Chloe the Calico

13-year-old calico Chloe began experiencing severe joint pain in 2014. She was no longer able to jump more than a few inches and had trouble balancing when she walked. In addition, she suffered severe anxiety due to the introduction of a younger cat into the home and spent 24 hours at a time in hiding spaces.

Jazzy the Pug

When teenage pug Jazzy was adopted, he was a dangerous 30 pounds overweight. Because of his weight, his hips and legs were constantly inflamed and he had trouble walking. Jazzy also suffered from arthritis and was on a variety of medications to help his hips and joints. These medications were wreaking havoc on his kidneys and liver.

Blanche the Shih Tzu

Blanche, Shih Tzu, Age 7 Products Used: CALM 550 mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Started using CBD Dog Health products in 2016 CASE 7-year-old Shih Tzu Blanche experienced extreme separation anxiety. Her owner was part of a Broadway national tour, and when left alone in hotel rooms for performances, Blanche barked and ripped carpet apart—…