, sedatives, nervous system suppressants, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, laser, alpha-stim, and even CBD—you name it she tried it. Yet the spasms were continuing.

Krysta reached out to colleagues in a natural pet health forum, and when I saw the post, I had to reach out.  Even though Krysta had already tried another brand of CBD, I was sure that HEAL Full Spectrum Hemp Extract (CBD) OIl would help Bruce. I could tell Krysta was both doubtful and hopeful, but she gave it a shot.

Within two doses of HEAL, Bruce’s spasms ended, for good. Bruce has been on HEAL ever since, and not only does it help keep his spasms at bay, but he also sleeps better and his mobility has improved!



About Angela Ardolino

Angela Ardolino Schnauzer Odie

Angela Ardolino is a holistic pet expert who has been caring for animals for over 20 years and operates a rescue farm, Fire Flake Farm, in Florida. She is also the owner of  Beautify the Beast a natural pet salon and shop. After getting her certificate in Medical Cannabis Biology and Therapeutic use from the University of Vermont School of Medicine, she founded CBD Dog Health to provide high quality, all-natural medical cannabis products designed specifically for pets. Angela has seven dogs, Odie a 12-year-old mini-schnauzer, Nina an 8-year-old Doberman. Jolene a 7-year-old mutt, Maza a 7-year-old mutt, Rhemi an 8-year-old poodle, Potato a 15-year-old shih-tzu, and Miss Daisie a 15-year-old black lab, plus 4-10 more at any time she is fostering or boarding. She uses Full Spectrum Hemp Extract on all her pets at her rescue farm every day, and has since 2016. She is a member of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians, the Veterinary Cannabis Association and has trained hundreds of medical doctors and veterinarians about the therapeutic uses of medical cannabis on animals. Visit for more information. 

About Bruce & Willy’s

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Bruce and Willy’s is a naturally minded resource for pet owners looking for a more organic approach to their pets’ health concerns. With the largest line of herbal, homeopathic, and whole food supplements in the Chicagoland area, with the knowledge to help you decide what is best for your furry friend. We focus on addressing root causes, not just masking symptoms. We wholeheartedly believe in a proactive approach when it comes to addressing your pets’ health. Bruce and Willy’s is a small, single location business owner by Krysta Fox and Jeff DiRe. Both Krysta and Jeff have been in the pet industry for several years.