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We know that dog gut health is of utmost importance when it comes to a dog’s overall health, playing a vital role in digestion, nutrient absorption and immune function. An unhealthy gut can arise from various factors, including poor diet, stress, medications, and exposure to toxins. In this episode of Your Natural Dog with Angela Ardolino, we’re joined by Dr. Ruth Roberts, integrative veterinarian, longtime pet advocate, creator of The Original CrockPET Diet, and your pet’s ally. Dr. Ruth joins us to discuss the endocannabinoidome and the importance of gut health in dogs. Angela and Dr. Ruth also provide insights on how a healthy whole food diet and Full Spectrum Hemp Extract CBD for dog gut health can promote a robust immune system and optimize the gut microbiome.

Episode Recap: 

  • Why is dog gut health so important?
  • The Endocannabinoidome
  • Full Spectrum Hemp CBD for dog gut health
  • Balance in the gut microbiome
  • Inflammation in the gut
  • Prebiotics & probiotics for dog gut health
  • The problem with commercial dog food
  • Bioavailable dog food for gut health
  • Dr. Ruth Roberts’ Original CrockPET Diet
  • The Dirty Dozen & Clean 15 for dog gut health

Supporting Dog Gut Health with Full Spectrum Hemp CBD for Digestive Health

As Angela and Dr. Ruth discuss in this week’s episode of Your Natural Dog Podcast, when it comes to your furry friend’s well-being, a holistic approach encompasses every aspect of their health, even down to their gut. While gut health starts with a healthy whole food diet, there are other ways to support your dog’s gut health holistically. Full Spectrum Hemp CBD for gut health can help keep your dog’s gut healthy in several ways!

Within your pet’s gut, there are cannabinoid receptors that directly interact with CBD for dog gut health. This interaction works to reduce irritation and discomfort within their digestive tract. Studies show that CBD is great for reducing excessive gastric acid, increasing blood flow to the stomach lining, and helping the lower esophagus prevent reflux. 

CBD for gut health is also beneficial due to CBD being a natural inflammation regulator. CBD helps to ease intestinal inflammation, while simultaneously acting as a pain and fever reducer. CBD has also been shown to be an effective regulator of appetite, and can address a wide variety of symptoms related to your dog’s gut health, including nausea and IBD.

Additionally, just like in humans, stress and anxiety can wreak havoc on your dog’s gut health. Your pet’s emotional well-being significantly impacts their digestion, from appetite and nutrient absorption to the comfort of their stomach. Stress and anxiety can disrupt these facets of digestive health, leading to changes in bowel movements, irregular appetite, and even cramping. CBD’s potential to reduce stress and anxiety can have a positive impact on gut health. 

Stress and anxiety often accelerate bowel motility also, resulting in rapid digestion and compromised nutrient absorption. By fostering relaxation, CBD for gut health can help regulate the pace at which food moves through the digestive tract. This, in turn, ensures optimal nutrient absorption and more balanced bowel movements. This study found evidence to support that THC alters microbiome balance and prevents obesity, and that CBD has both anti-inflammatory and bacteriostatic effects in the gut.

By adding CBD for gut health into your pet’s routine, you’re supporting a healthier gut and immune system, promoting improved digestion, encouraging a relaxed and comfortable mood, and an overall enhanced quality of life. Remember, a strong immune system starts in the gut, so let’s nourish and support our furry friends’ digestive health for a happy and healthy life with CBD for dog gut health.

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About Angela Ardolino

angela ardolino your natural dog podcast cbd dog health mycodog pet health expert holistic Angela Ardolino is a holistic pet expert and educator who has been caring for animals for over 20 years. Angela owns and operates Fire Flake Farm, a rescue animal sanctuary farm, and two locations of her natural pet salon and shop Beautify the Beast. She’s also the founder and formulator of CBD Dog Health, which offers high quality, all-natural cannabis health and wellness products for pets; and MycoDog, which creates and produces high-quality medicinal mushroom and adaptogen tinctures specifically for pets.

Accordingly, she has used CBD Dog Health’s CBD for Dogs, and now MycoDog mushrooms for dogs, on all her pets at her rescue farm every day since 2016. Angela has Odie, a 16-year-old mini-schnauzer, as well as Jolene, Maza, and Rhemi. In addition, she has 4-10 more any time she is fostering or boarding. She is a member of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians and the Veterinary Cannabis Association. In fact, Angela has educated hundreds of medical doctors and veterinarians on the therapeutic uses of medical cannabis on animals.

About Dr. Ruth Roberts

Dr. Ruth Roberts your natural dog podcast cbd dog health board of advisors Dr. Ruth Roberts is an integrative veterinarian and holistic pet health coach, as well as being your pet’s ally. Like most veterinarians, her journey began with the love she developed for her childhood pets. While in veterinary school, it became apparent to her that her role as a veterinarian went well beyond checkups and surgeries. Dr. Ruth realized that she was more than a doctor to our furry friends, she was also their friend and advocate. 

Unfortunately, her textbook knowledge and many years spent practicing traditional Western veterinary medicine only took her so far. Dr. Ruth began pursuing acupuncture and Eastern Veterinary Medicine at the Chi Institute in Florida. This opened up many new avenues for her. But most importantly, it revealed the healing powers of acupuncture, as well as herbal and food therapy. She realized that what our pets eat is the first step in preventative care and maintaining good health. Dr. Ruth realized that in order for our pets to meet their bodies’ nutritional demands, they needed real food. And thus, The Original CrockPET Diet™ was born. Soon enough, acupuncture, herbal therapy and food therapy became her preferred treatments and recommendations. Integrative veterinary medicine gave her the chance to become not only an advocate for pets, but an ally.