In the following article, CBD Dog Health discusses why your dog needs toys and playtime to help her stay sharp, fit, manageable, and happy. CBD Dog Health offers organic, all-natural CBD treats for dogs and cats.

Every dog loves to play, but playing isn’t just some silly pastime – dogs have been hardwired to play to fine-tune their natural survival instincts and sharpen their memories. Playing stimulates their mental faculties, keeps them physically fit, and – most importantly – keeps them happy! However, while running and fetching the old tennis ball or frisbee are great activities, variety is very important. Here is a breakdown of why your dogs should have plenty of toys in her toybox.

Toys help curb undesirable behaviors

Puppies, and even some adult dogs, can be voracious chewers. While most chewing behaviors should be managed through training, it’s a perfectly natural instinct when they’re young. Have healthy chew toys on hand for your puppy in order to prevent her from using your shoes, carpeting, furniture, or dangerous found objects.

Toys can help dogs learn commands

Having a variety of different toys helps dogs learn human language and commands. Some dogs can even develop robust vocabularies!

Toys help keep dogs calm and comfortable

If you have a new dog, she’ll probably need a period of adjustment before she’s entirely relaxed in her new environment. Playing with a visually stimulating toy will help your new dog bond with you, and lessen her tension./p>

Dogs particularly enjoy toys that are malleable (toys that can be pulled and stretched), and that make sounds. When selecting toys, make sure that the toys are designed specifically for dogs, and can be used for different kinds of play. For example, a rope toy for tug of war, a chew toy, and a toy for playing fetch and catch. (Keeping different toys distinct will help her learn different words and commands.) Toys designed for rough play are best, and always make sure that the toys are made of materials that are non-toxic and will not pose a danger to your dog if pieces are accidently ingested.

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