Dog parents want to keep their pups as healthy and happy as any other member of the family. We spend hundreds to thousands per year on vet bills, specialty food and whatever else they need so they can live their best lives too.

Part of keeping your pets happy and healthy is to evaluate the treatment options available when your pet is suffering. Just like in the human healthcare world, overprescribing expensive, sometimes dangerous pharmaceuticals has become a serious issue in veterinary care. Even the FDA acknowledges that adverse reactions and medication errors are a problem in veterinary medicine, and can even pose risk to the human members of your family as well.

Veterinary prescriptions can be both risky and costly. Some dog parents are fortunate to have pet insurance to help handle some of those costs. But, even with that financial assistance, pet parents still don’t get the peace of mind knowing that the pills are doing any good or at the very least not causing further problems.

Many of us have switched to naturopathy to treat an array of common ailments, to avoid the cost and unknown side effects of prescription drugs. Arnica for aches, turmeric to fight inflammation, ginger for indigestion–these are just a few examples of tried and true natural remedies for some of the more prevalent health issues, which are also common in pets.

You may have heard buzz around CBD oil as an alternative to prescription drugs to treat a variety of health issues in humans, but did you know your furry friend can benefit from CBD oil in many of the same ways? CBD oil extracted from the hemp plant, contains compounds that support the immune, nervous and endocannabinoid systems in the body. You can learn more about the endocannbinoid system and how CBD oil works at

Humans have used medical cannabis and cannabinoid derivatives to treat and prevent issues from pain to nausea to migraines to stress and anxiety. CBD oil, which does not contain the intoxicant THC, has seen a major spike in use as both a treatment and a supplement, as it has indications for prevention of inflammation and even cancer. And, importantly, the naturally occurring ingredients used in CBD oil products are safely absorbed into the body, avoiding the potential risks of side effects, adverse reactions and further injury.

The evidence of successful use of CBD oil for human health is mounting. Market research firm Brightfield Group released a studyin August 2017 of 2400 users of medical cannabis website Hello MD, showing that 42 percent of respondents claiming they had given up pharmaceutical drugs in favor of cannabis products.  80 percent stated that they consume CBD in some form at least once a week and 41 percent use it every day.

Much like doctors for humans, veterinarians are bombarded with marketing and incentives encouraging them to prescribe the latest pharmaceuticals. The fact that many people have replaced their prescriptions with CBD might be making the pharma companies nervous enough to push their product even more heavily in the veterinary space.

It’s important to advocate for your pet the same way you would for yourself and your human family members. Since our dogs can’t verbally tell us how they’re feeling, natural remedies like CBD oil can help ease any worries you might have about side effects or secondary conditions, while giving you confidence in the efficacy of the treatment.

Many of the proven benefits of CBD in humans can be extended to dogs as well, in fact, dogs can benefit from CBD even more than humans because they have more receptors in their endocannabinoid system. CBD contains compounds that interact naturally with dogs’ immune and nervous systems. It also containsessential fatty acids that dogs need in their diets to help them recover from illnesses and to prevent diseases.

Therapeutic hemp CBD oil for dogscan minimize canine anxiety, reduce harmful bacteria, treat hot spots and skin problems, ease pain, reduce seizures, promote heart health, heal autoimmune diseasesand even halt cancerous tumor growth.Importantly,CBD oil does not require a prescription and the cost is roughly on par with typical over-the-counter medications, so you can give your dogs the care they need without breaking the bank.

CBD Dog Healthis leading efforts to bring CBD oils for dogsinto mainstream use. Unlike other brands on the market, CBD Dog Health products are created specifically for pets. Our products contain full spectrum hemp oil with CBD, CBG, CBN and CBDA, extracted from hemp stalks organically grown in the U.S.

Angela Ardolino has been caring for animals since she was 8 years old and has operated a farm rescue for over 10 years.  She also is the owner of Beautify the Beast a natural pet salon and spa, and the founder of CBD Dog Health. Angela is an expert in medical cannabis and has dedicated her life to providing all-natural relief for pets of all kinds.  She has three dogs, and 4-10 at anytime that she is fostering, or boarding, visit to find out more or to find out more about Fire Flake Farm.