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Is CBD an Effective Treatment for Lyme Disease

CBD for Lyme Disease in Dogs

Summertime is the high season for insect-borne diseases. With the warmer weather, we are spending more time outdoors, among the tall grass that makes a happy home for all sorts... Read More

How to treat hot spots on dogs

Natural Solutions for Hot Spots on Dogs

When it comes to skin conditions, hot spots on dogs are some of the most common, yet challenging to deal with. They can appear seemingly out of nowhere and stick... Read More

CBD Oil for Asthma in Cats - Blog Featured Image

CBD Oil for Asthma in Cats

Did you know that asthma is one of the most common respiratory system diseases in cats? It’s true! Just like with humans, cats can develop the same disease process (also... Read More

CBD for nausea in dogs Blog Featured Image

CBD for Nausea in Dogs

Everyone has experienced the awful discomfort of feeling nauseated, whether from something we ate or a medication’s side effect, or perhaps even the nausea that comes from a well-earned hangover.... Read More

AHVMA 2021

Cannabis Classroom at AHVMA 2021

Since 1982, the AHVMA has been a unique forum for veterinarians to come together and share knowledge about the science and art of holistic veterinary medicine. With over 1500 members,... Read More

Healing Pets Holistically with Dr. Marlene Siegel

Healing Pets Holistically with Dr. Marlene Siegel

Recently I did a podcast with holistic pet health expert and author Dr. Marlene Siegel, of Pasco Veterinary Medical Center. She is best known for integrating holistic treatment options with... Read More

Can CBD Replace Apoquel for dogs?-2

CBD vs. Apoquel for Dogs

Looking to relieve your dog’s itching, scratching, redness, and rashes, but hoping for an Apoquel alternative?  Allergies and the uncomfortable symptoms they cause are some of the most common problems... Read More

Is Obesity Connected To Canine Cancer

Is Obesity Connected To Canine Cancer? How CBD Can Help!

Obesity is a huge issue in today’s society. When a dog is overweight, as a society, we generally walk up to them and see them as adorable, fluffy balls of... Read More

Endocannabinoid system - cbd for cats and dogs

What’s an Endocannabinoid System and Why’s it Important?

The endocannabinoid system, or ECS, is a cell-signaling system (you’ll hear a lot about receptors) that was found via research in the early 1990’s. A study published by Pharmacol. Rev.... Read More

National CBD Day 2020

National CBD Day 2020!

HAPPY NATIONAL CBD DAY!! CBD Dog Health started its journey a few years ago when our founder, Angela Ardolino, was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Determined to find alternatives to the... Read More

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